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Turncoat: John McCain is a globalist shill, uses speech to the elite to attack Trump

McCain attacks the tens of millions of Trump voters at globalist conference (INTELLIHUB) — During a speech at the globalist Munich Security Conference in Germany, noted neocon and deep state puppet John McCain attacked the Trump Don’t forget to follow … Continue reading

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UC Berkeley riots organizer has no regrets, plans more violent actions

The hard-left are going to war (INTELLIHUB) — An organizer of the mass riots at UC Berkeley over a planned speech by Milo Yiannopoulos has revealed that she has no regrets for the violence and that groups like hers are planning more … Continue reading

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Sedition: Media promotes idea of a military coup to remove Trump from office

Corporate media promoting the end of American democracy (INTELLIHUB) — In yet another astonishing attack on the very legitimacy of the Trump presidency, multiple high-profile news outlets have published an article that floats the idea of using the military to remove … Continue reading

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President Trump exposes McCain and Graham for trying to start Word War III

Neocon warmongers have long pushed policies that could start World War Three (INTELLIHUB) — After the neocon duo of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham publicly criticized his executive order on immigration from the Middle East, President Trump took to Twitter to destroy … Continue reading

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President Trump fires attorney general who was actively working against him

Corporate media freaks out over logical firing (INTELLIHUB) — In a swift act Monday night President Donald Trump fired acting attorney general Sally Yates who had earlier revealed that she was refusing to do her job in defending the president’s executive … Continue reading

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Mexican President was funded by the Juarez Cartel and that’s why he is against the Trump border plan

Enrique Peña Nieto has documented ties to the cartels (INTELLIHUB) — In the wake of the announcement of President Trump’s new border security measures, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has cancelled his planned visit to the United States and expected meeting … Continue reading

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Secret Service called in after suspicious white substances sent to home of Kellyanne Conway

Anti-Trump radicals may be targeting Trump advisers (INTELLIHUB) — Since the moment that Kellyanne Conway took over as a senior adviser to Donald Trump, hard left radicals, with the help of the corporate media, have relentlessly attacked her and now it … Continue reading

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Police stand down as Black Lives Matter protesters attack women, other Trump supporters

Media ignores attacks on Trump supporters while openly praising leftist radicals (INTELLIHUB) — As the corrupt corporate media continues their worship of the so-called Women’s March (which in reality is simply a Soros backed anti-Trump protest) details are emerging of Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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Trump adviser Roger Stone poisoned in attempted assassination

Trump adviser poisoned, almost killed (INTELLIHUB) — Long time political consultant and Trump adviser Roger Stone has revealed that he was almost killed after being poisoned with what doctors believe may have been Polonium. Don’t forget to follow the D.C. … Continue reading

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“They are taking traitor Trump out now” — Former intelligence officer admits CIA is attempting coup against Trump

Intel operative gleefully supports CIA backed coup against Donald Trump (INTELLIHUB) — A former analyst with the National Security Agency admitted Thursday that the CIA is conducting an operation to take out President-elect Donald Trump. Don’t forget to follow the … Continue reading

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Planned Violence: Organizer of Trump inauguration mass riots doesn’t believe in “peaceful transition of power”

Organizer makes clear that planned mass disruption will not be peaceful (INTELLIHUB) — An organizer for one of the numerous hard left groups planning mass riots in and around Washington D.C. during the inauguration of Donald Trump has revealed that … Continue reading

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Traitor: John McCain passed anti-Trump disinformation dossier to FBI

Top establishment Republican helped get disinformation dossier to top of FBI (INTELLIHUB) — In the wake of the release of a disinformation dossier on President-elect Donald Trump, it has been revealed that none other than establishment Republican John McCain was … Continue reading

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Assange: Obama Administration literally destroying public records right now

Wikileaks founder warns of possible mass destruction of key public records (INTELLIHUB) — Just days after offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of an Obama Administration agent for deleting significant public records, the Wikileaks founder … Continue reading

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Florida airport shooting: Multiple eyewitnesses claim more than one shooter

Eyewitness reports contradict mainstream reporting of “official” story (INTELLIHUB) — As if the official accounts regarding the Florida airport shooting and alleged shooter Esteban Santiago weren’t weird enough, shocking details from multiple eyewitnesses have started to turn the story on its head. … Continue reading

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ALERT: Hard left, communist radicals launch de facto coup attempt in America

Group launches effort to prevent Trump from taking office with full page New York Times ad (INTELLIHUB) — A group of radical leftists that includes activists, entertainers, artists, professors, writers, and at least one known terrorist has launched what amounts to … Continue reading

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Manchurian Candidate? Florida shooter told FBI that he was forced to fight for ISIS by the CIA

Florida suspect believed intelligence agency was controlling his mind (INTELLIHUB) — As more and more information on the history of accused Florida mass shooter Estaban Santiago continues to be released the story seems to only get weirder. Don’t forget to … Continue reading

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