eternaldamnationI was born and raised Roman Catholic. I attended Catholic schools, and even attended a Catholic Seminary at the age of 14.

Wait a second… This is a political blog, right? Well yes, but some things are more important than politics. It has come to my attention that souls are being saved in record numbers and I think this is reason for optimism.

Let me explain…

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It is no secret that the Catholic Church is firmly against abortion. There are no loopholes if you are Catholic. You are taught that abortion is murder and it is not an option even in the case of rape or incest. If you commit to your faith then of course you are firmly against it.

I suppose it does relate somewhat to politics because no Catholic would ever vote for a pro-choice candidate. Would they? Well evidently they do. Reuters reported on November 7th, 2012 that 51% of Catholic exit poll participants said they voted for Obama and only 48% for Romney? What? How can this be?

Are you telling me that Catholics are voting for those who clearly endorse the murder of innocent babies? I couldn’t believe it. Actually this is trending in the right direction. Look at this chart. It would seem that 51% is the lowest number of Catholics voting Democrat (generally accepted as the pro-choice party) in the last 5 elections. In all fairness the 1992 choice before that was the “Perot” election so we can’t really use the data from that year to support a trend. The winner received less than 50% of the total vote, so it is difficult to gather anything useful from that.

Either way, the Catholics are voting for “baby killers” despite what the Church stand is on this subject. How can this be? Aren’t Catholics afraid that endorsing murderers is a sin and a possible sentence to eternal flames? Evidently not. O.J., just in case you are reading this…take note. You may have a second chance forthcoming in the political arena.

Catholics have always tended to vote Democrat, which is the exact point of this article. If you look at the Georgetown chart, it clearly shows that Reagan was able to buck that trend but not many others.  No other religion on earth seems to be more adamant about its pro-life stance. Yet the Catholic people don’t really seem to think that is a reason to choose a president. That is their choice! They get to vote. The Vatican does not vote for the Catholic people.

Will these Catholic Democratic supporters go to Hell? That’s up for the Man upstairs to decide. I used that headline because I thought it might make a few people want to read my insane ramblings. If you have read this far than evidently it worked.

There is a point in all of this. Conservative Republicans seem to be holding strong to issues that aren’t really issues with their constituents anymore. I would think that many of those Catholics voters had things like healthcare and the economy in mind when they cast their votes…not abortion.

Two Bushes and a Reagan did little or nothing to stop the aborting of unborn fetuses in this country, and there is no reason to think that people are really casting votes based on such issues. I feel like the Republican party needs a complete overhaul if it is to stay a viable option in an ever-changing political landscape. They need to focus more on the real issues and worry less about the fact that Obama has a Muslim name, or generally trying to claim the moral high ground on issues like abortion and gay marriage.

If the Catholics don’t seem to care then who really will? There is too much time spent on non-issues and it needs to stop.

In my opinion the Republicans might need a candidate that comes from a diverse cultural background in 2016. If she would run, Suze Orman would be a great example of the type of candidate I am talking about. This is just an arbitrary example, but… She is largely respected and highly intelligent, but she is also a lesbian woman who refuses to vote Republican, because she ultimately feels like they are out of touch with her needs. She has stated publicly that gay marriage is a huge issue for her because she wants her partner to have the right to inherit her estate in case of her death.

Orman is also a role mode for financial responsibility, planning, restraint, and productivity. Isn’t that what the Republican economic platform is all about? A choice needs to be made. Are conservatives going to hold on to  everything or are they willing to accept that some concessions may need to be made.  A candidate like Orman would likely show a more “tolerant” side of a party that badly needs that type of P.R.

I worked at a print shop for 5 years. I can tell you without hesitation that at least 90% of all Republican post cards we printed had pro-life statements on them. Why? People don’t seem to vote on that topic anyway. It’s a waste of ink. A large percentage of the population says it is important but it’s been a long time since it has been anywhere near the top of the list. So why even make it an issue? How about talking more about the real issues.

I don’t have to go marry a man to tell someone else that it’s OK if they want to do that. Climbing the moral high ground is OK if you have a chance of winning by doing so. But in my opinion the chances of Republican victories are shrinking with each election if they continue to climb that mountain.

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I think this morality stance tends to backfire on more than one occasion. People go to Church to learn right and wrong, or they learn from their parents. I don’t think the average American is in love with having politicians tell them what is right and what is wrong. I think they are more concerned with the fiscal cliff now.

Certain issues just don’t seem to matter to the American people as much as the parties would like us to believe. Again, maybe it’s because conservative votes have never changed the reality or legality of these issues, so why does it matter? I can’t necessarily change that, but if I am a smart political strategist I need to learn to react to it the political climate.

In a Utopian society we would all live as Jesus lived. America is, however, not that society. There are different ideals and different cultures here. Unfortunately the things I was taught were right and wrong are not generally agreed upon in this country.  That’s OK because I am not God. I am not the final judge. I can accept that my opinions are not always right and unlike many politicians…I know how to agree to disagree and ultimately compromise when necessary.

I would never have any part of an abortion personally, but in this country people have the right to do that. Enough people relish the right to make that choice that they will view me as a religious zealot if I cling too hard to the pro-life argument. In a country of religious freedom, people do not like being told what they are supposed to believe. That religious freedom extends to Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists and Rastafarians. I wonder how many people know that “Allah” is simply another word for “God?” Just because people worship differently it doesn’t mean they are bad. It doesn’t mean that I am right and they are wrong. When we all believe like that, nothing gets done at all.

Conservative types need to stop characterizing themselves as extremists and look at what is going on around them. They give too many people reasons to hate them, and that doesn’t win votes. By the way, I don’t consider myself a conservative but there is no doubt I lean toward the right. I just can’t totally commit to a team that seems so out of touch.

If two gay men want to make sweet love and have sweet nuptials then I don’t have to like it, but if enough of America is for this happening then I will have to be tolerant of it. I don’t have to openly endorse it to be tolerant of it. I think more and more the Conservative Republicans are viewed as religious extremists.  I simply think that the Republicans have partially lost touch and need to regain some of their former swag.

It’s going to take a face lift because if we can watch the Obama administration add 5.4 trillion to our national debt in 4 years (over one-third of the 16 trillion-dollar total) and still pick him, then it’s not Obama that the people were voting for. I think it was more an indictment of the Republican candidate. Americans simply did not trust Romney and did not think he was in tune with their needs. That’s the only logical explanation I can think of, because no one really wanted to see our national debt increase by a full 50% in four years time. That is insane. Think about it. If it goes up another 50% we will be looking at 24 trillion in four more years. It could happen.

Just my thoughts. Hopefully the people who voted for a pro-choice candidate are not going to hell, but if they do, it’s still really good news that we hit a 16 year low on the percentage of Catholics that are potentially headed South.

I know what it is like to be a frustrated conservative. I find myself going more moderate and gaining more distance all the time because it’s just not working. I also know that to fix this economy we need to make the economy the issue and quit giving people reasons to vote against us.  One thing I have found is that pro-choice is more faithful to voting party lines than pro-life. So why keep making things like this an issue? It’s obviously not working. The GOP is viewed in some circles as an elitist group which is totally out of touch with the constituents. They are painted as overly judgmental and for the ultra-wealthy. They can’t seem to explain that if we keep punishing the rich then we will all end up poor and there will be no hope of elevating ourselves out of that situation. That’s not what the people want, they want hope. The conservatives need to start conveying hope and solutions. Romney was no Ronald Reagan. Reagan could say very little and have people snorting fire with his every word. He knew how to motivate a nation. He was a leader.

Some said he was too old to run the nation but he was more in touch with our youth than any Republican leader I have ever seen.  He sold the American Dream. He made people want to reach for that dream instead of bitching about them being on welfare.

I’ve had to take unemployment twice in the last five years. Like many people I don’t like taking any kind of handout, but I also don’t want to be chastised for it. I don’t want to be told that I am one the 47% who will never vote for Romney. That’s not leadership, that is negativity. Leaders believe that they have the power to change the way people think. I want to be told that I can overcome it and do great things with my life. Where the hell has that message been lately?

People are looking for a strong leader and unfortunately the Republicans did not offer that in 2012. When there is a doubt, people tend to vote for the incumbent. That’s a fact.

I don’t see an Obama re-election as a nation going to hell. I see it as a nation hungry for the next Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, or JFK. If the Republicans will offepoper a leader to speak about the real issues and inspire then the people will respond in 2016.

If we fix the economy in 2016 we might be able to start saving souls in 2020. However, let’s just start with fixing the economy, because many of us cling to the belief that it’s going to be a bad four years. Let’s start working now on ideas to overcome that.

Just my two cents. Note: Don’t let the current administration know I have two cents, they will want half of that.