Trump Vaccine Front Man RFK Jr.: CDC an “edifice of fraud”

Robert Kennedy, Jr. “All the things that I do are bent on forcing this [vaccine] debate out into the open—because once the science is in the open, the CDC’s position is so fragile, it’s an edifice of fraud, fraud stacked upon fraud, so high and so wobbly, that even a slight breeze of public scrutiny will topple it.”
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Anarchists Plan To Target Balls, Events And Trump Supporters All Over D.C. During Inauguration Week

Trump Protest Sign - Photo by Fibonacci BlueThe radical left is promising to make this the most chaotic inauguration in U.S. history. As I have written about previously, anarchists plan to do whatever they can to disrupt the Continue reading

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Last Minute Change In Security At Inauguration Reminiscent Of JFK In Dealey Plaza

Without explanation and just a week before inauguration, President Obama has suddenly announced he is removing the Major General in charge of the DC National Guard who Continue reading

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Bombshell: “Spider” Scientists Blow the Lid Off CDC Corruption

There is a group of anonymous scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control—they call themselves the Spider Group—Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Continue reading

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VIDEO: 5 Signs Something Might Be Going Down on Inauguration Day

We’re less than a week out on Inauguration Day with Donald J. Trump set to take over the Presidency of the United States. Despite calls for Trump and his supporters to accept the Continue reading

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Donald Trump directly targets CIA Chief as intelligence community continues coup attempt

CIA head disinformation artist directly called out by President-elect

(INTELLIHUB) — Just hours after outgoing CIA Chief John Brennan lashed out at Donald Trump for not “fully understanding” the Russian threat, Trump hit back by exposing the terrible record of Brennan before asking if he was the leaker of the documented Continue reading

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Planned Civil Unrest Of America Perfectly On Schedule – Here’s The Shocking Truth

Look around you. People everywhere in America are sure of what they believe; at least for some emotionally sure. For those hooked on TV, Hollywood and mainstream media Continue reading

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Bundy Ranch Judge to Political Prisoners: No, You Can’t Have a Bill of Particulars

If you are looking for corruption in your federal government, you need look no further than to the case of those tied up with trumped up charges against them from the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff with federal goons from the Bureau of Land Management. Now a Continue reading

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Welcome To One of The Most Pivotal Weeks In Modern American History

United States Flag Map - Public DomainMany are anticipating that a wonderful new era of peace and prosperity is just a few days away, but others are using terms such as “civil unrest” and “civil war” for what they believe is about to happen in America.  Without a doubt, Donald Trump is one of the most Continue reading

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70 Nations Gathered In Paris Unanimously Call For The Creation Of A Palestinian State

Israeli Protest Flags - Public DomainOn Sunday, the 70 nations that gathered in Paris for a conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unanimously agreed to call for the creation of a Palestinian state. The joint declaration that was issued at the conclusion of the conference also endorsed UN Security Council Resolution 2334 which was adopted on December 23rd and the six principles that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry laid out in his 71 minute speech on Continue reading

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Sweden: Migrant Baby Boom Packs Hospitals; Muslim Birthrate MORE THAN DOUBLE Native Swedes

Mark Steyn talks about the population bomb in his 2006 book, America Alone. He predicts the demise of Western civilization due to a lack of civilizational self-esteem and the increasing Muslim population/birth rate in Western countries. Steyn argues that “much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive the twenty-first century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most European countries.” Continue reading

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UK Insurance Company Proposes Gender-Split Traffic Lanes for Social Justice

In the name of equality, justice and safe spaces, a car insurance firm in the United Kingdom is advocating for the creation and designation of gender split roadways to give women their own lanes and separate infrastructure in order to avoid the perils of sharing the road with men. Continue reading

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“They are taking traitor Trump out now” — Former intelligence officer admits CIA is attempting coup against Trump

Intel operative gleefully supports CIA backed coup against Donald Trump

(INTELLIHUB) — A former analyst with the National Security Agency admitted Thursday that the CIA is conducting an operation to take out President-elect Donald Trump. Continue reading

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Recipe for Chaos? Commander of D.C. National Guard Fired — Effective 12:01 PM, Inauguration Day

The Left’s mental disorder is in over-drive with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Continue reading

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Dear Anti-Trump Protesters: Show Your Commitment. Quit Your Jobs.

This is an open letter to the anti-Trump protesters who are ready to tear down our country because they object to the election of President Trump. Be sure to subscribe so I can provide more words of wisdom. I’m happy to help guide you through the next four years. ~ Love, Daisy Continue reading

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Who Is Spraying Us? Raytheon, MITRE Corporation, MIT Are Prime Suspects: Peter Kirby

Peter A. Kirby is a researcher and author from San Rafael, California, author of Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. Continue reading

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