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Law enforcement leaks database to journalist containing Trump wiretap info

(INTELLIHUB) — According to investigative journalist Jerome Corsi reporting for Infowars, law enforcement sources out of Arizona have provided a database containing the “individual records of U.S. citizens under National Security Agency (NSA) electronic Don’t forget to follow the D.C. … Continue reading

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Deep State and Obama operatives move on Trump and key advisers

Rush Limbaugh brilliantly lays out the Deep State’s current objective in powerful broadcast (INTELLIHUB) ‘The Democratic party has been doing everything in their power to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency and will stop at nothing,’ top talking head Rush Limbaugh said … Continue reading

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Super Bowl security on high alert, radiation sweeps conducted, UH-60 Black Hawks deployed

Police state forms amidst Super Bowl madness HOUSTON, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — This year’s Super Bowl LI will be nothing less than spectacular as business owners, ticket holders, players, performers, staff, and security workers will all end up stuffing NRG Stadium … Continue reading

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Hackers took down D.C.’s CCTV system for a 48-hour span leading up to Trump’s Inauguration, demanded ransom

Officials and others unsure of what may have taken place during a massive citywide CCTV outage (INTELLIHUB) — Between the dates of Jan. 12 and Jan. 15, for about a 48-hour span, 70% of the CCTV cameras in Washington D.C. … Continue reading

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GOP to block repeal of Obamacare by stalling

Remember it’s a dual monarchy — it’s an illusion that two parties in both the House and Senate actually exist (INTELLIHUB) — With just one day away from the Republicans self-imposed deadline to repeal botched Obamacare legislation, we can see that the … Continue reading

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National Park Service Reposts Fake Inauguration Pics on Twitter, Belittles President Trump, forced to apologize

Government agency disparages the newly elected president (INTELLIHUB) — The U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Park Service purposefully raised hell on its official government Twitter account Friday during the Inauguration Ceremony when the NPS retweeted a tweet belittling the … Continue reading

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Youtuber claims his life and lives of loved ones “threatened” by Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis after exposing Pizzagate “Pegasus kill room”

Did Pizzagate researchers just turn over a new leaf in the investigation? Note: I would like to preface this article by saying that I, nor the agency publishing this article, are in any way implying that anyone included or any … Continue reading

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Last Minute Power Grab — Obama Federalizes Elections

Obama admin makes another last-minute power grab, seizes control of election infrastructure (INTELLIHUB) — Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson designated the U.S. “election infrastructure” as a “critical infrastructure subsector” in what can only be considered a bold move Friday. Don’t … Continue reading

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Trump Announcement Coming: ‘I know things others don’t about the alleged hacks’

Trump to make announcement early to mid-week, says he knows something others don’t regarding the alleged Russian hacks PALM BEACH, Florida (INTELLIHUB) — The President-elect says that he will be making an important announcement Tuesday or Wednesday regarding the alleged … Continue reading

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Five Year Investigation Concludes: Obama’s birth certificate proven a forgery

Will President Obama be charged with treason over illegally fabricated certificate? PHOENIX, Ariz. (INTELLIHUB) — President Barack H. Obama’s birth certificate has been proven to be a “forgery,” a fraudulently “fabricated document,” law enforcement officials and forensic investigators concluded with … Continue reading

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C.I.A. planning to overturn Trump’s win as talking heads claim ‘National Emergency’

They are trying to make a National Emergency out of this’ AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) Alex Jones, radio talk show host and head of the popular alt-news agency Infowars, released a video transmission late Monday night which details how the C.I.A., along … Continue reading

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Obama regime positions to retain power, stay in office, as shitstorm develops

Obama Admins scurries to flip script (INTELLIHUB) — Major coordinated attacks on the President-elect’s character and judgement have been launched as of late Friday night, after the New York Times and Washington Post both released major disinformation pieces, citing how the … Continue reading

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Obama White House legacy at stake, a President Trump could nullify all of Obama’s executive orders

WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — The Establishment elite are in panic mode after their rigged elections backfired in their faces when vast seas of patriotic Americans took to the polls in favor of Donald J. Trump, giving America’s new President-elect the … Continue reading

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Proof Hillary Clinton and her foundation are working with the Russians to destroy America

Why isn’t the FBI investigating Hillary’s actual connections to the Russians? Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted back in January and links Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to the Russians. Now, seven days out from the U.S. Presidential … Continue reading

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Establishment now blaming Russians for nearly everything under the Sun; plans to illegally insert Hillary into the Presidency

(INTELLIHUB) — If you are going by real numbers and not corporate media propaganda that is spewed forth to us via the T.V., Donald Trump will win the general election by a landslide. Don’t forget to follow the D.C. Clothesline … Continue reading

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Are we going to war with Russia?

(INTELLIHUB) — The Obama Administration has been ramping up dangerous propaganda which insinuates that the Central Intelligence Agency is ready to engage in covert cyber attack against Russia — and the Russians have responded. Don’t forget to follow the D.C. … Continue reading

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