bloodturnip12-18-2012 I ran into a Facebook poll that was sponsored by Bank of America today. There are only about 25-30 responses on it, and I am going to list them all, including mine, just to show the general amount of anger toward banks in this country. Since the poll started a couple of weeks ago, and these responses have come in the last 45 minutes, my guess is that they are purging comments as they go. I have no evidence of that but it is entirely possible and seems to point in that direction.

At any rate, if you find the poll later, and these comments are not there, you will have to take my word for it that they once were. Their Facebook page can be found here. This stuff is classic. The question they asked is “What type of content would you like to see more of on our page?”

There are four choices people can vote on and I will list them here if you are sincerely interested in improving your bank’s Facebook page.

 Tips to live better and spend less
Stories about local businesses
 Information about products & services
 Stories about non-profit organizations

Sorry I am kind of sloppy with cut and paste, but you see what the alternatives were. What I am much more interested in showing you is the flood of comments they received in about a 45 minute span. I left both the positive and negative responses to make sure I was being fair to a bank which I choose not to do business with. Here are the comments, quoted exactly. I didn’t feel the need to give you people’s names, other than my own. All I need is to have both Bank of America and their customers angry at me. I will settle for just the bank at this point. Here are those comments:

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How I can get a job working in Customer Service with 10+ yrs experience anything in Mortgages?? or anything in CS would be awesome !!

Nothing I don’t use Bank of America

Like give us back the money you steal from us in fees every day!!!

I have thought about closing my account because Mr. Rothschild Has made the statement that he doesn’t want any customer that supports the 2nd ammendment…. Maybe I should spread the word and see how many corporate accounts he can lose in a short time…No man is an Island…

How to make sure that I do not get charged any fees.

dont use B of A they screwed me 25 years ago and I always tell people not to use that bank

I would like Bank of America to be prosecuted along with all the other thieves.

More information about Debit Cards – I couldn’t find the link earlier and still working on it. Thanks1

None of the above I like Victoria’s answer.

Ways to save money at banks.

explain your fees in more detail, and what justifies them!

Unblock debit or credit cards online, when abroad.

make it possible to use debit cards abroad

tips on why NOT to use your bank. It’s the worst!!!

do not like this bank whatsoever!!!

EXACTLY, B of A is pathetic. Sucking up homes with fake money it gets from the illegal FED’s.

I’d like not to see you at all!! You suck!!

I don’t like that Bank either.

lowering my payments.. lol

Free Cash!

How to invest and earn more quickly.


30% Choices 2, 4, and 1 plus 10% Choice #3

How about a page dedicated to making reparations for all of the wrongful foreclosures BofA has perpetrated? How about accountability for your role in the 2008 crash?

I really don’t want anything from your bank. Don’t think you are good to your customers and you took bailout money and then didn’t make the loans you were supposed to make. Part of the problem.

What did you do with the Treasury bailout of $163 billion and the 1.633 Trillion from the Federal Reserve?

How about tell us why banking institutions are literally stealing from all Americans???

Why don’t you explain to customers like me how we can go broke, and then have your bank file charges of “fraudulent banking” against us? I can’t get a bank account with some banks now because when my business failed you put these charges on my record. I’d like a clarification of that for the many others who are likely in the same boat. -Dean Garrison

I got interrupted by a phone call and since that time about 30 more comments have gone up. By the looks of it people waited two weeks and now they have 60 responses in just over one hour. It could happen. Let’s not assume that they are deleting comments every two hours or so. It is certainly conceivable that everyone waited until now to respond. I would not want to assume that it has anything to do with protecting their sterling corporate image.

I browsed the new comments and they were much the same. Some were good and inquisitive, but about half seem to be comments from angry customers or angry former customers like myself.

Bank of America doesn’t seem to have a large percentage of satisfied customers following their page it would seem, at least upon browsing a few comments.

Some articles just write themselves. LMAO I’m sure I might hear from them again now, especially since I chose to print this stuff. But what are they going to do? Squeeze blood from a turnip?

The D.C. Clothesline remains committed to pointing out what is wrong with this country and that includes certain businesses and industries. It’s not just politics. Well, on second thought, it is all politics but that covers a wide range of institutions in this country.