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‘DeepFace’ could provide instantaneous facial recognition via Facebook

AFP Photo / Raul Arboleda Along with owning the largest stockpile of photos in the world, Facebook has announced it now plans to unleash facial recognition technology with a new program that promises to identify the subject of an untagged … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg lashes out at Obama over NSA spy program

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) talks with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (R) (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP) Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg shared harsh words for United States President Barack Obama on Thursday amid ongoing complaints from the tech community about the administration’s … Continue reading

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Is Anybody Surprised that Facebook is Scamming Users Left and Right?

Since Mark Zuckerberg clearly isn’t satisfied with having the #2 website on the planet, he now has to nickel and dime users, then scam them by providing what amounts to imaginary traffic once they cough up the coins.

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Facebook Blocks Freedom Outpost for Telling the Truth About Obama

I am one that recognizes that websites are considered personal property and therefore, the owners can pretty much do what they want. They can allow comments or not allow them. They can ban people if they desire to or let … Continue reading

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Are Soros and Zuckerberg Attempting to Buy The Republican Party?

Unless the people of the once great Republican party open their eyes it will soon be over. I am not sure that it’s not too late already. What do you think of when you think of communist philosophy? Well I … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Being Run By Fascists?

I’d had a Facebook account for a few months (having migrated there from Myspace when its beginning death rattles were becoming discernable) before I had occasion to focus my attention on really delving into it and beginning to explore its … Continue reading

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