Socialist Butterflies are not unlike the social butterfly. They both seem to appear constantly with what seems to be a never-ending stream of friendship, kindness and love. Both are just as evil. Girls have a word for this, they call them “Frien-imies.” A conjunction of the word friend and enemy. My understanding of it is that to each others faces they hold civility and friendship to a high standard, when faces and backs are turned they would knife each other in a dark alley.

Todays Socialist butterfly is the Democrat. Todays Orkin man is yesterdays Republican. I find both very Spy vs. Spy. One is always claiming the other is ruining the world. Both are right. But nobody is right if everybody is wrong.

So to all the left wingers and right wingers here is a bit of soup. Lets hit every hot button topic and see where we end up?

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Lets start with the Gays: First Amendment says we can make no law that reflects religious beliefs. As long as they are American Citizens, They should be equal to me. End of story. Otherwise you are endorsing the principles of the holocaust, slavery, and any other civil rights issue. Any intelligent and reasonable person can draw this conclusion. Two gay guys or two lesbians doing what they do oddly enough doesn’t seem to make the bible on my book shelf wiggle or do odd things. Nor has it made my personal religious beliefs suffer. Then we have the 14th Amendment and its due process clause and the Meyer vs. Nebraska SCOTUS decision from 1923:

the “liberty” protected by the Due Process Clause

“[w]ithout doubt…denotes not merely freedom from bodily restraint but also the right of the individual to contract, to engage in any of the common occupations of life, to acquire useful knowledge, to marry, establish a home and bring up children, to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience, and generally to enjoy those privileges long recognized at common law as essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.”

Illegal Immigration: Whats the difference between A Mexican illegal and A Canadian illegal? No one cares about the Canadian. Look, being here because you want a better life for your family IS a noteworthy cause and a testament to the possibilities of our Nation. However, being here illegally IS criminal. As it should be! Anyone NOT an American citizen should NOT ENJOY THE FRUITS OF OUR NATION. NO AMERICAN should work to pay tax dollars to have it end up supporting an illegal immigrant. The key word here is illegal. There are no “buts”. The deal is that your going to cry about how cruel I am until an illegal Canadian immigrant blows up a building. Wait did he just say that? Canadian? Yes, that’s the Middle Eastern path to the US. Canada –> USA. Kaboom. Those that would do harm to our people would not fly into Mexico then puddle jump to Houston. They will go from the Middle East, to the EU to Canada then come to the USA. Illegal immigration shouldn’t be about human rights. Because it’s not. It’s about protecting the citizens and our Nation. Need another scenario? A cuban reaches land in South Florida. He has Cholera. He spreads it. That’s sorta something that gets looked at. You CAN BE TURNED AWAY AT CUSTOMS FOR BEING SICK.

The Patriot Act and other laws of the same sort…
King George has this act down pat. So did someone else I know his name was Adolf. I will never willingly trade freedom for security. To do so is no less a slight against everything it means to be an American. Benjamin Franklin himself said that anyone willing to do so deserves neither safety or freedom. Anyone who supports these bills or laws are cowards and you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is not China, this is not the USSR. This is America. A briefcase nuke goes off two blocks away? A plane goes into another building? MY COUNTRY spends 13X more than the next closest county on its military. Someone WILL reap what they have sown. MY death would only be shamed by my fellow Americans sacrificing their rights because of the loss of my life. I would rather DIE FOR FREEDOM than to live for slavery.

Socialized Anything….
The founding values of this nation are that you the American citizenry are personally responsible for the outcome of your decisions. You are as responsible your children not eating as it gets. Not me, not your next door neighbor, not some guy in another State. The buck stops at YOU. Two Hundred years ago it was either catch and kill or you didn’t eat. Now… It is COMPLETELY irrational to attempt in this situation to apply what was normal two hundred years ago to today. Our society has changed dramatically. However, what is irrational is to make easy decisions that would cause irreparable damage to our Nation. Bolstering and expanding social blankets moved us further away from a Republic and more towards Socialism/Communism. Lets me be CRYSTAL clear that I get WHY this is important. I myself do not have health insurance, i’m jobless, im living off of unemployment insurance (which I bought). But YOU my fellow American tax payer ARE NOT responsible for me. We must toughen up America. Times are hard but instead of asking “Why Me” why not ask “Why not me”. What the hell makes you so special that everyone should put up their hard-earned money to support you? Answer: Nothing, but we love our fellow Americans so I want you to eat and live and make opportunities to succeed. I don’t have health insurance. Know what I do not do? See a doctor. Why? I can’t afford it and I don’t take medicine except begrudgingly so Tylenol and NyQuil usually kicks the Flu for me.

Morality and Religion…
Let me start by saying the next time you see a hippie please ask them exactly what did they accomplish. I can find nothing positive except maybe some really good times with a friend named LSD. The drug culture? That was before the 60’s. Try early 1900’s and “Chinese herbal remedies”. “As the Constitution of the United States has no ties to the Christian religion” – John Adams at the Treaty of Tripoli. Morality itself has its foundation in religion. NOT the Christian religion. Religion. Every major religion has a string of constants that every man and woman of every faith can embrace. These are universal rules of morality. Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not rape, Do not covet, Do not commit adultery etc. in other words.. Treat someone how you want to be treated.

Seems to be a damn hard concept. Near impossible it seems for the Socialist Butterfly and the Orkin Man.  THOSE are the principles in which this nation was founded upon. Do not impose your will on others. Respect the individual and their ideas, their beliefs and let your not reptilian brain be your guide. That is moral. That is morally right. Do not chastise each other for “morality” when you both are as immoral as the gun man who just shot 20 school children!  The BIG IDEA is that America was the place where everyone could go and be without prejudice, enslavement to someone elses beliefs, or the target of what someone says they should or should not do. Yes, I fully endorse doing whatever it is that makes you happy as long as your not imposing your will on others. Wanna shoot up? Sure! Doesn’t hurt me one bit. Die, see if I cry or even read your obituary. This country used to be ALL about do as you will. Then? Social Hysteria happened.

Social Hysteria and the “Wars” they create.
lets count em up: War on Drugs, Alcoholism, Nicotine Addiction, Street Gangs, illegal immigration, gays and lesbians, marriage, religion, school lunches? ? ? and so many others…

Drug War: Has it helped? Really? Head down to your local hood and ask. Whats “scarce” exactly? These dumb ass social hysterias just cost you more money and give the first lady something to do. LOL We are paying for her hobby. Someone buy me some more Warmachine models or Some model rockets. Where do I get in line? LOL. Washington and Oregon are right you know. Besides Pot makes you lazy. Your more likely to order delivery than to move. In fact its paper rock scissors for ten minutes to see who gets the door.

Any other topics I miss?
In Closing:
Keep playing Spy vs. Spy unless its going to cause an argument over who gets to be the white or black spy. Then you’ll need a time out or something… Eventually the American people will be sick of you OR the whole house of cards will come down around us. Either way, The people of this nation will be rid of the Conservative and the Liberal.