fredphelpsYesterday it was made public that members of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS would be picketing funerals of the 26 Sandy Hook Elementary victims. Immediately I started shooting my mouth off on Facebook, Twitter, and United Patriots Worldwide. I was quite angry. I am human and I really couldn’t help it. When I get angry I don’t always think before I speak.

I went to college in Topeka, KS so, unfortunately, I know about Fred Phelps and his hate teachings all too well. Maybe we should look at the first amendment because ultimately that is what this hate group hides behind:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Unfortunately it is pretty “cut and dry.” In case after case, courts have ruled in favor of Westboro Baptist Church. In 2007, a family that felt disrespected when WBC picketed their son’s military funeral, actually won total damages of roughly $10 million, only to have the ruling overturned later by a federal appeals court. In fact, the family of fallen LCpl Matthew A. Snyder was held liable for Phelps court costs in the amount of $16,510.

Is this justice? No it’s not my view of justice but the laws protect these people, like it or not. The first amendment also protects my free speech and I intend to use that law as my shield today, as well. My intent is not to spread more hate, but rather expose these people for who they really are. They are hate mongers.

In no uncertain terms, this is a classless act by the hate-filled members of Westboro Baptist Church. Their obvious agenda is to use any newsworthy event or tragedy to attempt to further their “God Hates Fags” message. It should not surprise any of us, who are familiar with this group.

Fred Phelps is the same man who commented on the 9-11-01 tragedy by stating in a sermon, “God hates America, and those calamities last Tuesday are none other than the wrath of God, smiting fag America. You need to see in those flames a little preview of the flames of Hell that are going to soon engulf you, my friend. Burn your soul.”

Fred Phelps is the same man who received permission from Saddam Hussein in 2007 to carry his hate message to the people of Iraq. Westboro Baptist Church went to Iraq to spread their message that God Hates America because God Hates Fags.

So should it really surprise us that these people want to visit Connecticut to spread more hate? I don’t think it should surprise anyone, yet this is an organization known for hitting new lows, so honestly… I wasn’t surprised but I was. I’m sure you understand that feeling. When you think someone has sunken as low as they possibly can, they always seem to reach a whole new level of evil.

At a time when families need to cry together and pray together, yet again Westboro Baptist Church will be there to spread their message of hate.

The best thing anyone attending those funerals can do is ignore them. Members of various motorcycle gangs like The Patriot Guard will be there to keep the peace, and God Bless them for that. They are wonderful human beings.

gorephelpsFred Phelps is like a leech who will attach himself to anything he can to suck more blood.  In a 1984 senate campaign, Al Gore opposed a “gay bill of rights” commenting that homosexuality was something that “society should not affirm.” Please understand that I am generally conservative in my thinking, and I could run with this in any direction I wanted, but cooler heads should prevail in any situation. Today is not about left and right politically, it’s what is “right” for America. I don’t believe that Al Gore was a Phelps supporter as much as I believe he was a hungry candidate who could not turn down contributions from any source.

My belief is that Fred Phelps is beyond delusional. Phelps used this one comment, which could have been taken out of context, and made it look like he was Al Gore’s right hand man. He claims that WBC helped run Gore’s 1988 campaign in Kansas, and also that his son hosted a Gore fundraiser. Politics make strange bedfellows. I am not about to say that Al Gore endorsed Phelps but when trying to win an election it would seem that blood money is still money.

Phelps has run unsuccessfully for various seats in the state of Kansas as a democrat. I am from Kansas originally and let me tell you the shameful facts. In a 1992 Democratic primary for United States Senate, he received 30.8% of the vote. This man received 49,416 votes to represent Democrats in the general election which was not enough but it was way too many. It scares me that the numbers could have been anywhere near that high. Are people from the Jayhawk state that narrow-minded? Are you kidding me? He did lose and to the credit of the people of Kansas, he has run on successive occasions for Governor as was never considered more than an “also ran” candidate even in the primaries. For some reason 1992 was somewhat different, but Phelps certainly wasn’t the same man that he is now. His hate message was only starting to fester in 1992. Now he is one of the most hated men in America.

The same man who used to be a civil rights lawyer (eventually disbarred) and has gained endorsements and defenses from the ACLU now teaches that President Barack Obama is the anti-Christ and that he will form an unholy trinity with the Catholic Church and Satan.

I could go on an on with signs have read “Thank God for dead soldiers” and his teachings that these horrific tragedies were the hand of an angry god (not my God so not capitalization is intended).

I am sure the same message will be spread in Newtown, CT. His supporters will be out in full force preaching that is was divine intervention and not a twisted shooter.

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We all know the truth. The truth is that bad things happen in this world. It was not God that killed those 26 people and it’s not the guns that were used. It was a mad man. 20 children were stripped from their families at the hands of a mad man. The other 6 were also babies to their mothers and fathers. Moms and Dads understand that even a 27 year old hero was still Mom’s baby girl. It was a sad day for America and the world.

phelpskids2Speaking of Children. Phelps is especially known for having kids spread his message of hate. I have no doubt that these children might grow up to be the definition of what is wrong with our world. We need to pray that they grow up and see the truth. All we need is more hate which ultimately leads to more hate crimes. One could argue logically that Phelps and WBC are responsible for a lot of the violence in America today. A Mosque, in my area, was burnt to the ground back in July. The investigation is pending but if I were the authorities I know where I would be looking for possible suspects. I am not accusing anyone for I have no proof, but I know that I would certainly pay a visit to a group known for spreading messages of hate. I forgot to mention that after Saddam Hussein’s death, Phelps would later comment that his good buddy “was in Hell with Gerald Ford.”

You may see that as an accusation and it is not meant to be. But I will talk about the possibility with the same first amendment protection that WBC enjoys. What if “God” told WBC to burn down that mosque? Would they do it?

I was born and raised to believe that my God hates no one. We are all brothers and sisters and we are all His children. If the people of Westboro Baptist Church are truly my brothers and sisters then I can not say that God hates them or Fred Phelps. I have to believe that my God is very bothered by their acts but He does not hate them.

But I can say that ultimately they will all face the same judgement day that I believe is in store for me. I would respectfully suggest that they read their entire bible and focus especially on the new testament, because God does not hate gays but He does have a special place for people who do not live in His teachings, at that place is commonly referred to as Hell.

Sorry, I am not here to preach my beliefs or his, because freedom of religion means ALL religions. I am here today to say that I feel very sorry for the families that have to deal with this unfortunate distraction. It is very doubtful that anything can be done about it.

I am also begging everyone to ignore the WBC picketers. They are inconsequential and if you give them attention, that is what they want. Let’s not make these people feel like chosen martyrs who are fighting the good fight to their very deaths. That just gives them more hate to preach about next Sunday.

They are about hate, and that is something that the world doesn’t need more of. We saw the result of hate at Sandy Hook Elementary. Giving sick people more reason to hate will only lead to more violence.

The best thing we can do is pray for that these families, the community, and an entire country will find peace in the wake of such horrific events. It is human to be angered and want to fight these people, but that’s exactly what they want. They want more attention. Please do not give it to them.

I don’t believe that my God hates anyone. In my country you are free to believe whatever you want about “your” God. You are free to practice any religion you choose. To me Fred Phelps is a lot like radical Islamists that give all Muslims a bad name. He teaches hate and does not represent the majority. How would you feel if people judged all Christians by the actions of Fred Phelps?

Since I am Christian I would not support that conclusion. I know some very good Muslim people and it is very unfortunate that hate mongers judge any group from the actions of a few. Maybe some really good people attend Westboro Baptist, maybe they are people who are starting to question these teachings and thinking for themselves, but I have no soft spot in my heart for those who spread the hate.

Fred Phelps and his goons want the same thing that religious terrorists want….attention. Let’s not give them any more attention than a general awareness and acceptance that their hate exists.

Reacting to these people will just give them what they want. It will lead to disrespecting a time for a nation and a community to grieve our loss.

God Bless the families of the victims.

God Bless America.

God Save the Republic.