“The President is going to act on Executive Order or Executive actions that can be taken. We have not decided what that is yet, but we are compiling it all, spoke with the Attorney General, and all the rest of the cabinet members. As well as legislative action we believe is required” ~ Vice President Joe Biden.


Let’s delve into what the VP is saying. First he used the words “Going to act”. He did not say is thinking about acting, may act, or looking into. VP Biden says “GOING TO ACT”; this leaves no doubt that President Obama is going to issue an executive order banning some guns or all guns.

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Mr. VP neither you nor the President do not have that authority; This power does not fall onto you. It is not within the President’s powers to make laws. You cannot legislate by Executive Order. The power to create law resides solely with Congress. You are an Administrator not a Ruler. Contrary to the Lefts believe you are not a King; Mr. President you are not an Emperor, you are not a Messiah. These powers belong to the people who do not fear you; the opposite is true. The Constitution promises that the Government will fear the people. This is our power, this is our right, this is our DUTY.

The Founding fathers in their wisdom set up a system of checks and balances so that this very thing could not happen. Many people believe that the American Revolution was fought over taxation; mainly because our leftist schools do not teach truth. The truth is that the American Revolution was fought because of a long train of abuse by a tyrannical Government; with last straw being gun confiscation.  Here we are over 200 years later with the same thing. A tyrannical Government that has for years infringed on American liberty.  Are we hanging from that branch by a fingernail?

In the past 12 years we have lost many liberties. The Patriot Act stripped the US Citizens of many rights. Warrantless wiretaps have taken the 4th Amendment to new lows. Drones spying on the American people, NDAA allowing for American Citizens to be held indefinitely without any possibility of trial. Now they are proposing taking away our only means of protection from them. In my lifetime I have seen Castro disarm the people, Qaddafi disarm the people, Idi Amin disarm the people, Mao Tse-Tung disarm the people, Pol Pot disarm the people, Kim Jong-il disarm the people. What do all of these people have in common? Once the people were disarmed they were systematically murdered. This all happened in my lifetime and I’m not that old; so do not tell me it cannot happen in the US. Anyone can desire power and go over the edge.

The second any type of mass registration or ban takes effect I will be calling my local police department and making a stolen weapons complaint, because somehow all of my weapons were instantly stolen. I no longer own them. If I do not own a firearm I cannot register a firearm. I will then purchase protection from the drug dealer in the inner city.

I will not tell anyone how to live their lives; that decision is their Constitutional right, but I will stand up and fight. I will not go easy into the night. Molon Labe