When we started The D.C. Clothesline we had a different view for the creation of a political blog. Our vision was to show the world of politics and big business through the eyes of the American People. Every day I am getting letters and notes from real people with opinions that should be heard. I can’t share them all, because there are simply too many, but today I’d like to share something I received from Karen Fitzgerald. Thank You Karen for voicing your opinion and I believe it deserves to be heard.

Gun control does NOT work..for more reasons than one. What it DOES do, is leave innocent people defenseless against those that are not going to follow any gun laws, as they are criminals to begin with. It also leaves citizens defenseless against tyranny..just ask the Russians, Poles and Germans…and MILLIONS more. I am sorry for those that were lost and their families..it broke my heart literally. BUT…to use this as a reason to take our rights away is just not justifiable. Guns do have their purpose in the hands of responsible gun owners, which most are. I heard Biden say “if one child’s life is saved then it was worth it.” REALLY?

On the same day that he said that…the Government gave Captain Morgan a “subsidy” of American Taxpayer money that will cover their operating costs for almost an entire year, to make Rum. An average of 31,000 people a year in the US are killed by firearms, more than half of those are suicides. Most of the deaths are with handguns…not the so called “assault rifles” which really aren’t..they are just cosmetically made to look like them. Alcohol on the other hand, which has no legitimate purpose, is DIRECTLY responsible for 80,000 to 100,000 deaths EVERY YEAR in the US, INCLUDING 100’s OF CHILDREN, by drunk driving crashes, child abuse, binge drinking by underage…along with adults in a myriad of ways..violence, vehicle crashes and health reasons.

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The cost to taxpayers every year because of alcohol is 384.6 BILLION dollars a year in health care costs, property damage, lost productivity and welfare. In addition, the alcohol makers and the Government makes BILLIONS of dollars at the expense of all those people..their families, and the ones who have to deal with the sickness it causes. THE NUMBERS DON’T EVEN COMPARE. But…I hear NO ONE screaming for a ban on alcohol because of these statistics. I hear NO outrage at all the lives destroyed because of it. And not only that..American taxpayers get to pay for the production of the crap while they get to make all the profit. HMMMMMM…..personally I think it’s HYPOCRISY to the HIGHEST DEGREE by both the government and all those calling for a gun ban (most of whom probably drink..by the way) ..and completely INVALIDATES any argument for banning guns from responsible citizens for the sake of “saving lives.”

It doesn’t wash…period. Talk about banning alcohol and every other dangerous thing the government allows, then I’ll buy it. Otherwise..I view it as a mode of control over the people..because people are easier to control when they are disarmed…as history has shown us time and time again.