Paul Ryan heads the list of GOP politicians who got money from Soros in 2016

In 2016, Soros Fund Management “contributed” a total of $281,200 to 57 federal political candidates, the majority of whom were Democrats, Hillary Clinton being the largest recipient, at $22,400. (Source:

12 of the 57 recipients are Republicans RINOs:

  1. Paul Ryan (WI), House Speaker, $10,800.
  2. Jeb Bush $2,700.
  3. Marco Rubio (FL), $2,700.
  4. Joe Heck (NV), $2,500.
  5. John McCain (AZ), $2,500.
  6. Ed Royce (CA), $2,500.
  7. Lindsey Graham (SC), $2,500.
  8. Carlos Curbelo (FL), $1,000.
  9. Chuck Grassley (IA), $1,000.
  10. Ron Johnson (WI), $1,000.
  11. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA), $1,000.
  12. Tim Canova (FL), $1,000.

Here’s the list, in the order of the size of Soros’ “contribution”:

See also “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took orders from George Soros on how to handle unrest in Albania”.


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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  • MiloMason
  • MAGA

    Follow the money

  • lloyd Lisco

    This is a list of low life Sons of Bitches who have stolen from the American people for years and almost destroyed this country.

  • Dennis Habern

    Soros is nothing more than a nasty smelling turd, similar to his girlfriend, the former
    worthless Black POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim 44th POTUS. As I have imparted
    in the past, get rid of these two shitbirds, and then observe how planet Earth returns
    to its rotation path. These two turds are the global instigators to world unrest. These
    two turds must be gotten rid of, in a fashion, that they will no longer be a threat to
    global peace.

  • Junior1950

    ALL of the politicians who accepted DONATIONS from the CRIMINAL GEORGE SOROS, SHOULD BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!!! As far as I am concerned. any politician who has a CONSCIENCE, and is HONEST, (an HONEST POLITICIAN?? There’s an OXYMORON IF THERE EVER WAS ONE!!) would have DECLINED ACCEPTING FUNDS FROM THE SEDITIOUS CRIMINAL TRAITOR~~~GEORGE SOROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      i have no doubt that this is only what was reported,much more UNDER THE TABLE, that were not reported..treason charges need to be filed on ALL OF THEM.