I find myself at an impasse in the wake of the devastating shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut which has left 20 children & 6 adults taken with abrupt merciless cruelty from this world. There is no approach of reason to try & make sense of this senseless act! There just are no words. Words will not offer comfort to the inconsolable grief of so many parents who now must find themselves having to bury their little children. As a parent myself, I don’t even want to try & imagine, because trying to comprehend so much loss under such circumstances only leaves thoughts abandoned in realms of unfathomable darkness! Driven by a tsunami of emotions. The least of which is wondering why those who commit such heinous crimes before inevitably ending their own life, can’t simply skip inflicting so much immediate harm & residual damage on so many innocents & just go directly to killing themselves first if they’re unable to find better solutions & answers to the demons driving their twisted sadism!

I don’t even want to tune in to the news anymore either, as I’ve already observed the beginnings of their painstaking 24/7 voyeuristic dissection of every detail down to its raw DNA. At the foxnews.com homepage, I see they’re already playing the 911 dispatch recordings of this ordeal to ‘reveal the horror’ of what transpired. Really?? Like that’s even necessary given what we already know & have seen reported?!? Some of the selective questions I’ve listened to as News Anchors question their respective correspondents who have converged on Newtown, Connecticut, in my opinion, border on the astoundingly obscene in their trolling for graphic descriptions to this tragedy, while trying throughout to maintain an air of somber gravity! This sort of gratuitous sensationalizing makes me sick! And yes, I do include Fox News too in this indictment! 

Then we have those who occupy the left end of the political spectrum. Naturally they’re all pouring out of the woodwork in their condemnation of our 2nd Amendment gun Rights now, while ranting & demanding that more gun control laws & legislation be enacted. As if ‘more laws’ & ‘legislation’ will automatically compensate for & correct the faults, flaws, & deficiencies of some genuinely malevolent persons human nature dedicated to finding expression! You hear little about ‘personal responsibility’ or ‘accountability’ from those who want guns abolished & to control others lives. Which stands to reason given the lefts own responsibility as they’ve been inexorably dragging our Nation down for decades into their hedonistic gutters of relativistic degeneracy & ideological deviancy. Where is their accountability for that?? Practically everything the left supports & advocates is an anathema to the natural world & a gradual form of self-extinction! They’ve waged a never ending assault on God throughout our society, undermining & stripping generations worth of long held values & traditions by their perverse interpretation of our Constitution through the complicity of activist Judges, abusing their power of the Judiciary to advance the lefts seditious politics! They support infanticide & essentially murdering unborn children while still in the womb under the horribly deceiving misnomer of calling it, “pro-choice”! They advocate queer love, & somehow attach the word natural to this birth defect! They totally erode the family unit, as well as the fundamental principles of self-reliance & dignity in their belief system, fostering a sickening dependence upon Government as the be all & end all to every need!

 It just turns increasingly more to shit from there the further we go down this rabbit-hole, trying to fathom the established warped philosophical tenets of the liberal mindset. The unmitigated hypocrisy by which these type of people operate under too is remarkable! Not to mention their total obliviousness to the double standards they exemplify consistently by their own actions & words! So, for a change, how about we actually lay some of this blame on those who have been most responsible for inflicting some of the most long term chronic harm & damage to our Country, paving the way for this steady decline of our great Nation?!? After all, these Bastards expect everyone else to carry the burden of their own ‘fair share’. By that standard then, it’s about damned time & not unreasonable to expect these whining hate-mongers to finally start doing the same themselves!

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