Time to shut these assholes up

(Explicit Language) This is the only time I think I have ever really asked anyone to get off their lazy ass and do something. I completely believe that the first Amendment really stands for defending the right to speak out for those you disagree with the most. Having said that; I really hope that anyone reading this uses their First Amendment rights by doing this simple request.

I am so tired of the Westboro Baptist Churches bullshit. Just because I agree they have the right to protest does not mean I think they should take every tragedy and scream their message of hate America in our faces. Praising a Soldiers death at his funeral is despicable and disgusting, and the SCOTUS has said it is their right; but this latest crap is over the top. Praising the death of these innocent children (Sandy Hook) that have no political or “homosexual” stance is fucking wrong.

Here is my want, my need, my desire. I am going to post the Westboro Baptist Church address and phone number. DO NOT CALL OR SEND ANY DEATH THREATS! What I would like is for everyone that can to record some gay porn or go out and buy some, download some … whatever.  Mail the gay porn to the Westboro Baptist Church; to Fred Phelps in particular. Call and leave gay porn voice messages. I want to show them the same love they have not only shown our fallen brothers, but that very same love they have shown the families of these poor children that have done nothing against Fred Phelps or Westboro Baptist Church.

This is not a gay rights issue. This is not me getting on my soap box to further the gay movement. This is me a Heterosexual American Veteran that is damn tired of these assholes. So for the first time that I can think of I am asking you; yes you to share this and just make a simple phone call or send a simple letter.  Stand up and so something. Exercise your Right to free speech. Give back to WBC the same love they have given to America. DO NOT CALL OR SEND DEATH THREATS OR ANY TYPE OF THREAT!

Westboro Baptist Church

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3701 South-West 12th St.

Topeka, KS. 66604

A Note From The Publisher: On January 17th I received another 30 day suspension from Facebook for sharing this article. The truth is a violation of community standards. We will keep publishing the truth, but please understand that we just lost a lot of traffic and I need you to help spread the word if we are to keep growing. I can't share anything on Facebook, but YOU can. Please do what you can to help. God Bless You, Dean Garrison

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