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U.S. Children Have Died For Obama And Democrats Immigration Agenda-Where’s The Outrage?!?!

As Barack Hussein Obama and his Democratic confederates have facilitated the incursion of thousands of diseased illegal aliens from our southern border in advance of Obama’s intended executive amnesty subsequent to the midterm elections, we’ve witnessed these chronic perpetrators of … Continue reading

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So “Teen Angst” is a sign that your kid could become a terrorist, but Ft. Hood is still ‘work place violence’?

Fresh on the heels of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s having branded those Americans as “domestic terrorists” who stood alongside the Cliven Bundy family in Nevada against the BLM’s heavily armed Gestapo, now we have the Obama administrations Homeland Security and Counterterrorism … Continue reading

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Harry Reid is just one of many orchestrating this government tyranny against us who deserves to greet eternity kicking at the end of a rope…

I think it’s a foregone conclusion that whatever historical significance might once have been attributable to the abstruse 2008 election of Barack Hussein Obama’s being elevated from his previous status as an ungifted, unskilled, and unaccomplished Illinois Senator to our nations first black President has become pretty much … Continue reading

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Will Glenn Beck’s pacifism in the face of coercive government aggression cost him the fans & followers he says he doesn’t need?

In the days subsequent to the heated Bundy ranch standoff ending (at least for the time being) after U.S. officials cited “public safety concerns” over the volatile confrontation that had escalated between 200 heavily armed federal agents and snipers against … Continue reading

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The Bundy ranch standoff was just a precursor. Government oppression will all but guarantee the need for eventual bloodshed…

I wonder how many burdens would be lifted off the shoulders of our country if this divisive two Party political aristocracy along with their respective obsequious stenographers in the media were to just up and disappear. I mean be gone completely from the face … Continue reading

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The Bundy ranch standoff may have come to an end, but the war is far from over

With the recent announcement today of U.S. officials ending the heatedly eristic standoff of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s homestead citing “public safety concerns”, Bundy supporters have naturally hailed this latest development as a victory for freedom. But is it? When you parse through all … Continue reading

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House Speaker John Boehner is Obama’s bitch. Don’t be fooled!

In a recently trending headline at Drudge it was reported how Republican House Speaker John Boehner is “unloading” on the White House over such prominent Obama scandals as the IRS, Operation Fast and Furious, and Benghazi. Boehner says this President and his administration “owe” the American … Continue reading

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From a nation of Laws to ‘Lord Of The Flies’ in just five years….Thanks Obama.

House Majority Speaker John Boehner recently confirmed that Congressional lawmakers intend to press the Department of Justice in considering possible criminal charges against former-IRS official Lois Lerner, who resides at the heart of the notorious IRS targeting scandal. Boehner also … Continue reading

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In a sane world of yesteryear, most D.C. politicians of today would be found guilty & hung for treason. ESPECIALLY Obama!

So how does it feel to be a 2nd class citizen in your own country? As we struggle in our day to day lives against the contaminating fall-out of these relentlessly legislated onslaughts upon our freedoms & liberties under the direction of this demagogic … Continue reading

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History isn’t forgotten by Progressive fascists. They’ve reimagined it

The tireless winds of controversy in this contentious era of Obama never seem to stop sweeping across our national landscape. I refer to the recent & much publicized resignation/termination of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, after gay-militants had learned of his having previously made a personal contribution … Continue reading

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The Rule Of Law Is OVER When The Lawless Rule!

We’ve become so lost as a people in these barren Obama wastelands of brazen lawlessness,  corruption, & arrogant subversion that GPS tracking wouldn’t be able to pinpoint our location. And that this progressive RINO dominated GOP have only encouraged our … Continue reading

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“Aljazeera America”: Another victory milestone in radical Islams continuing stealth Jihad against us

As turmoil rages in Egypt, as Barack Hussein Obama ingratiates himself to the Muslim Brotherhood in what has ostensibly been seen by many as a seal of approval in his tacit silence at their merciless efforts to ethnically cleanse any … Continue reading

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Terrorist School district attack family of molested 8th grader in defense of child rapist colleague

Occasionally while I’m navigating the social networking strata, I like to listen to Glenn Beck’s radio program at The Blaze Radio Network online. This morning was one of those occasions as I came across Glenn discussing a particularly disturbing story. … Continue reading

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As far as the Egyptian people are concerned, “coup” isn’t how you pronounce “Revolution”

As recent reports have emerged from sources inside of Egypt detailing further grisly acts of terrorism committed by Muslim Brotherhood militants, the latest involves 2 bus loads of Egyptian policemen in Egypt’s north Sinai having left their base in Rafah city Monday, … Continue reading

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Perhaps American’s should ask Egypt to come over & clean our house too while they’re at it

When we have so much diverse & even muddled dissemination of events presently happening in Cairo, Egypt focusing on the bloody uprising incited by Muslim Brotherhood militants spreading carnage under this magnanimous facade delegating them as “protesters”, it baffles me … Continue reading

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Disgraced Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will be raking in some serious bank as a convict

In today’s incendiary climate of race based divisiveness led by our own Radical-Muslim-Sympathizer-In-Chief & his inveterate brigade of protagonist Race merchants/extortioners, we’ve recently learned from reluctant media sources about Rev. Jesse Jackson’s own progeny, disgraced former Democrat Representative, Jesse Jackson … Continue reading

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