254636_577594525589027_356632354_nIt has become tedious finding myself increasingly uptight and outraged about what this collection of politicizing potentate’s in our Government might be doing to intentionally steer our Nation towards fiscal ruin! It’s as clear as glass to the majority of average American’s, that we’re basically estranged and essentially disenfranchised from our own Government ‘of the people’, ‘by the people’, and ‘for the people’ (Beyond their having given themselves free reign to pilfer our wallets at their legislated whims I mean). Explain to me why we should have to be subjected to feeling oppressed by those we ‘elect’?? Is ‘this’ is what we’ve elected them to do?!?

Such as passing legislation granting them the authority to indefinitely detain American’s on our own soil? To put drones in our own skies for the explicit purpose of spying on American citizens?? To tell us what we can eat with our own money, what size of soft drink we can have, or banning toys in Happy Meals?? This is absolutely insane! Where again is any “representation” in all of this Bullshit? It seems pretty straight forward to me that if we find ourselves having to question what appear to be the designs of totalitarian motives and tyrannical ambitions exhibited by these so-called “Representatives”, then those sunsabitches need to be REMOVED! It’s just that simple and not hard to figure out at all!

Obama’s a fraud whom absolutely NO ONE wants to do a damn thing about, as he gnaws through our Constitution like Hannibal Lecter with a bone! It’s just astounding that in this latest scandal of his involving the terrorist attack on our American Embassy in Libya, we have MORE dead American’s (a murdered Border Patrol and ICE Agent, along with HUNDREDS of murdered Mexican civilians centering around Obama’s other lethal scandal in Operation Fast and Furious apparently just wasn’t enough to satisfy this 3rd world, banana republic, dictator wannabe), there are clear indicators of a conspicuous CRIMINAL cover-up perpetrated by Obama and his Administration, and NOTHING is done to hold him or anyone else accountable for this! WHAT THE HELL, PEOPLE?!? Are we that diminished as a Nation, that we can’t even hold those people we ‘elect’ accountable for wrong doing? For acts that, in their unprecedented egregiousness by a sitting President, amount to no less than treason against the United States and the American people?!?

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I’m tired too of all this talk I hear incessantly of us being a divided Country! I mean it seems pretty plain to me that we need to be focusing on eliminating the seditious half of that equation who are actively seeking to divide and subvert both us AND our institutions of Government! We know who they are! Those who advance divisive politics to assist at this systematic vicious cycle of perpetual dysfunction and absence of leadership (regardless of their political affiliation)!


The organizations that have insinuated themselves into the culture of our society such as the ACLU, and more notably, the Council on American-Islamic Relations -CAIR- (whom we “know” is merely a front group for other terrorist organizations abroad)! The traitors that infest our national mainstream media who, as we’ve seen with The Journal News of West Nyack, New York, equate gun owners with predatory sex offenders!

The rank and file liberal, useful idiot, militant anarchists! They’ve ALL been busily employed consuming the substance and defacing the national landscape of our Country for years now and even decades! Manipulating the very Constitution and law of our land to aid them in their seditious designs and goals. It’s time we put the brakes on their treasonous Bullshit and call these insurrectionists out for exactly what they are…TRAITORS and ENEMIES OF THE STATE!

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So many of our younger generation today have been programmed and conditioned by the intellectual atrophy of political correctness and those persons and public institutions who propagate this deranged toxic philosophy and its damning influence. Common sense has been laid waste! Liberals vehemently ridicule “truth” as it is consequentially the antithesis to the very Treasonous insurrection they engage in.

We’ve witnessed their perverse tolerance of the intolerable, their blatant hypocrisies, and when they are unable to undermine the workings of State systems of Government on local levels (such as what we saw go on with UNION members and supporters during previous months in Wisconsin surrounding Governor Scott Walker) we see the violence and chaos they resort to as coercion to get their way!

Our Founding Fathers, and the American’s of their time would be appalled if they could see today this state of self-inflicted immolation we’ve allowed America to descend into. That we have PERMITTED to be done! Their sorrow at what we have become would be inconsolable and rightfully so!


There are those who would argue that the times have changed since the days of our Founders, and that we must adjust and adapt accordingly. What the Hell does that even mean?!? ‘Times’ are always inherently changing, following the edicts of governing natural laws! Just look back across the 237 years of American history tho’! As we’ve advanced and progressed as a Nation, where was it ever stated at any point previously that we must (in the process) also surrender our own sovereignty and the intrinsic identity of our collective heritage as a means of “adjusting and adapting”?!?

Don’t feed me this times have changed shit! Its not the times, but the people! The people and the state of human nature that is what it has always been and will continue to always be! And there are just some people whose nature is intrinsically predisposed towards EVIL! Regardless of their politics, gender, or ethnicity!

Yet we must consider whom it is we’re contending with in this crusade for the survival of the United States as we’ve known it. These are lunatics who would make even the act of reasonable self-preservation and defense a nigh insurmountable task!


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But the solution to this ordeal may prove at the rate we’re going, to be much more direct than the convoluted messes created by the deceptive misdirections of political correctness! Our Country has endured one civil war already, started by the very progenitors of this political breed we have today trying to subjugate us! What if perhaps that’s what it must take again to halt (once and for all) this engineered decline we all sense and have felt frustrated about and helpless to stop?

Are you asking me if a civil war is my first preference? Not really, but when you’re dealing with extremist radicals such as we are (who have literally invested decades of effort as well as untold millions of dollars towards realizing their singular goal of overwhelming the system and usurping our Country), do any of you genuinely believe then that any degree of “civil dialogue” and “diplomacy” will dissuade these psychopath’s from their intended ambitions?? It didn’t work prior to our first civil war, and it was those very progenitors of this political breed we have now, who refused to concede their intent to continue slavery and initiated the opening salvo to that conflict which tore our Country apart then.

I guess, even after 150 years, the apple still doesn’t fall far from the tree…