fiscalcliff(PROFANITY WARNING) The ball drops in less than one hour, as I am writing this, and 2013 is coming in just the way many of us feared it would. I can’t even enjoy this time because I am incredibly angry. Even when my blood pressure rises to pre-stroke levels I can usually keep my cool, but this is not one of those times. I’m going to tell you exactly how I feel and if it offends some people I don’t really give a rat’s ass because 300 million people need to be offended right now.

The legislators haven’t been able to get together on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. They claim to be close but that is debatable. The word is that the $250,000 tax increase threshold has been raised to $450,000 and many democrats are already vowing to block this deal. What a fucking surprise?

We have to get everything we ask for. We can’t compromise because our ridiculous egos won’t let us. That’s how we roll in congress. -Source: Anonymous Self-Aware and Brutally Honest Congresswoman

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We will know soon enough but it could still end up being a dog fight. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and both sides will give something. No one wants to give ground, but guess what? That is their fucking job. If people wanted full democratic or republican representation then they would vote 100% for a single party. Get over yourselves and do your damn job.

The tax rates, spending cuts, and government borrowing power are not my major concern. Whatever details they work out will likely be retroactive. That’s not enough to piss me off. I am patient when patience is warranted but this time it is not. My major concern is that our legislators just left millions of families swinging in the wind with no income. What a bunch of cold-hearted sons of bitches!

As of two days ago, December 29th 2012, 2.1 million American families lost federal unemployment benefits. It is unclear how many people this actually effects. A percentage of those 2.1 million unemployment recipients have spouses and children. The number could easily be 5 million people, or more, when you include family members.

FIVE MILLION PEOPLE!!! This is unacceptable. I’m not going to blame the lib-tard democrats or re pube-lick cants because they will spend plenty of time blaming each other. I blame the entire system including our Communist-Manifesto-Loving-President.

For example, think about those poor hurricane victims who just lost everything they owned and are still waiting for the promises of this administration to be honored. Many of those people just got hit with a double-whammy. Now they are without their unemployment benefits as well and it’s the dead of winter. What a great new year this is shaping up to be for many of them.

While our congressmen and women spent Christmas with their families, they should have been working on avoiding the “fiscal cliff.” That is their fucking job and now they should all be fired. It is not our fault that they can’t do their job. They should not have gone home until the job was done. That is how American business works and that’s how we should treat our public servants. These people are supposed to work for us.  The reason they continue to produce piss-poor results is because they know they can. There are no consequences for their failures.

It becomes more and more clear every single day that no one truly represents the American people. This country was founded by badass patriots who became sick and fucking tired of a corrupt political machine taxing them and failing to provide fair representation. In 2013 American politics is not much different from the tyrants we won our independence from over 230 years ago.

The biggest difference is that we can not rebel as easily because our people are literally brainwashed. We aren’t rushing to our gun cabinets to defend of our freedom because we no longer think as a nation. We are divided. We no longer have people, we have sheeples. Rather than angering people and making them want to kick some D.C. ass, the two-party system has taught the sheeples that every time something goes wrong it’s the republicans or the democrats that are to blame. The sheeples have been taught that the only way to fix things is to get all democrats or republicans out of office. The system has taught us to argue with the other sheeples and not to direct our anger where it needs to be directed…at the shepherds who continue to lead their lambs to the wolves.

Most Americans fail to place the blame where it really belongs. The democrats and republicans are both to blame. It’s the entire system. We take whiny-ass-bitches who can’t get along with anyone and give them loans to make it through law school. After they spend a few years in the private sector we give them more money to campaign their way into public office, and we keep supporting these arrogant assholes for reasons unbeknownst to me.

We take mother-fuckers similar to the lawyers that got O.J. Simpson acquitted and let them run our country. If they aren’t corrupt attorneys then they are corrupt business people who lust for more power. Politicians are like blood sucking vampires who think they are bulletproof and immortal. They glamour us with their words and strike when we least expect it.

This system can’t get a damn thing done for 2.1 million families who are already overextended because they are forced to try to survive on paltry unemployment benefits. They just spent as much as they thought they could afford to spend for Christmas. They squeezed every penny to avoid trying to explain how Santa couldn’t come this year. Do you think that the average Senator gives a shit about what is under your Christmas tree? If you do then shame on you. You are part of the problem. Politicians who care are the exception…not the rule.

Many of these families have zero savings and no room on credit cards. They were likely banking on a deal getting done because they had no other options. Going without a check for just one week could be dangerous to them. It could easily go on for 2-3 more weeks while democrats and republicans debate the income threshold of those they intend to punish with higher taxes. Those 2-3 weeks could leave some of these people homeless.

People trying to survive on $300 a week aren’t really concerned with the difference between people making $250,000 and people making $450,000. They are concerned with how they are going to feed their children this week. Many are sick of the handouts to start with and just want to see these jobs that BFO (Barack “Fucking” Obama) promised them.

This is what happens when politicians fail to deliver on their promises. This is what happens when the entitlement class grows to idiotic proportions. This is what happens when we keep giving people fish instead of teaching them how to bait their fucking hooks. I am a conservative who considers myself a “former” republican. I have no political party and what is happening now is a good example of how I came to decide one day that I couldn’t fully trust either political party. I decided I had to start thinking for myself. I would not remain loyal to those who had no loyalty to me.

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The truth is that both parties tried to hold this cliff deal hostage and in the end it is millions of Americans who will suffer. Politicians’ families will not know the horror of trying to get enough money together to buy milk this week. They will not have to call landlords to plea for an extension on the rent. They will not have to visit a church to beg for help to get their growing kids a new winter coat.  They will not have to write a check that they know isn’t good, and try to cover it before it’s cashed. They will not have to pawn their wedding ring to keep their electricity from being shut off, and they won’t have to be threatened with a divorce if they end up losing that ring permanently.

To the contrary they will argue their agendas and consider very little compromise, going home each night to their comfortable homes with very little financial concern. What is important to them in the end is claiming a victory for their side. They don’t give a shit about your family or mine. We are pawns on a big-ass chessboard. Losing pawns is acceptable to them. In the end they only care about winning the game. We are considered acceptable collateral damage.

2.1 million American families don’t really care which side wins. They need help today. The damage has been done. Well played congress. 

American people and corporations (which get much of their profits from the American people) spent 8 billion dollars on 2012 elections for the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. American people received the normal return on that investment, which is another fucktard group that can’t get anything done because they can not compromise. They never learned how to share in school. They never learned how to treat others with respect. They never grew into normal adults. All they know if this dirty game of politics where there is no such thing as cheating. You win at any cost and allow innocent people to suffer for the “common good.”

I believe in an America where 2.1 million families won’t have to be on extended emergency federal benefits. I believe in a country where the true unemployment rate won’t hover between 13-15% (don’t believe the reported numbers). I believe that the biggest fault of every administration and congress in the last 20+ years has been that they have forgotten how economies are built in the first place.

Economies are built by producing products that can be sold all over the world. America used to be a proud nation of workers who crafted superior products that were in high demand. Our leaders used to be tough on trade. Our presidents used to be salesmen for American companies. It wasn’t about punishing the rich, it was about creating the rich.

Republicans have strayed from the basics just as much as the democrats so don’t take a word I said as an endorsement of them. They can get irate if they want but the fact is that they have lost control of their own party. It is overrun with moderates and progressives. There aren’t enough conservatives to carry the GOP anymore. It’s a party of sell-outs going in many different directions.

Until we fix the real problems in this country we will continue to have situations like this fiscal cliff debacle.  8% of Americans are on the government payroll producing little or nothing for the people they are supposed to represent. A large percentage of government employees need to be told that their services are no longer needed and reminded not to let the door hit them in the ass. Fuck them. If I don’t produce results then that is exactly what my boss tells me. Why should they be any different?

Happy 2013 America. When are we going to come together as a nation and kick these dumbasses to the curb? That’s my question. I’d like it if 2014 gave me more reason for celebration and hope and less reason for disgust. Why must we take the lowest form of human life and keep giving it a home in Washington D.C.?

I’d like to say Happy New Year to the American people.

And to the people who are paid to represent them….GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!