“Blacks chanting “Black Power” over Obama’s stolen re-election victory”

Had a friend recently recount a story that her mom had told her about, involving black co-workers at her job who, in their jubilation over Obama’s rigged re-election, were chanting, “Black power”! Really?? Imagine the hypocritical outrage & cries from blacks not to mention the State run liberal media of RACISM, the flash mobs erupting across the nation throughout the large inner-city shit holes, the looting of businesses, & the wave of physical assaults on whites if this situation were reversed, & Romney would have won if we actually had had an honest election! And that’s just if he had won! Lets go a step further & imagine too, the fall out, if we were to compound that victory with white folks going around chanting, “White power!”

A Note From The Publisher: On January 17th I received another 30 day suspension from Facebook for sharing this article. The truth is a violation of community standards. We will keep publishing the truth, but please understand that we just lost a lot of traffic and I need you to help spread the word if we are to keep growing. I can't share anything on Facebook, but YOU can. Please do what you can to help. God Bless You, Dean Garrison

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