I’m sick and tired of all of this political theater, legerdemain, and Obama’s unceasing political brinkmanship we’ve all been seeing go on ad-fucking-nauseum throughout these damned “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations! It’s infuriating seeing all of this dysfunctional partisan stupidity from these allegedly educated people who we’ve elected that apparently can’t even manage to do the fucking jobs they’re getting paid (and giving themselves ‘salary increases’) to do (or not to do depending on how you look at it)!

It’s official now too and was being reported earlier during, Special Report With Bret Baier, on FOX NEWS, that we are officially scheduled to go ‘off the fiscal cliff’ as of midnight tonight as no vote would be reached in Congress before the scheduled deadline (but, as with any dramatic theatrical cliffhanger, we’ll see I guess)! I’m certain that pleases Obama tho’, as he has been doing nothing but systematically decimating our economy, weakening our National security, and crippling our Military defense ever since this unqualified son of a bitch took Office! While watching the coverage, I listened as it was commented that Obama stated he would continue to take a “balanced approach” to these negotiations. I’d like to know where that “balanced approach” of his was at when the S&P downgraded our U.S. credit rating from its AAA rating status to AA for the first time in our Nations history back in August of 2011! As this Jackass had increased the Federal debt by $2.5260 trillion in his first 19 months in Office, which is more than the cumulative total of the National debt held by the public that was amassed by all U.S. Presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan combined!

The absurdity at all of this is surreal! There’s just something not right about any of this and it ALL surrounds Obama and his murky history (at least those parts of it anyway he hasn’t spent MILLIONS of dollars to HIDE from public scrutiny), coupled with his abject failure of providing even the resemblance of capable leadership! There’s so many average people in America who sense this! Who feel an intuitive sense of wrong! Compounded by other extenuating circumstances too which have cemented this impression, most notably the contemptible sycophancy of a servile liberal media that practically break their necks tripping over each other for the opportunity to be the first to put a lip-lock on Obama’s ass! Treason is the only patriotism they understand!

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Meanwhile, as further coverage played out surrounding this embarrassing debacle, Republican RINO, John McCain, was highlighted on the Senate floor, expostulating that basically the election was over and they were aware Obama had won. That he had won “fair and square”. At that point anything else McCain had to say was rendered moot and irrelevant and I quit listening. This election was a total whitewashed sham and we all know it! Just because we lack any leadership with the guts to say so, still doesn’t mean it isn’t so!

On that note, I quit watching anymore coverage, opting instead to switch over to The Twilight Zone marathon on the Syfy channel. I got in at the beginning of the episode where William Shatner plays a passenger on a plane who’s the only one on board to see outside his window seat as some shaggy critter prances about on the wing tampering with the planes engine. A classic! Cheesy effects and makeup, but still a classic!

Beyond that, I continue having no faith whatsoever in our political establishment. My disgust goes on unabated. It’s all pretty much an irremediable cluster fuck. Obama will continue getting away with murder. I think most of us understand this fact, so piss on it! Short of an errant meteor the size of Lake Michigan hitting down and reducing Capitol Hill to a smoking crater, nothing’s going to change it, so Que Sera, Sera!