The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease And Plum Island

In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media breaks down the origins of Lyme disease and how it appears to be linked to Plum Island secret government biowarfare research done with ticks and other animals.

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here and their new series The Cold Noir here.

Courtesy of Activist Post


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2 Responses to The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease And Plum Island

  1. Mollie Norris says:

    All true. My tick bite was in Santa Barbara, CA in March, 1973. The bulls-eye rash was so bizarre, and the area around it so hot and swollen, that I went to the ER. The MD had to cut the tick out due to the swelling, and said he’d never seen a tick that small after looking at it under a microscope. I’ve tried twice to get the ER records, presenting my bill for an ER visit, MD, surgical tray, antibiotic prescription, etc as reference. I’ve been told I was never there because my name isn’t on the ER sign-in sheet. I’ve been told by MDs since then that I wasn’t infected, since the tick was removed before enough time had elapsed for it to transfer its genome. PCR shows I still have borrelia DNA in my blood following antibiotic treatment, with the Catch 22 that MDs generally refuse to prescribe antibiotics since I have a negative antibody response.

  2. New Yorker says:

    I live is on Long Island, I can remember when the local fire dept. used to have small controlled fires in Suffolk County to control the tick population. They did this for years and it worked well, until the environmentalist demand they stop. People protested but the fire dept. caved and here we have the results a out of control tick population.
    If anyone is suffering from Lyme, they should check out ENVITA on youtube. They are located in Arizona.

    Also another gift from Plum Island was there research on disease of duck, Long Island was a billion dollar duck economy, people from all over the world would want LI duck….until a disease that plum island was researching killed off all the ducks…now I think one small duck farm still remains..Sad!

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