YouTube Begins Purging Alternative Media as the Deep State Marches Toward WW3

If you get your news from mostly far left sources, chances are you’ve heard YouTube and Google are censoring or blacklisting left and progressive sites and content. Conversely, if you get your news from far right sources, chances are you’ve heard YouTube and Google are censoring their content as well. If you want to know which side is being truthful in trying to expose their censorship, it is both of them.

In the last week, we’ve witnessed a massive crackdown on alternative media — the likes of which are unprecedented. Quite literally overnight, YouTube issued a sweeping update and demonetized thousands of video in accounts across all political spectrums.

If you ask Paul Joseph Watson from, it’s because they are cracking down on pro-Trump pages. Pro-Trump personalities Diamond and Silk were also hit with the demonetization purge and they also claim it’s because YouTube is going after Trump supporters.

While both Watson and Diamond and Silk had their videos demonetized, the rabbit hole goes far deeper than just pro-Trump sites.

If it were just pro-Trump videos being hit with the censorship sweep, then why is Luke Rudkowski, founder of We Are Change, also being purged?

The Free Thought Project spoke to Rudkowski Friday and asked if any of his many videos that were clearly critical of Trump were demonetized. He tells us that all of them were.

Rudkowski is most certainly not a participant of the left/right paradigm, nor is he a Trump supporter, but he was hit as well.

We asked Rudkowski what he thought about people claiming that it’s their pro-Trump status getting them censored, here’s what he said:

“Obviously that is not the case since it looks like they hit me first and my channel is clearly very critical of Donald Trump for the real reasons that the MSM would never touch.”

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It’s not just We Are Change and pro-Trump folks either. The folks over at World Socialist Web Site — a far left organization with a clearly advertised agenda — is also being hit.

According to a scathing report from, they aren’t alone either. Google, YouTube’s owner, has reportedly undertaken a similar attack on alternative viewpoints. As wsws reports,

Truthout, a not-for-profit news website that focuses on political, social, and ecological developments from a left progressive standpoint, had its readership plunge by 35 percent since April. The Real News , a nonprofit video news and documentary service, has had its search traffic fall by 37 percent. Another site, Common Dreams , last week told the WSWS that its search traffic had fallen by up to 50 percent.

“This is political censorship of the worst sort; it’s just an excuse to suppress political viewpoints,” Robert Epstein, a former editor in chief of Psychology Today and noted expert on Google, told wsws.

Those who’ve been paying attention predicted this crackdown and watched it come to a head at the beginning of this month when the Anti-Defamation Leauge applauded Google and YouTube for taking on hate speech and extremist content while having the ADL be the ones who decide what gets flagged.

“The fight against terrorist use of online resources and cyberhate has become one of the most daunting challenges in modern history,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “Google has been a leader in this area from the beginning. The reality is extremists and terrorists continue to migrate to and exploit various other social media platforms. We hope that those platforms can learn from and emulate what YouTube is doing to proactively identify and remove extremist content.”

For those that don’t know, last year, the ADL labeled the cartoon, Pepe the frog, a symbol of hate. This irrational behavior is hardly indicative of a third party who ostensibly possesses the skills to determine what people should and shouldn’t see online.

Given these recent moves, we can infer that what is likely happening is far more insidious than pro-Trump censorship or pro-left censorship. While the ADL is likely using their newfound authority to silence those with whom they disagree politically — by labeling them extremists — this new censorship appears to go after anyone who challenges the establishment.

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Disagreeing with the status quo is the new hate speech.

Those who challenge the corporate government paradigm are being lumped in with extremist groups and being flagged as hate speech. Sadly, only those who get their information from these alternative sources who are unafraid of challenging the oligarchy will even know this is happening.

It takes years of hard work to build a platform that is able to break through the static shoved out by the mainstream media and reach people still plugged into the matrix. However, once they see the establishment for what it is, this cannot be unseen. The powers that be know this and appear to be moving in to stop it.

Imagine if you never came across alternative media that challenged your thought process and made you question the government. Imagine if you never ‘woke up’ to the atrocities committed by the state on a daily basis. Imagine where you’d be right now without that information. Now, imagine that information is snubbed out forever. Is that a world you want to live in?

We didn’t think so.

If ever there were a time for people to get over their political, religious, racial, sexual, or any other differences — it is now. While we may disagree on different issues, if any one group is allowed to be silenced, it is only a matter of time until everyone else is silenced too.

What makes freedom work is the ability for contrasting ideas to be presented — even if you find them repugnant. When we stop the dissemination of ideas, only one idea prevails and it is certainly not freedom.

The good news is that many have seen this day coming and have made moves to combat it. One such move is the social media platform Steemit.

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This uncensorable network is a blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can post and read what they want — and even earn money. It works in a similar fashion to Reddit, however, instead of being banned or censored for posts, if other users like your content, you make money.

As the deep state continues to tighten its grip on humanity, we need to continue to resist through outlets like this one. Also, it has never been more important to inform your family members and friends of the blatant censorship taking place under their noses. Please, encourage them to seek out alternative media and bookmark it as those like Google, YouTube and Facebook — who have a monoploy on the dissemination of information — may make it all but impossible to find in the near future.

For now, Americans, along with the rest of the world, would do well to remember these most powerful words by the German journalist and poet, Christian Johann Heinrich Heine, “Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.”

Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings. 

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on TwitterSteemit, and now on Facebook.

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  • magilla gorilla

    so true.

    first the main stream removed comment sections because trump had so much support from comments that reacted to the 99 percent negative (attack) web based and other articles written as hit pieces. so what did they do… they removed the comments so you had to see what they said and shut up.

    second the socialist leftist sites such as pbs, abc, bbc, and sites like dailykos censored any comment that was not socialist/globalist.

    so then people began to branch out, start alternative sites, write pro trump, pro freedom, pro america articles and they became popular and spread. these sites did not censor opposite viewpoints and now… what do they do? try to censor, or in the case of the far left/socialist totalitarian media, at fb, goog, utube, etc… they censor free speech and remove the pro trump etc items.

    and what happens, are they challenged in court… no because they are free companies and you join and abide by their rules. even when the rules are blatantly pro globalist, socialist, communist soros type, no borders, no america.

    trump should confiscate their companies and send them packing or put serious regulations upon the media and communication monopolies that seem allied against america and owned by soros’ soul.

    • Mollie Norris

      Check out censorship and bookburning by elite pharisee rabbinical Talmudists like Trump’s son-in-law Chabad Lubavitch member Jared Kushner – Jews who supported the genocide of 6 million Jews who didn’t recognize the authority of the rabbis above the Jewish bible and God – reported by Ha’aretz in Jerusalem in 2007.

      • magilla gorilla

        im no fan of kushner, not because any race thing. his politics are not mine and not what trump ran on. i prefer bannon.

        • Mollie Norris

          This isn’t nominally a racial issue; it’s an elite totalitarian-fascist Khazarian male supremacy issue with a semitic Jewish facade. Common Jews, the am ha’aretz, don’t support this, but Chabad is a powerful criminal cartel.

          • magilla gorilla

            so are you saying he is a globalist tied to obama/clinton/mccain/bush and the tpp, no borders global corporate deep state?

          • Mollie Norris

            It sure sounds like you’ve got a good handle on it, all right – a full list is a book.

      • magilla gorilla

        you think kushner is predisposed to censorship? what do you think about censoring the jihadis, and antifa?

        • Mollie Norris

          You mean Obama’s cabinet? Good idea!

          • magilla gorilla

            he stockpiled some real winners… and trump walks among them for now. in reality us intel seems to look like the inside of a mosque… directors, chairmen, special guests

        • Mollie Norris

          Great idea! BTW, Kushner isn’t the only Lubavitcher in US government, by a long shot – Alan Dershowitz is also pretty significant, among others. I mention him only since he’s a recent addition as Trump’s ‘advisor’.

          • magilla gorilla

            dershowitz schmoozed his way in there when he came out stating the pres has every right to pardon anyone he wants any time for anything, including things that have not happened… that did seem a little sleazy and he might be a trojan horse. trump has to know that.

            with larry tribe the rabid anti trump deep state “constitutional scholar” over at harvard law, trump needs some academic/real world legal cannons around that can command press headlines and rally legal action

  • Blankety-Blank

    It’s hard to believe anything said here when a simple quote is so clearly shown to be false. “For those that don’t know, last year, the ADL labeled the cartoon, Pepe the frog,
    a symbol of hate. This irrational behavior is hardly indicative of a
    third party who ostensibly possesses the skills to determine what people
    should and shouldn’t see online.”

    The author kindly included a link, and when you look at that link, the reference says nothing like what he claims. In fact, the first sentence of the third paragraph of this citation says, “The majority of uses of Pepe the Frog have been, and continue to be, non-bigoted.”

    So if this quote is deliberately misrepresented by the author, then how much else is deceptive? I didn’t bother checking any further. Or even reading any further. Obvious, direct, unmistakable lies are still lies, no matter how noble the purported intentions of the author. If this is how he carefully misdirects his writing, then what’s the point of even bothering to read anything with his by-line?

    Further adding to my disbelief is his repeated earlier reference to “readership plunge”. That hardly sounds like censorship. It sounds more like people are finding better things to do with their time. Perhaps they noticed similar attributes to the ones I’ve picked up on here. Time to unsubscribe to some of the worst of this on-line crap, I guess. No. I’m SURE.

    • bananachange

      The issue that it specifically was labeled a hate symbol by the ADL if used by anyone “right wing” so you agree? How about it’s not a hate symbol and such labeling IS irrational, ridiculous and hypocritical. I mean Kathy Griffin beheaded the president, but hmmmm what did ADL declare that? That’s just free speech. Right.

      You seem like a troll. Sorry. Either that, or thick with an inability to critically think.

      • Blankety-Blank

        The link was misrepresented. My pointing that fact out hardly makes me a troll. Kathy Griffin’s actions certainly should be permitted under free speech doctrines, whether you share her viewpoint or are appalled by it. Political Correctness is imposing darkness on all kinds of idiocy, from the Right, from the Left, and even the Ups and Downs. People are nuts. The only distinction I can see is that a few people are less crazy than the vast majority.

        • bananachange

          I’m not appalled by KG but I’m marveling at your willingness to allow the ADL to label others hate speech for them exercising their right to political speech. Is it that celebutards on TV carry more weight? Should the man that made a gif of CNN and the WWE be hunted down as an enemy of the state and publicly shamed because he doesn’t have the leftwing opinion? The left is censoring, and authoritarian hypocrites …. with no sense of humor. 💅🏻

          ADL currently is “modern day book burning” on YouTube as we speak, by the way.

          • Blankety-Blank

            I happen to reject a lot of crap done by indignant Jewish groups who seem to believe that mindless, insensitive crap should be banned. The world is full of mindless, insensitive boobs. If we believe in free speech, everyone must be permitted his (sorry, I learned grammar before PC ruled) pulpit. I don’t, however, see any reason to encourage or further publicize such idiocy by calling attention to it, which is one of the reasons I object to some of the very caustic criticism of many well-meaning groups even when I sometimes share their disgust. I don’t really have any respect for the labled postures. Left or Right doesn’t mean much to me, since there are blatant idiots infesting both ends of the putative spectrum.

            My initial criticism, to which I still hold, was of the deceptive representation by the author. If you cite a source, my argument was, then that citation should be accurate. His was not. End of story.

          • bananachange

            “For those that don’t know, last year, the ADL labeled the cartoon, Pepe the frog, a symbol of hate. This irrational behavior is hardly indicative of a third party who ostensibly possesses the skills to determine what people should and shouldn’t see online.” ……

            “However, it was inevitable that, as the meme proliferated in on-line venues such as 4chan, 8chan, and Reddit, which have many users who delight in creating racist memes and imagery, a subset of Pepe memes would come into existence that centered on racist, anti-Semitic or other bigoted themes.”

            “the use of racist and bigoted versions of Pepe memes seems to be increasing, not decreasing”

            “In the fall of 2016, the ADL teamed with Pepe creator Matt Furie to form a #SavePepe campaign to reclaim the symbol from those who use it with hateful intentions.”

            ………The ADL is an attack dog partisan sham hired by filthy rich Statists to destroy free speech on YouTube, what are you gibbering about?

          • Blankety-Blank

            This is completely non-responsive to my accusation of misrepresentation of the ADL action. “the ADL labeled the cartoon, Pepe the frog, a symbol of hate.” NOT SO. Read the link.

          • bananachange

            I mean Time Magazine agrees with the author. It’s a bit like arguing about not taking the trash out while the house burns down. Not really a good item for debate, IMO. So you have a great day and a nice week. 🙂

          • Blankety-Blank

            Thanks. But I’m not much of a fan of Time. Nor do I believe that just because a bunch of people believe something, that makes it so. Ever think about why we no longer (well, most of us, anyhow) believe that the Earth is flat? Everyone accepted that as fact. But some people managed to pay attention to hints which over time intruded and eventually taught us the error of our misperception. This is an even more important theme when it comes to social issues, which aren’t as easily resolved by experiment as are the more science-based questions.

          • bananachange

            You may have missed the snippets from the ADL link the author linked to that I copy/paste for you -the link you selectively read.

            “However, it was inevitable that, as the meme proliferated in on-line venues such as 4chan, 8chan, and Reddit, which have many users who delight in creating racist memes and imagery, a subset of Pepe memes would come into existence that centered on racist, anti-Semitic or other bigoted themes.”

            “the use of racist and bigoted versions of Pepe memes seems to be increasing, not decreasing”

            “In the fall of 2016, the ADL teamed with Pepe creator Matt Furie to form a #SavePepe campaign to reclaim the symbol from those who use it with hateful intentions.”

            Have a good one! …also let’s pray Diamond and Silk win their class-action lawsuit against Youtube and the ADL.

          • bananachange

            Authoritarian-Leftist Speech Policing laid out in Obama term in detail and purpose with Cass Sunstean, Samantha Powers husband.


            Cass Sunstean, the head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in 2009, published a work called Cognitive Infiltration, which detailed censorship steps the government could take to counter what it considers to be “conspiracy theory”. Google is now one of the players in this government corporate interface to attack the First Amendment.

            From the Wikipedia synopsis of the paper—– “Sunstein co-authored a 2008 paper with Adrian Vermeule, titled “Conspiracy Theories,” dealing with the risks and possible government responses to conspiracy theories resulting from “cascades” of faulty information within groups that may ultimately lead to violence. In this article they wrote, “The existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.” They go on to propose that, “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”,[35] where they suggest, among other tactics, “Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.”[35] They refer, several times, to groups that promote the view that the US Government was responsible or complicit in the September 11 attacks as “extremist groups.”

            The authors declare that there are five hypothetical responses a government can take toward conspiracy theories: “We can readily imagine a series of possible responses. (1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories. (3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. (4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech. (5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help.” However, the authors advocate that each “instrument has a distinctive set of potential effects, or costs and benefits, and each will have a place under imaginable conditions. However, our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of (3), (4) and (5).”

            Sunstein and Vermeule also analyze the practice of recruiting “nongovernmental officials”; they suggest that “government can supply these independent experts with information and perhaps prod them into action from behind the scenes,” further warning that “too close a connection will be self-defeating if it is exposed.”[35] Sunstein and Vermeule argue that the practice of enlisting non-government officials, “might ensure that credible independent experts offer the rebuttal, rather than government officials themselves. There is a tradeoff between credibility and control, however. The price of credibility is that government cannot be seen to control the independent experts.” This position has been criticized by some commentators[36][37] who argue that it would violate prohibitions on government propaganda aimed at domestic citizens.[38] Sunstein and Vermeule’s proposed infiltrations have also been met by sharply critical scholarly critiques…..

            Guess you agree that the ADL appears Credible? LOL. Exactly what Sunstein is after. Good show!