It goes without saying that this current breed of liberal Democrats, & Progressives all have a peculiar & somewhat disturbing differential at their tolerance for the intolerable in our society today which stands far apart from the rest of us. They wage their annual Jihad on Christmas every year, but they’ll bend over backwards tho’ to appease & accommodate Muslims & their so-called ‘religion’ of peace (yeah, I threw up just a little in my mouth saying that last sentence). Where it’s alright to wed & bed children, mutilate & subjugate women, & cut off the heads of those ‘infidels’ who refuse to convert in the name of Allah to this inbred cult of 7th Century throwbacks, but don’t you dare invoke God or His Son, Jesus Christ! That there’s a ‘stoning’ offense in the liberal handbook! In fairness, not all liberals are this extreme, but much like a ‘moderate’ Muslim, who remains silent against the extremism of their radical counterparts, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re still part of the problem!

The term liberal today has grown & spread far from its beginning roots & original origin. By today’s standards, it has simply become another definition for the term licentious anarchist as far as I’m concerned. They exercise their pseudo-intelligence to manipulate the very Constitution they seek to subvert (Another trait they have in common with certain anti-American Muslim groups we presently have in our Country. Hmm, anyone else seeing a pattern forming here?), where only THEIR Rights signify at the expense of the majority, through their utilization of activist Federal Judges, who adjudicate far outside the boundaries of intent of the Constitution!  

Myself, I’m a live & let live kind of person. I could give a crap less what other folks do, as long as what other folks do doesn’t infringe on my life, liberty, & pursuit of happiness. When that happens, then I have a problem, & unfortunately I’m not an observer of Political Correctness or any of its etiquette for idiots! I lived long before the arrival of PC. In those days it was do unto others as you’d have done unto you! Liberals & Progressives, on the other hand, are the sort to live & make sure you live how ‘THEY think you should live! They’re basically fascists who play the system in order to subvert the system!

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They project their own inherent traits of racism, intolerance, violence, & basically the most base & abhorrent characteristics to be found in human nature upon any who disagree & oppose them! And how they manage this feat, while remaining so completely oblivious to their own gross double standards is nothing short of unbelievable! And we’re allowing these perverse fools to get away with their Bullshit too! That we’ve given so much ground in our Country to such sickness & degeneracy is astounding! Liberals & Progressives. They’re both a different breed of parasite, but each still leaves a similar swath of societal decay & decline in their wake. They embrace queer love, infanticide, & just about everything else that drove God to completely wipe out the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah. And not being content to be the architects of just their own demise, oh no, these shameless psycho-clown fruitcakes are driven by a seemingly psychotic imperative to claw & drag the rest of us down with them into their gutters! They incite, instigate, & provoke. And Psalms 26:11 states as I’ve quoted previously, “like dogs returning to their own vomit, these fools have repeated their folly” by re-electing Obama, thinking in the puss filled abscess between their ears, that this enemy insurgent actually ‘cares’ about them. What a bunch of dumb asses!  Someone kindly explain to me how we’re suppose to reason with & engage in civil discourse with that kind of ‘Crazy’, because I don’t see it happening.