14 THINGS the LVMPD doesn’t want you to know when it comes to the Las Vegas Shooting

14 First shots were reported over the radio at 10:08 pm

13 What sounded to dispatchers like “multipule shots fired, or a helicopter’ was caught on an open line

12 Report of a shooter on the 15th floor, and the rooftop at Mandalay Bay

11 Possible shooting in helicopters? WTF?

10 Shots fired on 29 and 32?

Report of a man being taken hostage

Hostage on a helipad?

Machine gun found in room 32-112

Suspicious men with bullet proof vests and backpacks

Report of “4 shooters”

Man seen ‘scoping concert’ earlier that night

Man taken into custody

Two gunmen with AR-15s spotted in hallway by Delano Hotel

Bellhop admits he helped the purported shooter Stephen Paddock

Featured Image: Cliff/Flickr
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