Who were the 9/11 mystery passengers? Switched planes? Cell phones still transmitting after crash?

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(INTELLIHUB) — As we approach the 16th anniversary of the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon more and more details surrounding the operation continue to emerge and the details are all starting to come together.

Key evidence uncovered by Intellihub in the spring of 2016 explains how 15 of the 19 alleged Saudi Arabian hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001, were, in fact, CIA agents whom never boarded the planes as the official story details.

Additionally, due to the lack of background noise in the available phone call audio recordings and the connective capabilities of airphone systems at the time, it is also likely that the alleged outgoing cell phone calls from flight attendants and passengers allegedly on the planes were pre-scripted, pre-recorded, and were not made in real-time.

Moreover, major discrepancies were found between the official report and a conversation that passenger Todd Beamer had with GTA airphone operator Lisa Jefferson during the alleged hijack of flight 93.

“He told the guys: ‘Are you ready.’ I assumed that they were waiting on his cue — then they responded to him and he said: ‘Okay — let’s roll,’” Jefferson recalls.

However, the 9/11 Commission Report establishes that the hijacking took place at 9:28 a.m. despite the fact that phone records show that Todd Beamer was connected to Jefferson at 9:43 a.m. which would have been some 15-minutes into the hijacking. To make matters worse, the FBI reported that Beamer

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To make matters worse, the FBI reported that Beamer called to state that the plane was “about to be hijacked” and stayed on the line an additional 7-minutes with Jefferson, pushing the time of the hijacking to 9:52 a.m. which is a major discrepancy from the official report which claims that the highjacking took place at 9:28 a.m.

And if that’s not enough, Jefferson said that she was still connected to Beamer’s call about 45-minutes after the crash, despite the fact that the airphone’s power supply runs on the same power supply that the entire aircraft runs off of during flight. So if the plane was disintegrated upon impact like the official story claims why would the call still be connected?

Featured Image: Flight 93 Memorial (Craig Fildes/Flickr)

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12 Responses to Who were the 9/11 mystery passengers? Switched planes? Cell phones still transmitting after crash?

  1. Michael D Coxie says:

    more GARBAGE and those spouting this GARBAGE should be prosecuted, but under the guidelines of treason and sentence carried out immediately w/ NO appeal.

    • rick marlar says:

      treason really

      • Michael D Coxie says:

        just get rid of them and worry about the charges later or better yet don’t allow any charges to be filed just get rid of the idiots posting this crap. unless they were SPECIFICALLY working in the airline industry or those industries affiliated with this or one of the families DIRECTLY affected by this ( either lost a family member in the towers or on the flights, they are not nor will they ever be qualified to speak.

    • Darryl Schaumburg says:

      I agree with you Michael but it begs the question – why are these “lies” not being exposed along with the “facts”? We still don’t even know the facts about JFK – nor will we ever….
      I was a 17 year old teenager skipping school testing a new engine in my ’57 Chevy that day and I’m 72 now and the facts are still filled with ambiguity….

      • michael shoen says:

        I attended school that day and believed the phony story they gave us, but lots of witnesses have come forth in the last fifteen years — Antonio Veciana, Judyth Vary Baker, E. Howard Hunt, Chauncey Holt, Barr McClellan, even Charles Harrelson, plus great books by Douglass, Roger Stone and Davy (based on FOIA govt. documents). No question the CIA was in on the deal. The CIA is the enemy of all mankind.

      • Michael D Coxie says:

        it’s also the people spreading the lies that should be “dealt with appropriately.”

  2. lloyd Lisco says:

    Government Rats and Snakes being Exposed, Many investigations underway, Be patient Charges forth coming for hundreds. Trump has just started.

  3. Dennish Habern says:

    I was always under the impression, that passengers and flight attendants, could not
    communicate with anyone, while in flight, especially in 2001, therefore, what has been
    stated in this article above, that 19 of these Muslim turds were CIA agents, and that
    they never boarded the fateful aircraft in the first place, leaving high speculation that
    implosion was the cause for the demise of the 3 buildings and that the current admin-
    istration at that time, was in on the entire operation, to use it as an excuse to invade
    Iraq, and in addition, it appears that all 3 building were heavily insured and were
    invested with asbestos and had to be eventually demolished, along with the fact that
    one of the current president’s relation at that time, was sitting on the membership
    board or some other excuse, and viewed this as killing two birds with 1 stone.

  4. James Higginbotham says:


    • Imelda says:

      The republic is only an illusion, it’s a republic of rome. A republic of brutality and bloodthirst. I live in Ireland, we’re already there, where mothers would help have their daughters killed, sacrificed for rome by it’s republican bloodthirsty terrorist scum.

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