Media Remains Silent on Sen. McCain’s KKK Ancestry and How He Put Neo-Nazis in Power in Ukraine

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When former Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain is mentioned in the media, he is typically painted in a good light—an elderly senator and war hero battling brain cancer who has devoted the rest of his life to fighting for government healthcare and the removal of a tyrannical dictator in Syria.

McCain added even more fuel to his fire on Tuesday when he joined the mainstream media in condemning President Trump for his response to violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia. There’s no moral equivalency between racists & Americans standing up to defy hate & bigotry,” McCain wrote on Twitter. “The President of the United States should say so.”

McCain’s words were quoted by a number of mainstream outlets, from CNBC to The Hill, which reportedthat the Arizona Senator was simply “pressing President Trump to make clear that there is not a ‘moral equivalency’ between white nationalists and the counterdemonstrators that turned out in Charlottesville.”

However, there are a few major issues with McCain’s statement. Many of the counterdemonstrators, or “Americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry,” as McCain called them, were affiliated with the group “Antifa.” Although the group’s name stands for “Anti-Fascist,” some of its members do the opposite, and the method of “seeking peace through violence” has been evident at a number of violent rallies and protests across the U.S. following Trump’s inauguration in January.

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There is also another factor that should be taken into account as McCain attempts to take the moral high ground and the media cheers him on—his family history. According to a documentary called “Finding Your Roots” from Weta Interactive Media, not only does his family have connections to “hate and bigotry,” McCain’s great-great-grandfather served under the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

“We then discovered that his Calvary unit had been tapped for a mission by none other than General Nathan Bedford Forrest, a brilliant, but brutal commander, often remembered for what he did after the war as the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan,” Historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. said.

According to the documentary, William Alexander McCain was also a deserter, leaving his division in the Mississippi Calvary during the Civil War, and he also became a Prisoner of War. But there is one more trait that has been passed down through generations—the McCain family’s support for neo-Nazis.

“We are here to support your just cause, the sovereign right of Ukraine to determine its own destiny freely and independently. And the destiny you seek lies in Europe,” John McCain told groups of neo-Nazi protesters at a rally in Ukraine in December 2013.

McCain claimed that his support for these protesters stemmed from the fact that he was trying “to bring about a peaceful transition here, that would stop the violence and give the Ukrainian people what they, unfortunately, have not had, with different revolutions that have taken place—a real society.”

However, McCain’s true motive was revealed when he was asked about how Russia and his mortal enemy President Vladimir Putin were influencing the conflict. “This is the beginning of Russia, right here in Kiev,” McCain said. “So Putin views it as most highly important and he has put pressure on Ukrainians—the price of energy, different kinds of activities. The word is very clear that he has made certain threats.”

While John McCain was quick to condemn protesters for their “hate and bigotry” this week, and while the mainstream media was quick to applaud him for his efforts, they both seem to be forgetting the all-too-important context, which serves as a reminder that McCain only condemns Neo-Nazism when it fits his political agenda.

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Courtesy of The Free Thought Project

Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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12 Responses to Media Remains Silent on Sen. McCain’s KKK Ancestry and How He Put Neo-Nazis in Power in Ukraine

  1. friend-thru-the-storm says:

    Brilliant Article!!! Have re-blogged & commented on my wall at
    Kindest & God Bless All:-)

  2. Dennis Habern says:

    Although it is known about McCain’s ancestory belonging to the KKK, what is not

    known, is his real status during his capture in Vietnam, as abbetting the enemy,

    during his incarceration. In other words, a new investigation should be conducted to

    prove or dis-prove, his reputation as the songbird of Vietnam. Therefore, I am

    certain that a new investigation, would shut this ugly turd’s mouth forever. Then, this

    same investigation should investigate the backgrounds of Schumer and Schiffe, two

    more worthless Democrat turds whom care only for their own welfare, ot the welfare of

    the United States. It is without a doubt that that these 3 turds, during their long,

    worthless careers, have committed felonies. On another note, the reason that

    Congress fails to get anything accomplished, is the fact that 99% of all 435 of

    these Congressional turds, have something to hide over their long, worthless

    careers, and therefore, they are reluctant to call out their fellow mutants, and in

    addition, 99% of these worthless Congressional mutants, are reluctant to call

    out their fellow criminals, is because they are afraid that they will receive the

    same deathly demise that others have maintained, during the worthless dictatorial

    reigns of Bill/Hillary Rotten Clinton and the worthless Black, 44th POTUS turd from

    Kenya and his girlfriend, George “NAZI” Soros. A turd is a turd. There is no clean


  3. Goldbug says:

    With the media today, the truth is verboten. That is why they adore the Singing Canary of the Hanoi Hilton and his ISIS pals.

  4. Steve Underwood says:

    Corruption covering up corruption .

  5. mrapp769 says:

    McCain did nothing to correct he veterans administration mess, which by the way started in his own state of Arizona.

  6. Not A PC Guy says:

    Henry Louis Gates is that grossly racist Negro who made life hell for the one white cop out of four, the 3 others being black, and was invited to the White House by Obama, who also piled blame on the white cop. Gates was arrested by the black cops and the white one for creating a nuisance and resisting arrest. Obama used that to get black people to start attacking our police.

    John McCain is not a Conservative. What he is, is a traitor. I’m glad something is finally taking him out of office and I sincerely wish he’d died when his plane crashed.

    • Dennish Habern says:

      Are we talking about the same Henry Louis Gates, that was arrested early-on

      in this worthless Black 44th POTUS’s first term, where the White cop was

      doing his duty, when he observed Gates, apparently breaking and entering

      into is own home, and in the same instance, the worthless, Black 44th POTUS,

      accused this White cop, as being stupid, and then they all lived happily-ever-

      after, with a minature beer fest, with this ugly, worthless, former 44th POTUS,

      present. That Henry Louis Gates? Without a doubt, this worthless effn, Black

      Communist of a former 44th Kenyan POTUS, used this incident to continue to

      agitate the war on our police forces, throughout the United States, which

      have continued to today. While we are on the same subject, I would like to

      know where this Black turd of a 44th Communist, Muslim POTUS, spent the

      lost years during the early 1980’s. It has been noted that he toured

      Pakistan for some unknown reason, but the story has leaked that he was

      trained in Russia, to become the worthless turd that he has become.

      Anybody out there maintain any information on this subject? Our 45th

      POTUS should conduct an investigation of his own, to finally determine whom

      this worthless Black turd of a 44th POTUS really is, and his connection to

      George “NAZI” Soros. Get rid of these two shitbirds, and then observe the

      folding of the turds in the Democrat party, which will permit our 45th POTUS

      to finally do the job that the American people elected him to do.

  7. Ann Tenna says:

    i never wanted to urinate on anybody’s grave… but mark my words… i will on mccains!…

  8. Ann Tenna says:

    mccain is NOT A HERO… that scumbag is a TRAITOR and all the world KNOWS IT!.. mccain is responsible for over 130+ deaths of young US NAVY sailors… he cant be gone soon enough!….besides that low life wants to give the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS amnesty.. get the fuck out of our lives you TRAITOR!

    • Martha Sullivan says:

      Yes a Traitor!! get rid of him!! braincancer is not fast enough to get him out of Office.Do not bury him at arlingtonnwith HONORS! Put him in a Paupers Grave some where in the Desert!!!NOW!!!!!!!!

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