“I just want my Country back”! A popular refrain these days being lamented by millions of American’s, as Obama advances his seditious premeditated plot of Executive Ordered despotism further and deeper into our collective social consciousness! I know I’ve found myself saying the same thing on occasion, but I was struck by a thought when I had a good friend say the same thing to me himself recently:

“I just want my Country back!”

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It occurred to me in an epiphany, that looking back in retrospect, the events we’re all witnessing transpire today are resulting from subversive schemes and fascist designs that have been in development and at play literally for decades. Since before I was born even. So when we say in our romanticized vernacular that we just want our Country back, exactly what Country would that be then?? Perhaps we just need to start saying, “I want the Country our Founders intended and meant for us all to have back!” That would be a more accurate pronouncement I think. Because there’s no Country the majority of us could go back to at any point previously in our lifetimes when it could still be considered “our Country” realistically. I mean if you really think about it.


Just food for thought that in closing I figured I’d put out on the table as the hour grows late and I still (so far anyway) have a job to go to in the morning (and 4am still comes early). I’m really not as much of a ‘Gloomy Gus’ as my narratives may portray me as seeming like, but when it comes to Obama, what ‘good’ is there to talk about? I mean unless it was a euphoric discussion in the aftermath of Obama having had a full blown stroke or aneurysm. I doubt it could get much better than that then.

But I was discussing with another friend this morning of how it’s appearing Obama is going to try and Executive Order our 2nd Amendment out of existence. His reply via text message was, “Impeachment, infringement on the 2nd Amendment.” I had to scoff, replying back of how Obama has gotten away with a scandal involving the multiple murders of American’s he did nothing to even try and help, and if he can manage that, then the Chickenshits we have in Congress wont do a thing! They haven’t done crap so far. Why start now, right? Sad, but true!

I reiterate: “I want the Country our Founders intended and meant for us all to have back!”