Powerful video of Black activists against Democrats

black activists2

The video below is a powerful heart-rending crie de coeur by four black activists — Mark Carter, Paul McKinley, Harold “Noonie” Ward, and Joseph Watkins. Speaking to fellow Continue reading

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IRS seizes hundreds of perfectly legal bank accounts, refuses to give money back

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building is viewed in Washington, DC (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building is viewed in Washington, DC (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)

The Internal Revenue Service has been seizing bank accounts belonging to small businesses and individuals who regularly made deposits of less than $10,000, but broke no laws. And the government is refusing to return all the money taken.

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The United Nations was Created to Prevent Wars – Since then there’s been 150 Wars & over 100 Million Casualties

united nations building in nycThe United Nations officially began OCTOBER 24, 1945. Its name was coined by President Franklin Roosevelt. The United Nations was created to prevent future wars. Unfortunately, there have been nearly 150 wars with over 100 million casualties from the day the United Nations’ charter was drafted in the Garden Room of San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel: Continue reading

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Police State Targets Dissidents: Government To “Impose Extreme Disruption Orders On Individuals”


The battle for hearts and minds is on and the elite are getting fed up with citizen proles who believe it a right to speak freely and openly about their ideologies and criticisms of government policies. Continue reading

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Pope Embraces “Evolution” and the “Big Bang”

Pope Francis I appears on the central balconyAs Islam continues to fester uncontrollably, in all corners of the world, the Pope has, seemingly, once again softened his stance against the continual anti-Biblical bias of the mainstream. Continue reading

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Ukrainian Election Results Will Push The World Into World War III

“I’ll remind you that Russia is one of the largest nuclear powers. These are not just words, this is reality and, moreover, we are strengthening our powers of nuclear restraint. We are boosting our armed forces, they are actually becoming more compact and more effective. They are really becoming more modern from the point of view of being equipped with modern systems of weaponry. We will continue increasing this potential, and we will do this.”

Vladimir Putin 

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Boxer and Feinstein: Redskins racist! What about Negro Bar State Park?

Boxer (l) and Feinstein (r)

Boxer (l) and Feinstein (r)

In May, California senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein were part of a group of senators calling for “the National Football League to change the team name of the Washington Redskins, declaring that “racism and bigotry have no place in professional sports.” Continue reading

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Report entertains global catastrophe that kills 6 billion people as potential method of achieving “sustainability”

NGO Envisages Global One Child Policy, Pandemics to Solve Overpopulation

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The National Academy of Sciences has published a shocking report which envisages a Chinese-style global one child policy as the only means of reversing climate change and reducing global population to a “sustainable” number of 1-2 billion people.

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Merging the Caliphate with the NWO…The Truth Exposed

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen (RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS)

The specter of the Muslim Brotherhood gaining control of an entire nation in the Middle East is again raising its barbaric head but NOT high enough to become radar visible…until now that is.

In this investigative article, we will expose Obama’s planned efforts to once again install his islamic counterparts into the mix. Consider this a ‘make-good’ for losing Egypt to the secular el-Sisi government after the Muslim Brotherhood/Obama led coup toppled Hosni Mubarak from power. Continue reading

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24 Cops and Armored Military Vehicle Sent To Loot A 75 Year Old’s Retirement Fund


Marathon County police are not apologizing for their decision to use an armored military vehicle on a senior citizen because he may have been “argumentative.”

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Non-citizen voters gave Obama the edge in 2008 and 2012 — and will in 2014 if we don’t do something about it

undocumented democratsI read this article 2 days ago, but found it so depressing that I can bring myself to post it only today.

Ask yourself this question:

When you registered to vote, did anyone ask you to produce proof of your U.S. citizenship?

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ER Doctor Reveals Truth: ‘Hospitals Can’t Save Ebola Patients’


A severely botched Ebola case (which resulted in at least two more cases) has turned a Dallas, Texas hospital into a virtual ghost town, with its ER visits dropping 50% and revenue dropping 25% since it happened. When I called the place, the woman in the ER who answered the phone refused to even tell me what the wait time would be if I showed Continue reading

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The Need for US Backed Regime Change in Asuistan

asuistan flag

Justin King | TheAntiMedia

While the world’s eyes have been focused on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria the situation in Asuistan has deteriorated. A month of demonstrations and rioting have occurred after security services killed yet another unarmed member of an ethnic minority group, a Continue reading

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“That is a Coward Pointing a Gun at Me” Veteran Refuses to Submit During Police Standoff

police standoff

If you’ve ever had the rare opportunity of having the police draw their guns on you for no apparent reason, you know how absolutely terrifying it can be. It’s a completely helpless experience that catches you off guard in the worst possible way, because there’s nothing Continue reading

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Guess How Much Americans Plan To Spend On Christmas And Halloween This Year…

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Threatening ‘Blood In The Streets': If Ferguson Militants won’t Cease Their Terrorism, Let Them Die Like Terrorists


So as the ongoing calamity continues in the demilitarized warzone militant Guerrilla agitators have turned the society of Ferguson, Missouri into (basically laying siege and holding hostage an entire community with their belligerent acts of terrorism), it should be a foregone conclusion at this point that by their escalating violence these people no longer deserve the privilege of being labeled ‘protesters’. They are terrorists pure and simple. Keep in mind too that these are the very same people whom Obama’s proxy, Attorney General Eric Holder, had himself paid a visit to in the beginning phase of their campaign, declaring how both he and his Commandant in the oval office stood with them. Essentially Holder’s task with this deliberate performance was to further incite and stoke the heightened racial tensions and hostility that had already set Ferguson on fire. For those of you who might recall Holder’s participation in the Trayvon Martin shooting by the ‘white Hispanic‘  George Zimmerman back in 2012, you may also remember Holder’s propensity he had for provoking and aggravating racial animus and tensions back then too.

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