I guess it’s no longer a secret that Obamacare is going to kill jobs. The only questions are how many jobs it will kill, and does it have any chance of replacing those jobs? Here’s a recent case as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

About 50 employees at Meriter Health Services are losing their jobs, others will see their hours reduced, and some vacant positions are being eliminated, Meriter announced Tuesday. The cuts are needed because of reductions in Medicare payments beginning in January, Meriter spokeswoman Mary Reinke said. -Source WSJ

I know a few healthcare workers that are really on edge right now. I know several people who work in the health care field in my local area and it is all they talk about. If Obamacare does anything to cripple this job market, it would be a fatal blow that our country may not be able to withstand. As someone who was recently laid off and forced to seek alternatives for employment, I learned that the healthcare industry is supposed to be the hottest job market in this country. Lots of people are seeking retraining in this field. I have two friends who are older (40+) that just entered Nursing School. I am speaking of real life people in my area. Some of them are horrified right now.

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My question is…what if one of the few viable career choices in 2012-13 begins to dry up? These are frightening times. New stories are coming out daily. I hope that the Obamacare doubters are wrong. If Obamacare hurts the job market like the projections say it might, this will be the most devastating economic downturn in our nation’s history.