‘Final Warning’ To ‘White People’ Goes Viral On Twitter After Charlottesville Rally

One of the top responses on Twitter to Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville is a “final warning” to “white people” threatening to “burn their neighborhoods down.”

Nineteen-year-old YouTuber “Jay Versace” is seen holding a knife and threatening to destroy “white people” as a race because there’s “way more black people than white people in this motherf**king country, world, and existence.”

“Ya’ll n***as want to burn candles? B*tch, we’ll burn neighborhoods down,” Versace says. “We’ll go all the way to wherever ya’ll motherf**kin’ live and light that whole sh*t up!”

“I’m telling you know, cut it the f**k out. The black person you see right now, is not the same black person you saw in 1923. We a whole new breed, b*tch. And we crazy as f**k, try it b*tch, I f**king dare you, do something, try it,” Versace says ominously.


The threatening video got over 7,000 retweets on Twitter and over 15,000 likes in only four hours.

Versace responded to criticism writing: “I said what I said and if you don’t like it you can suck a caterpillar d**k. Opinion are not accepted. No debate. Suck some d**k.”

After one of his followers responded saying, “there’s not more black people than white people in this country,” Versace incorrectly said “there definitely is,” but suggested minorities could unite as a block to burn white neighborhoods down.

I wonder why white people don’t want to become a minority?

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  • filehawg

    Suck My Big White One you Dumb Racist PUKES!!! We will Take up ARMS and WIN ANY BATTLE you RACIST PUNKS try. So all you will feel Burning is My Foot up your Black Dark Hole NO NEIGHBORHOODS!!!

  • Sparkler

    I predict that this pussy gon’ be dead in less than 6 months… He will die of complications of oral diarrhea..

  • Paul Eric Lamkin Sr

    facts the 1st slave owner in our white nation was ablack man..the slaves that the jews bought here where slaves in africa..they where the loser tribes that the other africans fought and made into slaves ..fact it was the worst mistake the whiteman ever did bringing these savages HERE..

  • Paul Eric Lamkin Sr

    anything white is bad ..hell black live murder…they constantly are burning and killing …an white rally is of course a nazi rally…the cops watch as the blacks and the anti government and the gay groups attack whites ..then when 1 white flips out…its all of the sudden hate group… and who did he kill another white person…the day is coming where whites will have to fight like hell ..with everyone ..even other brain washed dumbed down pasty whites who think multi culturisum iis what god wants ..there the worse race traitor whites…

  • Carl champagne

    We will get crop dusters and drop cycle cell anemia over every black in America so shove your knifevup your ass

  • GR Arnold

    Little does this imbecile know that I and many others like me LONG for such a target-rich environment.

  • Patsy Waters

    Don’t fall for this illiterate trash’s intimidating rant, IT, doesn’t even know how to speak properly ,IT, doesn’t even have sense enough to come in out of the rain !!!

  • Right_in_ur_face

    White liberals actually think that blacks won’t harm them because they are their friends!!!

  • Christopher Morvant

    The BOY derivatively shows his lack of intelligence and education throughout his obscenity laced threat. He’s obviously brain damaged (more likely a side effect of recreational drug use) and in need of lessons in history and etiquette.

  • shilohsboots

    My .38 says no

  • Rob

    Come get some, cream puff.

  • pan nat

    Who is going to out number the whites first, the Muslims or the blacks. As so as they are out numbered they are all going to die.

  • Chronicsmokemon

    All I can tell this punk is to bring it on ding dong! I keep a copy of your photo next to my glock so I don’t shoot an innocent black person, unless their intention is to do harm.

  • Nerd Surfer
  • drcreepy

    Is he going to catch a ride with his mom to get to the white towns?

    • Ann Tenna

      no…he’ll jack a ride at the local gas station… from a weak defenseless girl

  • lloyd Lisco

    All MLK streets and statues must be removed immediately.

    • Ann Tenna

      AGREED…we must wipe the streets clean of this inferior race of mob mentality monkeys

  • Ken

    Wouldn’t want to be the minority if that was the majority. If he is representative of “his” people, “his” people are a bunch of loudmouthed, low thinking idiots!

  • Bec Collman

    THIS COUNTRY has been flooded by the DEMOCRATs because they have no way to repay the citizens back for what they have stolen from the Treasury or the SSI retirement program. Over 26.7 trillion stolen and they have turned every white person into slaves to the company and the state. The Rastafarians and the Black Muslims are and have been waging war inside all white countries, not one democrat opposes their movement that has claimed the lives of more than 160 million since 2008 an more than 270 million after 2017. They are breeding out white women and targeting the children to leave their own race so they can out populate and slaughter them. They have done this in Africa Google(Obama 70,000 genocide) ( TAINO ) and that the Clintons who turned their backs on the 1 million TUTSI’s slaughter all for land. These people are engaged in world extermination and that that have been using the ( NGO’s ) of the United Nations for transportation to wage these forms of wars to exterminate the white race for LIES based on their own actions. These groups are demanding extortion money for slavery an what has been done in their land. They are engaged in using people like Soros and Saudi Arabia who’s money that aids them and helps guide them to these countries to destroy their economies by sucking up all forms of services under false flags while the real people who suffer are not able to leave their own countries. All these people who enter these countries are all MILITARY AGE MEN and yes. Even Donald Trump does not want to rock the boat of the ( AGENDA 21 ). Tyranny, lies, inciting others to wage wars against the children of the cross. These agendas began by the Rasta’s back in 1913 and Farrakhan aka MUSLIM who has been waging war since 1950’60’s only to align with other races and organizers with the agenda to wage war in every country that they land. The Hawaiian islands were hard hit with this medium that is being transmitted through their music of race hate, love and the thirst for war under banters of revolutions of the African people to kill whites aka gentiles whom they say are afraid of their shadows. These Africans are saying that all white countries women will willingly abandon their race, their children and their entitlement to their lands to give them not only give them their lives but everything they have including their futures like cows before the slaughter because they will not be acknowledged because they committed suicide. THE real word is, they force the women to choose who they want to kill them and laugh at them for countless generations at how easy they let them slaughter them and their children. One religion, one race who owns the white slaves once again.

  • Cl4tgp

    Stupid monkey. Blacks make up around 13% of the population. Whites make up in excess of 65%. So how in his tiny little mind does he think black out number Whites. Figures, he’s gonna bring a knife to a gun fight, oh well, he’ll be one of the first bodies we leave laying around in the Ghettos. They want a war, how do they envision winning ? They are out numbered, out financed, out gunned and out educated. Dumb bastards have to spray a full clip and still miss their targets, we’ll be removing them from different zip codes. The only real answer to this problem is to put the black back on the plantations and tell them what to do. They seem unable to work on their own with out a White or Asian telling them what to do and how to do it.

  • Terry Webster

    We could offer repatriation to their homelands.

    • Somratni

      That was tried. It’s called Liberia and it’s totally trashed.

  • Hatin’ on Killary

    My first question has to be….Just what is it you want us to stop? Just living my life here. And, btw, I live in a mostly black area…..

  • Gena Stratham

    What an uneducated and ignorant twat. We are tired of your racist and entitlement mentality bullshit. Come at us bro. We are more than ready and there are a hell of lot more of us than you and your ilk


    And people wonder why Blacks have such a bad reputation in the country. “White” history is being attacked and “Whites” are tired of it. From everything credible I found and read if the “Left”‘s AntiFA (which appears to be modeled on the SA) and other “Leftists” had not engaged in violence their would have been no violence. The only people engaging in violence are from the “Left”. But we have enough history to know that what is called the “Left” is all about violence. They are following the practices the “Left” has been engaging in for over 100 years. And they following “Rules for Radicals” as well.

    • Ann Tenna

      YOU are so “spot on” RIGHT….ThankYou for saying what Everyone Knows!!!

      • DRLJR

        The key is to always report honestly. Never attack people but state information clearly. If an opinion present as opinion along with the why, and with facts presents as facts. Never stoop to throwing insults, but understand that ideologues will always attempt to get a response so they can go “See I told you so” to try and discredit anything you say or write.

  • BlueSkyAhead

    Nice Ebonics there Fu*ktard.

  • MaybeYes

    Thank you George Soros!

    • Ann Tenna

      and dont forget the niggers sharpton,jackson. and the really big nigger lewis and the rest of the race baiters

      • MaybeYes

        You, Ann Tenna, are a race baiter with the use of these inappropriate labels. Disgusting.

        • Cl4tgp

          and you are a two legged piece of excrement. LOL, a picture of the biggest traitor in American history. Lincoln. You’ve got to be as racist as the worst one on here to have his pic as your profile. He didn’t care about the ‘noble black man’ he wanted to goad the south into a war in order to control the agricultural good the industrial north needed.

          Who are you to deem what labels are appropriate and not. and to call her disgusting because in your tiny liittle mind you disagree with her. Sorry , but she is spot on. Get over your White guilt, pull your head out of your ass and see who the enemy is.

          • Ann Tenna

            Cl4tgp..THANK YOU!…for coming to my defense!! I owe ya one

          • DRLJR

            You should learn the real history. Lincoln ignored the unconstitutional succession until South Carolina fired on Fort Sumpter invoking Article 1 Section 8 Paragraph/Clause 15. However, Blacks use the word “nigger” in the fashion used so why shouldn’t a person use in the appropriate context.

        • Ann Tenna

          I guess CI14tgp told you, you fucking 2 legged piece of SHIT!

        • Ann Tenna

          inappropriate labels….
          You PC ASSHOLE!

          • Ann Tenna

            hows that for an “inappropriate labels” you dumb fucking commie pinko

        • MaybeYes

          It looks like some Soros-paid provocateurs are out in force today posting inflammatory content. Your comments have been flagged and blocked.

        • Noneyabiz

          Actually, she’s using the word correctly.. You just don’t like it. That’s not her problem, it’s yours.

  • Meg

    This kid was probably raised in a home without a father to guide him. The public school system failed him and others like him. He needs to get an education and a job. Maybe if he had something better to do he wouldn’t be so angry.

    • Michael

      Sorry, but I don’t think the school system failed him. You have to want to do better. To want to learn. To become more then you are. Obviously he didn’t. Everyone has the opportunity to learn. He didn’t want to. We all know the difference between right and wrong. He made his choice. Now, we must deal with him and those like him. But it is what it is.

    • Hatin’ on Killary

      They have the same opportunities as we all have. It’s what you do with them that matters. If you truly want to work at it, anyone can have more than they need. There are many, many white kids that grow up with no fathers too. It’s not a black and white problem, it’s a human problem. You need to want it more than you want to steal. Or gang bang. You have to stay in school, and apply yourself.Many kids today just want a quick fix. It doesn’t work that way.

  • Louis Arnold

    His IQ is what?

    • Ann Tenna

      remember he went to gummint schools..and was taught by an affirmative action inferior teacher, well, at least until he dropped out

  • braindiseasecalledliberalism

    This whole event in Charlottesville, Va. stinks of that “rotting-turd-in-the-hot-steamy-sun” George Soros et al.

    • Paul Eric Lamkin Sr

      white power

      • EdCrunk

        I’m more into White Powder.

  • mark larsen

    What a stupid ignorant a$$hole. You dont scare anyone!

  • Karla Meggison

    While I understand the anger on both sides, I urge everyone to remember that this is exactly what the left/globalists want. These people are set up and encouraged to say stupid things like this to keep us all at war with each other. The left/globalists cannot win if they don’t divide us. While there may be some black people who agree with this moron, I don’t believe there are that many. When you get away from the ghetto, most people of all colors are basically alike. They want a good job and a good future for their kids. We have to focus on the real danger and that is the people who want to take this country down and turn us all into slaves who depend on the government for every need. They want to control us and we can’t let that happen.

    • Veritas

      There it is…Informed and perceptive.

    • RockyMtn1776

      Well said. There are good and bad people in all races. Most American blacks are not the savages living in Ferguson, Mo.

      • Karla Meggison

        To be fair, most of the “savages” in Ferguson didn’t live there either. They were bussed in by Obama/Holder and they used tax dollars to do it. We must come together as a country in order to save our country. There are bad people in all races but I do believe the majority are still patriots. The media has duped us into believing that the government is there for us. Nothing could be further from the truth. The government is there to enslave us and the media is helping by refusing to tell us what’s going on. People have been misled and they’re too lazy to take the time to do their own research. Hollywood has and is helping them, along with people like Madonna, Whoopie Goldberg, Cher, etc. We have to stop supporting those who don’t support us.

    • Ann Tenna

      Smart Girl!.. but the niggers have a big “chip” on their shoulder

    • Bec Collman

      Soooooo SOOOOoorrrrryyyyy to hear that. We have illegal invasions for VOTES that have historically killed off the white race. The fact that globalists know the white race are ( CORE GOVERNMENT ) and we have Muslims and Africans along with Latino’s who say ( Kill white people ) and have used MULTICULTURALISM to do just that. ( YOU ARE RACIST ) is a weapon of war that has been used around the world to silence the other before the Globalists can ( EXTERMINATE ) over 80% of the population openly and out right as said directly from the UNITED NATIONS. The fact that Mexico will be one of the countries and their population that will be completely eradicated. The ( Agenda 21 ) Along with the ( Agenda +20 ) spells it out and that nearly 90% of the US will be leveled and abandoned for forestry but according to the real agenda of the ( Agenda 21 ) that 11 super mega cities that will lay waste to the land and create another desert out of these lands just like India where people go into debt for $700 and kill themselves by jumping into the river because they have no way of feeding their families. These GLOBALISTS will destroy the land and deplete the oxygen production vegetation that will be able to support life as we know it even after 80% of the population has been exterminated. They do not give a damn about anyone just like the Rastafarians and the Muslims who follows Farrakhan. RACE HATE, HATE SPEECH that has lead to millions dead and the soul goal to wipe out a race for land, nothing more. These 11 cities will divide all by races by category, so… which agenda is more prevalent, I say the one from the UN because they have the money and fire power to do just that. In all, massive re-construction of the US along with Mexico and Canada are slated and Ohio is already seeing massive reconstruction with MONEY that the government does not have but the bankers are more than wiling to supply the money and the over rated interests due. Either way, the population reduction will be reduced to nearly 500,000 people nation wide. So who will stand and buck the system or are you going to be apart of that problem and the future of the races fall into total and complete slavery being controlled by food and water..

      • Ann Tenna

        I want to Know MORE! …. BEC COLLMAN

        • Noneyabiz

          Look up Agenda 21.. It is some scary shit. And they have been putting it into effect for a very long time now.

          • carpkiller

            Knowing that does not solve the black problem.

    • MrDoug Wants law and order🇺🇸

      agree 100%

    • maclll

      Very true.The special interest love causing diversity. Everything that has been built to unite a nation in the past 50 years is being torn apart. It means absolutely nothing when it comes to pushing an agenda. In the end, the Muslims win. It’s the way the game is being played one move at a time. Sitting back and threatening one another behind a computer screen and calling each other names, the posturing, it’s what they want. They know it’s a normal reaction and that very reaction is what they will use as a tool. It doesn’t matter if one is black or white.
      As a nation, we are being ripped apart from within.

    • Wesley

      Thank you Karla. Your statement is right on and fits the bill. How stupid are we?

  • wsurfs .

    This insane person needs to be removed from society….!! He’s a treat to himself and others..! He is telling us exactly what he’s planning to do and others will follow him and his ideas…!!

  • HarpDiem

    The guy is a cartoon character who flunked math. Ready.

  • Ann Tenna

    hey, i think ill join a “white only” organization just like the niggers have their “black only” organizations… fuck the niggers!.. they are inferior!

    • Terry The Patriot

      Wow! #1 There’s only one race. The human race. No ethnic group is Superior to inferior than the other. But, if you want to play the ” who’s more inferior” games, then I’ll play. For starters, you are just as inferior as we are. The Indians (from India) makes more money than both of our ethnic groups combined. Not only that. Children of foreign parents tend to score a much better in school and have a higher percentage in grades than Black or White children.

      #2 That idiot doesn’t represent all blacks. He “maybe” represent less .00000001% of the black community. So, it isn’t fair that your putting all blacks in the same category. I fought for this country. And faggots like them, are why I do everything I can to raise my children to be better men and women.

      I’m a Conservative who is black. Born and raised in NY, ironically. When I grew up, it want white people I had issue with. It was black people. In fact, it took a white kid, who don’t along side me, when I was about to be jumped by 6 black thuggish kids, for me to realize that there are good people out here that will look out for you, regardless of skin color. That’s why most of my friends are white. I prefer rednecks because they tend to have to most fun. And I actually hate calling them rednecks, though, I understand the term.

      • Ann Tenna

        niggers ARE inferior……USA population 85%white 10-12%black 1-2%niggers..the niggers give blacks like you a BAD RAP!

        • Cl4tgp

          Your numbers are off Darlin’. Blacks make up between 13-15% of the population. White make up between 65% and 75% of the population depending on if you count Hispanics. Lets be real, Niggers make up at the very least 50% of the black population. How can a group that only makes up 15% of the population make up 50+% of the prison population ? Were we to remove all the ‘africans’ the quality of life in the country would vastly improve. They bring nothing positive to the table, only stress, crime and problems.

          • Ann Tenna

            “They bring nothing positive to the table, only stress, crime and problems.”
            CI14tgp…. can i quote you on that?..its very insightful…and TRUE

          • lloyd Lisco

            Blacks are taught from childhood, If you can’t eat it, Or steal it, Fuck it up so that a white man cannot use it. Destruction is in these blacks DNA.

      • Ann Tenna

        Terry I love Black Americans…I just hate niggers and ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS…

        • Ann Tenna

          Minnie Ripperton was one of my BEST Friends…

      • Cl4tgp

        No there are many races. It just happens that blacks, while maybe we all started equal have proven that they have failed to evolve sociologically. As a majority they act like a troop of chimpanzees when they are are in a group. They have no basic living skills. Prison is a second home to them. Need more proof ? Look at Africa. The most resource rich continent and they are still scratching in the dirt looking for insects or grubs for dinner. They are only productive when they have someone of another race telling them what and how to do something. So screw you and screw your White guilt.

        • Ann Tenna

          I wish i could put my thoughts down on paper the way you do!.. you say it like it is, without the rage that i feel…but you get the point down exactly….BRAVO!

        • DRLJR

          They key problem is the destruction of the family. Blacks did well for themselves in the US when faced with real racism. The problem is they allowed themselves to be conned and sided with the “Left” who has wanted to exterminate them and others they consider undesirable. As for Africa don’t confuse what the Marxists and Islamics have done to the people. Look at the history. Much of the real African history has been lost. Look up information in the An empire. People tend to get complacent and if things are going good improvements don’t happen. The Little Ice Age did a lot of damage as has the Islamics. A lot of our history and knowledge was preserved by Charles Martel and Charlemagne after the first Islamic invasion of Europe was repealed in the 700s. China’s 1st Emperor preserved a lot of knowledge as well. Don’t over generalize.

    • Bobby Stevens

      Nobody needs to hear that that shit- you’re as bad as any that you’re criticizing and hating on. You can state your opinion without that word… it just shows your ignorance.

      • Noneyabiz

        Not true. She is using the word correctly. If you had been paying attn to what she’s been saying you would realize that.

        • Bobby Stevens

          No- you are mistaken… there is not a “correct way” to use that word-

  • Shirley

    Maybe if someone could understand their BLACK privilege language they would be able to get a good paying job and get their a$$es off of welfare.

    • Ann Tenna

      You are getting “better”… although i would like to see more “rage” in your delivery!

    • Tommy Hawk

      I don’t unnastan ghetto speak.

      • RastusClay

        Nobody does. That’s why it’s hard to order at KFC.

      • Paul Eric Lamkin Sr

        i loath blacks anymore murdering robbing rapping lazy do nuffins

      • HonkyTonkin

        Or sectionape ebonix babble.

    • beer25

      Sick of Black crying for this and that, they’re Mooching, Gov’t housing,food stamps, ebt cards, crying about slavery yet none of these rioters ever picked a cotton ball in their entire life maybe someones pocket but no cotton. The Democratic party makes fun them behind the scenes as wikileaks proved yet ‘they’s to ignant’ to get it.

      • Paul Eric Lamkin Sr

        me too they need the boat ride back to the jungle its all black there but the Africans dont want em back because they are the loser slave tribes that they enslaved and got rid of long ago

        • HonkyTonkin

          Africants. The peak of African technology is eating termites with a stick and they stole that from the chimps.

    • Paul Eric Lamkin Sr

      they get hired for being black ..

      • HonkyTonkin

        If you need somebody to wander around all day socializing and talking on their sail phones hire a soul man.

  • Let’s not debate the number of blacks vs whites. Let’s debate the number of guns and those who are ready and very capable in using them.

    • Warrior Spirit

      We have 20 trillion bullets, and weapons of defense. They cannot figure out which bathroom to use!!!! lol!!!!

    • 35M

      I have no desire to get into a war with anyone (the real war left me scarred, literally) but this old soldier still carries and isn’t afraid of some raging dindu pos.

      • Tommy Hawk

        Nome sane.

      • StBernardnot

        Ditto, Brother.

  • Ann Tenna

    he really shows how smart the niggers are…

    • Terry

      He does represent all of us. Just like the KKK and Neo-Natzis doesn’t represent all white people. He definitely doesn’t represent me. I love and fought for this country. And I learned that the “hood” can’t stand people like me who are Patriots and believe that dedication, hard work, testicular fortitude will get you ahead in this beautiful lands we call the USA! #proudtobeanamerican

      • Ann Tenna

        are you a nigger? or a black american?..

        • Cl4tgp

          Are you a moron or just retarded ?

          • Ann Tenna

            are you a nigger? or just an ASSHOLE?

  • edb

    Jay puts on display for us why there are NOT more blacks than whites. While demanding increased financial assistance, far too many black men abandon their “baby mamas” to fend for themselves, black women abort their babies and in Democrat run inner cities like Chicago, DC and New Orleans they kill each other for sneakers or their “right” to stay high on illegal drugs.

    • Sorta shoots down BLM, huh? But then again, that’s no different from any other Dimocrap hypocrisy?

  • Gus Armstrong

    Some law enforcement should probably pay him a visit? You never know in this brave new insane asylum.

    • Ann Tenna

      and cancel his mama’s food stamps

  • Rabbi High Comma

    Cool. Let’s get it on.

  • James Higginbotham


    • Ann Tenna

      you go, Man!

    • psychosally

      actually very few are cowards

    • Paul Eric Lamkin Sr

      great stand and fight white man its time to ship darkie back to the jungel where they belong