Moroccan Muslims got rabies from raping donkey

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Deuteronomy 27:21

“Cursed is the man who has sexual relations with any animal”

Morocco World News reports, August 10, 2017, that 15 Muslim teens who raped a donkey in the small rural town of Sidi Kamel in Sidi Kacem province, Morocco, have been treated for rabies infections contracted from the animal.

According to the Moroccan daily Al Akhbar in its August 10 edition, the “sexually frustrated children and teenagers” stayed at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for one week to receive rabies vaccinations after the animal transmitted the disease to them, to the “distress and horror” of their families.

Sadly, the local authorities ordered the owner of the donkey to slaughter it to avoid further risk of spreading the disease. The authorities are also searching for others who had “admired” the donkey, in order to limit the spread of rabies among the town folk.

Parents, “in the utmost secrecy, hastened to have their children vaccinated in case they had approached the animal.” According to Al Akhbar, the number of infections could be much higher, as some families preferred to take their children to hospitals outside the region to avoid humiliation.

Bestialists should know that a study of 492 men from rural Brazil found that 35% reported having had sex with an animal at some point in their lives, and that those men were twice as likely to develop cancer of the penis.

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4 Responses to Moroccan Muslims got rabies from raping donkey

  1. Gib74 says:


    SOOK it! =p

    Or actually, they already did and that was what got them into their troubles to begin with. = ]

  2. fasteddie1257 says:

    If only everyone would read the Bible (Gospel). What’s happening today in this world has been told.

  3. grumpyhillbilly says:

    You have no choice but to slaughter a rabid animal. Pity they didn’t take that course of action with the teens. What is with the lack of carnal control with the practitioners of Islam?

  4. MA in MO says:

    Read about this yesterday. I would say this is priceless and poetic justice. I literally feel for the donkey. Yes, I know the donkey has been put down and I am assuming properly disposed of to contain the spread of rabies.

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