Malia Obama, strung out on drugs, taken from music fest in golf cart

Malia, Obama’s elder daughter, 19, had a privileged education in D.C.’s élite Sidwell Friends private school.

In the summer before she graduated from high school, her parents thought it appropriate for Malia to intern on Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls — the edifying show that depicted naked sex scenes, including a man eating a woman’s anus.

After graduating from high school, Malia is notable for only one thing — making a public spectacle of herself at music fests and clubs, high on booze, marijuana, or some other drug.

A year ago, Malia twerked and exposed her butt at a Lolapalooza music festival.

The latest incident took place in Chicago on Friday night, August 5, 2017, at another Lolapalooza, where she threw herself onto the ground, writhing and banging her head.

TMZ reports that “looking kind of dazed,” Malia “needed a lift at the end of the night — as in a golf cart to take her out of the show.”

By the way, have any of you seen the Obamas as a family since they left the White House?

Obama has been vacationing non stop on billionaires’ yachts, without Mooch; she was sighted coming out of a health club. I haven’t even seen pics of the two together. And what happened to the younger daughter, Sasha, 16?

Malia’s and Sasha’s contract as Barry and Big Mike’s fake daughters must have expired. See:



Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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  • Sicklesteel

    How would you like being on her Secret Service detail?!!!

  • wsurfs .

    Are WE THE PEOPLE paying for her Secret Service protection…?????

  • magilla gorilla

    they are a fake family. two men cant have children. those kids belong to someone else.

  • Dennis Habern

    As I have imparted below, what can be expected from the Black Race, similar to how
    the American Indians reacted to the fire-water that made them drunk and set them on
    the warpath, until government intervention ceased their movement and sent them to
    the reservation, where the American Indian, has not amounted to much, similar to the
    Black and Muslim communities. The minorities have been born, one taco short of a
    full-platter. Similar to the North Koreans, no amount of diplomacy has helped the
    Blacks, the American Indians, the Muslims and the North Koreans. Therefore, these
    4 entities, will have to ultimately face the consequences of the violence that they have

  • mooslim traitors

  • White genocide is real

    This what the government wants for your white children.

  • White genocide is real

    Typical nigger whore.

  • lloyd Lisco

    White House Fumigation project underway, Reportedly on schedule.

  • Dennish Habern

    What can you expect from the Black community? As the old adage is disseminated,
    OUT OF THE BLACK.” Because these 2 girls are not really their biological children,
    worthless parents, such as these two misfits, evidently do not maintain the same feelings that normal parents feel,l for their children.

    • CJ

      Don’t play the race card. What about the WHITE trash named Clinton that were in there?

      • Dennish Habern

        Hey Einstein, you just do not get it, do you? Therefore, read my newest
        blog above. Most of America’s conundrums have been perpetuated by
        the minorities, The Clinton’s are another story that supposedly the DOJ
        is offering HRC a pea bargain, in which promptly responded that she
        does not deserve a pleas bargain, and the minorities need to walk a
        stricter line, instead of catering to them, and that includes the worthless
        effn Muslims. I bet that you are a worthless Democrat.

  • tengallonhat

    Her parents are clearly not minding the store. Feel sorry for these children who are not getting the guidance and intervention they need.

    • Ann Tenna

      two queers can’t have children….the niggers have no children

      • tengallonhat

        Their guardians are AWOL.

    • Ivan

      I say SCREWEM. They screwed us for 8 years and would still be doing it if they could. Maybe they are for all I know.

  • Shirley

    Proves you can send them to an expensive school, take them on lavish vacations and live in luxury and still end up with a disturbed kid. Proves that good PARENTING is the answer. That girl is heading for disaster,

    • wsurfs .

      That WHOLE family IS a disaster…!

      • RockyMtn1776

        Wonder what happened to Michelle’s mother who was living in the WH and going on their extended vacations the entire time O was in the WH?

        • wsurfs .

          She and Michelle were spotted going into a transgender clinic for Michelle’s 5,000 mile tuneup…!!

      • Poupon Marx

        In truth, I believe that there was not much to work with, genetically speaking.

        • wsurfs .

          The shallow end of the gene pool…!!

    • Dennish Habern

      As I have imparted in the past, because the two daughters are not theirs,
      biologically, these two Black Grifting turds, could really care less about their
      charges, as they served their purpose during the dictatorial reign of this
      worthless Black mutt of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a 44th, ex-Muslim POTUS,
      for the past effn 8 effn years.

  • James Kroeger

    I’m sure glad the disgusting bunch are out of the White House for good! The throw together fake family for the fake president…”the shake and bake family”!