Tucker Carlson: Trump DACA Deal Will Be ‘Biggest Amnesty In American History’

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Tucker Carlson warned Thursday night on Fox News that the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer DACA deal will be the “biggest amnesty in American history” and Trump will get nothing in return. 

From Fox News Insider:

Tucker Carlson said that if President Trump formalizes a discussed deal to make DACA permanent law, it would result in a “massive amnesty” for 800,000 illegal immigrants and their families.

He said that in return for agreeing to Democratic leadership’s wishes, he “receives nothing.”

“If the president doesn’t get funding for a wall now, it will never be built. Period,” Carlson added, after Trump said there will be no wall funding attached to such a deal.

Carlson said Democrats oppose a wall because “it works,” referencing places like Hungary.

“The Democratic Party has no interest in halting the flow of illegal immigrants,” he said.

He said that Democrats like Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y) and others want to “import a new electorate from the third world” since they can’t identify with the current one.

What’s funny is Trump has said the same in the past, yet here he is selling out the country for a pat on the back from Pelosi and Schumer.

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9 Responses to Tucker Carlson: Trump DACA Deal Will Be ‘Biggest Amnesty In American History’

  1. DEPORT DEPORT says:

    Now Trump wants to take away my mortgage write off??? GREAT! I don’t know about this Trump anymore. He is out of touch, most people get about $2,500 a year on average from the mortgage credit, he is out of touch!!!

  2. SGTShtBag says:

    That fucken trump can swing with the rest of Em! I got Rope n Beer. Lets get this thing Going, I aint getting any younger..

  3. Steve Underwood says:

    Trump is failing to uphold his promises to make America great again . Just another corrupt politician .

  4. Ann Tenna says:

    trump is Worse than PRESIDENT OBAMA… At least PRESIDENT OBAMA was
    HONEST with the amerikan people saying amnesty amnesty, there was no
    broken Promises with PRESIDENT OBAMA… trump is a CON-ARTIST of BROKEN
    PROMISES in the HIGHEST Degree!!!!…. we citizens of this formerly
    Great Republic are fukkked..and it will continue to be a turd world
    banana republic full of ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS and their
    ILLEGAL MEXICAN DREAMING(illegal non-citizen) SPAWN Stealing our
    Healthcare Stealing our Jobs, Stealing our Education Stealing our
    mone(Welfare) Stealing our CULTURE!…trump is s SCHILL.. i am done with
    that SCUMBAG! no more support Ever again! he will be a one term…like
    the loser carter…in 3 years i will vote Democrat…you bet yer ass i will!!

  5. Ann Tenna says:

    PRESIDENT OBAMA is more Honorable than trump..ione could beleive obama..trump is a LIAR

  6. Ann Tenna says:

    trump is on the wrong side of history…he is a schill for the extreme left

  7. Ann Tenna says:

    trump is no better than mccain

  8. Ann Tenna says:


  9. Dennis Habern says:

    It is not likely that the deal cut with the Democrats concerning DACA, will not result in

    the Democrats approving the wall. The Democrats cannot have it both ways. If

    DACA is rejunivated to permit these illegals to remain in the U.S., it is not necessarily

    a path to citizenship, as how it has been explained to me. That these illegals will be

    permitted to remain in the United States, but must also file certain legal documents

    for them to remain in the U.S., along with their parents, whom are in reality, the real

    illigals. Therefore, the word, “AMNESTY,” is not the proper use of the English

    Language to define these illegals’ proper status, if you follow. What am I missing

    here? In my view, this is a win-win ploy, for the Democrats and for our 45th POTUS,

    but because Chuckie Boy Schumer is not to be trusted, I hope that our 45th POTUS

    maintains a document that holds Schumer’s feet to the fire. Otherwise, the DACA

    deal should be elimniated, completely.

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