hilldinoWhat a different world we would live in if Steve Wilkos was the judge and all politicians were required to take lie detector tests. The entertainment value would be tremendous. Just imagine a “May Sweeps” episode of the Steve Wilkos show with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as guests. Let the circus begin…

“Mr. Obama, you were asked if you were born in Kenya. You said ‘no.’ Mr. Obama, you were asked if you are part of a great conspiracy to turn the United States of America into a socialist state. You said ‘no.’ Mr. Obama you were asked if you really are the Anti-Christ. You said ‘no.’ The results to all of these questions, in all three occasions, is that you Mr. Obama were…” Sorry guys, Steve Wilkos always breaks for commercial at the wrong time. His advertisers love it. It’s good for the economy.

I probably shouldn’t have thrown that “Anti-Christ” thing in there. That was pretty low. Some people think that. Of course a lot of people also think that all Republicans are honest and all Democrats are lying. There are some crazy opinions out there. Either way, I don’t think we gain any ground by calling Obama the Anti-Christ, but if Steve wanted to ask that question, I’d love to hear the answer.

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The fact is that lie detector tests are not accurate to the percentage that polygraph experts say they are. Scientists have proven the wild claims to be nothing more than common hype. I think the general consensus is that they are maybe 80-90% accurate, additionally…who are the people who generally beat these tests? They are the people who can stay calm and collected when they are lying. That sounds to me like a pretty good definition of a successful politician. When an independent firm did an analysis of the 2012 Denver Presidential debate, they concluded that the results were inconclusive and that both candidates believed they were telling the truth.

Surprise, surprise, surprise…Gomer. These people are trained to believe their own bull shit. Bill Clinton likely believed that he did not inhale and did not have sexual relations with that woman. I didn’t believe it myself but I didn’t necessarily care as much about his sins as his politics.

I guess I am writing today out of complete frustration about Hillary Clinton not being able to testify this week about Benghazi. This is a horrible tragedy which cost 4 Americans their lives. Evidently a stomach virus caused her to faint, hit her head, and end up with a concussion. Concussions are a serious matter and if this is really what happened then I would wish Mrs. Clinton the best in her recovery.

At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if it’s just another part of an intricate cover-up. Leaks are coming out that would indicate that our government had warning of the attacks and let those people die. It would seem like a very convenient time for her not to testify. I hate that I feel that way, but I look at most politicians with a cynical eye and who could blame me or any American for feeling that way?

We have been lied to over and over. We want the truth about Benghazi. So I have a solution, albeit very imperfect, it’s much better than watching these clowns and their legal posturing.

Let’s just serve them notice and tell them they will be taking a lie detector test. I don’t care if it’s 100% accurate because they have left me no choice. I want answers and they continue to delay those answers. I want the answers now.

I can tell by the silence that you all think I’m crazy. Well, anyone who has ever talked to me knows that I am crazy…but…I have a tiny sliver of legal precedents on my side. This legal precedent is ultimately another example of hypocrisy that applies to the hens but not the roosters.

Have you ever heard of The Employee Polygraph Protection Act? Basically it was set up to protect employees from their bosses, but not in cases involving financial loss or injury. The law states that we can only ask for an employee to submit to a polygraph test in cases where “injury” or “financial loss” are at issue. OK, so the death of four Americans would in fact fall under the “injury” exception. I don’t think anyone could argue that. We can look at the “financial loss” exemption another time but I think a nation 16 trillion dollars in debt would have no problem in proving that financial loss is clear.

So the only remaining question is… Would people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton be considered employees of the American people? Of course they are. They are elected servants. They get a paycheck that is derived from our tax dollars. The only question is who the boss is. I say it’s the American people.

My view is that these people work for us, and if we want them to submit to a lie detector test that is maybe, if we are lucky, 80% accurate then we should be the same pain in their ass that they choose to be to us. If my boss can do this to me then I should be able to demand this of my public servants. We want some answers and we will live with a 20% chance of inaccuracy. It’s better than no answers at all.

I am going on record to predict that Hillary Clinton won’t testify on Benghazi for at least six months, if ever. Some might believe it’s a stall tactic in hopes that the story goes away. A cynical mind might think the delay was political but this head trauma is just too much for her. She is too weak to take the stand. Why not make it easy and send our polygraph experts to her bedroom? It’s the right thing to do. We could be done in a couple of hours and save her all the stress of hours upon hours of grueling testimony and question after question by blood hungry conservatives

These people are our employees. I am being no more absurd than they are. If they won’t give us answers then let’s call upon our own rights to ask them to submit to a lie detector test.

If they actually fail, which I sincerely doubt, then they will be terminated. We can’t have bad liars in Washington D.C. It’s a place we should reserve for the best of the best. If you are not a pathological liar then you really have no place in politics, at least at the highest levels. All jobs have requirements. Kick them down to local and state politics so they can polish their skills. When they can lie without conscience then they are truly ready for the national stage.

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Somewhat cynical? Sure I am, but I am also accessible. You can ask me my opinion and I will tell you. You can order me to testify or submit to a polygraph test and I can’t hide behind anything. I am not from the left or right. The right has tried to adopt me at times but honestly I am in a whole other place that is not often talked about and it’s called the bottom.

I’m sure we could grill Romney on some interesting things now as well…if he were relevant. He’s not. Sorry Mr. Romney, you are no longer a story. Clinton and Obama are. There are many, many more but these are the two biggest fish to fry right now and I am so hungry.

As for Obama… I give credit where credit is due. Steve Wilkos inspired my idea and I want him to be able to profit from it. It’s only fair. Obama needs to go on the Wilkos show. Everyone knows that his lie detector tests are so much more accurate than everyone else’s, so it makes sense on all fronts.

I just want to hear what a lot of Americans are dying to hear. I want to hear Steve Wilkos shouting at the top of his lungs… “Mr. Obama, you make me sick. Get off of my stage.”

It seems that nothing can be done. Honestly, even if Hillary were to testify this week I would expect little or nothing. You don’t rise in politics without being able to believe your own lies.

Until we get the money out of Washington and campaigns this is all we will get. These are no longer jobs of “honor” and “service.” They are jobs taken by people who have nothing but lust for power and greed in their hearts. We donated 8 billion campaign dollars to these bastards in 2012 so they could continue to disappoint us and get nothing done.

I don’t give a shit if we have to go to Hillary’s bedside and interview her in her fancy underpants. The American people demand answers on what happened in Benghazi. If the government screwed up they need to admit it and we need to deal with that. The cover ups need to stop. Her health is secondary to her service to this country. You accepted this position, now deal with it Mrs. Clinton. If there is a will, there is a way.