For what it is worth.

Many individuals in this country simply dislike the sitting President. For various reasons whatever those may be. I find no value in simply trash talking President Obama or Democrats or Republicans or any politician for that matter.

While I am inclined to say that albeit no Democrats or Republicans or any off shoot thereof is good for the tomorrow and further future of this nation. Anyone who simply draws upon name calling and first grade playground tactics is worth listening to. Arguing the point of why or why someone is not “a doody head” or what have you, is as repugnant as our Federal Government itself.

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Simplistic reasons why I am accurate about the current Federal Government:
With only a small number of seats changing hands we have generally re-electee the same Congress that has a 10% approval rating.

The current sitting President has used obfuscation to circumvent the Constitution in order to tax those who do not participate in the ACA. The ACA in and of itself is an act that should legally be reserved for each state to choose to adopt via the 10th Amendment. However that was circumvented when Congress failed to stop it.

I place less blame on President Obama and more blame on Congress. Why? Jello Biafra is why. The former lead singer of the 1980’s punk rock band The Dead Kennedys ran for President on the platform of banning SUVs. Yes, Sport Utility Vehicles. Sounds rediculous no? No more rediculous than allowing your elected Congress to circumvent your Constitutionally protected rights. Jello and his SUVs, Obama and his healthcare. Nationalized healthcare? No thank you. State health care? Maybe. It should be to the people of each State to choose this by majority vote.

Now. Was that so difficult? I made no mention of anyone having cooties, or any mothers backs being broken for stepping on cracks, nor have I used any other form of slander. Facts. Facts. Facts. The rest is useless.