California Catholic school removed statue of Jesus & Mary so as not to alienate students

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Founded in 1850, San Domenico Catholic School in San Anselmo in the San Francisco Bay Area serves 671 students grades K-12, and is California’s oldest independent school and first Catholic school. The school is not an archdiocesan school, but an independent school sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael.

In an effort to make the Catholic school more “inclusive” and less “alienating” to prospective students, the school recently removed 162 Catholic statues and icons, including a statue of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. The statues were stored in the school’s basement or donated to “appreciative recipients”.

Chair of San Domenico School’s board of trustees Amy Skewes-Cox justified the relocation and removal of some of the school’s 180 religious icons as “completely in compliance” with San Domenico’s new strategic plan:

“If you walk on the campus and the first thing you confront is three or four statues of St. Dominic or St. Francis, it could be alienating for that other religion, and we didn’t want to further that feeling.”

Nor is the Catholic school offering Catechism classes. Head of School Cecily Stock said the year before last the school began offering catechism after school and then last year phased it out entirely because:

“We had very few families interested. I think last year it was fewer than five. It just made sense to have the students prepare for communion with their local parishes where they would be with a larger group of students. Over the last few years we’ve had fewer Catholic students as part of the community and a larger number of students of various faith traditions. Right now about 80 percent of our families do not identify as Catholic.”

Instead of teaching students about Catholic theology and doctrines, San Domenico provides students with instruction in world religions and philosophy because truth is relative and subjective:

  • School principal Stocks says: “It’s really about empowering each student and giving them the information so they can discover their own purpose, their own truth”.
  • Mirza Khan, the school’s director of philosophy, ethics and world religions, says: “The Dominican teaching philosophy is not to teach there is only one truth.”

Outraged parent Shannon Fitzpatrick, who has an 8-year-old son enrolled at the school, sees the removal of the statues as a steady erosion of the San Domenico’s Catholic image. In a letter to school officials, Fitzpatrick wrote:

“Articulating an inclusive foundation appears to mean letting go of San Domenico’s 167-year tradition as a Dominican Catholic school and being both afraid and ashamed to celebrate one’s heritage and beliefs. In our time here, the word ‘Catholic’ has been removed from the mission statement, sacraments were removed from the curriculum, the lower school curriculum was changed to world religions, the logo and colors were changed to be ‘less Catholic,’ and the uniform was changed to be less Catholic.”

So what would be the point for Catholic parents to send their kids to San Domenico?

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Source: California Catholic Daily; FoxNews

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10 Responses to California Catholic school removed statue of Jesus & Mary so as not to alienate students

  1. The Ghost says:

    These people are not Catholic in any shape or form. They use the label “Catholic” to denigrate and ridicule the Teaching of the True and Traditional Church in a subversive manner to destroy the Church and their desire is to promote a counterfeit Catholicism to make outsiders hate the Church and make traditional Catholics lose Faith in their own religion.
    Vatican II was the start of spreading the smoke of Satan throughout the entire Church and all its Holy rituals by the highest ranks of clergy. The most telling point is when they changed the True Mass to the New World Order (Novus Ordo), reducing the Holiness of the true Mass and the True Sacrements. Most Seminaries only allowed homosexuals to become priests and “euchamism” to purge the Church of its Catholic Identity. All Popes since Pope Pius XII have been Anti-Popes.

  2. Fred says:

    There are real nuns and then there are the so called “liberated” ones, some of whom advocate abortion and lesbianism and even writhe at the name of Christ. Liberal bishops who welcome them in their dioceses and should be replaced, while conservative bishops out “fear” of a schism (division) won’t kick them out of theirs. Who ever heard of Jesus Christ being “afraid” of division when having to do the right thing?

  3. Meg says:

    So the moral of this story is that we don’t want to offend muslims. Why not put a statue of allah in the school. That should appease everyone. In the mean time, catholics should pull their kids out of the school.

  4. David Roper says:

    This is a joke, right? Catholic School removing Mother Mary and Jesus statues? Good one. You had me. wait!! what??? OMG

  5. artie whitefox says:

    Why are offended people even there? Kick them out. Blind those that are offended. They will be Muslims. Jesus did not look like a regular baby,.Jesus had no form or comeliness that we should desire him. Why don’t Catholics know their own book? Satan is a gold and gem covered being. There is no truth in the Catholic church to learn.

  6. cbreeze245 says:

    Then they’re not really a Catholic school. If you remove statues because they might offend someone might as well stop teaching Catholic doctrine because it might offend someone. We are definitely walking through the “end times” Jesus spoke about.

  7. Shirley says:

    One of the Talk shows I listen to warned that the next thing that will have to go are the Catholic Churches and Schools. Guess they are starting. Only question is are we going to allow it. Maybe it is time for the silent majority to start roaring like the Democrat thugs do.

  8. JCLincoln says:

    But they’re such pretty atheists. How could they do such a thing?

  9. True American says:

    California needs to break all ties with the UNITED States. California is no longer UNITED, with its Anti-American Immigrants and Anti-American Protestors it has become a cancer, destroying the American Dream, Destroying the Family Unit, Advocating violence against POTUS.

    Let this Cancerous Cult of a State become its own 3rd World Country. Just look at City of Sacaramento; Paying and Supporting Criminal Gang Members instead of eradicating this cancer. Look at cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco that advocate ignoring laws that protect the U.S. from criminal illegal aliens and last but not least The State of California legalizing Marijuana so that they can propagate a “Dumb and Stoned Society”

    Wake up America, California is a Cancer that needs to be stopped and stripped of America’s support and Statehood.

  10. wsurfs . says:

    Jesus is not going to like this……!! These women better be careful they don’t make Jesus come down there and use his teacher voice on them…!!

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