Westboro Baptist Church is a hate group. Their message is crystal clear and anyone who doubts that is a special kind of stupid. Today someone I know shared the graphic above with me. Good for a laugh. However to be serious, The way to quiet people like this is to not give them the attention they crave. They feed off of your hatred and your voice against them. Your voice only makes theirs grow louder, if people are listening then they feel like their actions are justified. When a child stamps it feet and scream “I want a cookie” we should draw no difference in reaction to Westboro Baptist doing the same thing. First explain to the child that acting out is not how you get anything accomplished and you only look foolish. When that does not work, ignore the child and let them throw their tantrum. Eventually they catch on that their attempt at attention has gone no where. More blood has been spilled in the name of God, than in any other cause of strife in the history of man. Once more over eventually one of these demonstrations WILL turn violent. Timothy Leary nearly had it right. “Turn on, tune in, drop out” , should have been Turn out, Tune Out, Dont drop out”. Turn out to have a voice when it will make a difference. Keep your mouth shut when it will not or when you are in the company of ignorance and stupidity. Tune out the mainstream media, their agendas and their lack of facts and fact checking. I cannot believe I know more about the affair of a General in two days of it being broke than gun running gone wrong in two years or an Embassey being attacked in two months. And these? ARE the people you trust to bring you valuable information? Don’t drop out of school, make it a priority to educate yourself on great and numerous subjects. Knowledge truly is power. Life is a classroom, buy a book, then another, read them, learn and teach your children. Those ways are how you destroy the type of people in our society who choose to ignore their own belief in not judging others and love and peace to create a weapon of hate. You do so by ignoring them, being better educated. Inspecting what you expect, Listening to logic and reason but understanding where to truly draw the line. You cannot reason with ignorance or anger or hate.