Check out Wikipedia’s link before you read this.  They are always pretty much on the money.  And if you have a few extra bucks lying around to give them, do so.  They try to make sure that everything is factual, and that everything is available.  He who is not against you is with you.  Information is power.

Buzzy was the oldest brother of some of my friends.  Buzzy’s perspective on life was unique.  Buzzy saw what I was  doing, and decided he should paint too.  He showed me a picture of Jesus that he did.  Others snickered at it.  It was amateurish and crude, but had a good use of colors, mostly dark earth tones.  I was most impressed by the passion exhibited in this scene.  It was like it was Buzzy hanging there.

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Buzzy was a Seventh Day Adventist.

Buzzy disappeared, and no one knew where he went.  The family hired a private detective.   His last known whereabouts was reported as his having gotten off of a bus in Waco, Texas.  This was only a few weeks before the raid on the Branch Davidian compound.

If anything wrong was going on, Buzzy would have told them.  If there was abuse of children going on, Buzzy would have told them, he would not have been a sheep.  He would have confronted them, or told the authorities, told everyone he met all about it after he left the place.  His family and I suspect that Buzzy was either buried in the desert by Koresh and his followers, or was burned up in the standoff.  Maybe he never even went there in the first place?  But no one has heard of him since then.  We assume he went to Waco in the first place  to find the prophet of God.

The Wikipedia article speaks of the allegations of child abuse.  My opinion is that these allegations were warranted on the face of it, but I am not yet aware of any final report coming from a proper investigation into this.  Koresh expected to be martyred.   54 adults and 28 children were martyred, both the alleged perpetrators of the abuse, and the victims.

The government wanted to make an example of Koresh.  They figured that there would be little public support for a manipulative, child molesting, cult leading, control freak like David.  David jogged in the countryside with several of his upper echelon.  I saw a video of them all jogging on TV.  Some sort of reporter’s interview. They went miles from the compound.  Most likely they were armed.

David could have been taken in the middle of nowhere.  But this operation was all about PR.  It was a part of the bigger picture.  It was all about guns, and getting rid of them. It was designed to advance a specific agenda, not to arrest a law-breaker.  It completely backfired on them.  They had forgotten all about the Reverend Jim Jones and the deaths of the visitors on the tarmac prior to the mass poisoning at Jonestown.  The flack they caught, even in Congress, pushed back their agenda for years.  They wanted to be the heroes who brought this wacko Waco guy to justice, but instead they revealed just how heavy-handed they were prepared to be in advancing their agenda.  You all saw the siege on TV.  I am sure you can find it on YouTube.

So, there are substantial allegations out there that David was a criminal.  From what is available, it is likely true that he could have been convicted on several counts.  The available evidence suggests that he was far from being any sort of hero.  He was kind of like a politician, which is pretty scary.  Charisma and control are the name of the game.  And David was martyred, as he expected to be.  You do not need to be a hero to be a martyr.  You only need to have been killed wrongly, unjustly, outside of a society’s acceptable precepts for arrest, trial, and punishment.  How could the government have thought that there could be any other conclusion?  They did not do their homework again, because in the arrogance of the upper echelons of government, the idea that they cannot be wrong and are not totally feared simply does not occur to some of them.

The scary thing in all of this is their wanting to make an example of someone specifically to promote a bigger, under-the-radar agenda.  It was not about the guns in the bedrooms of the compound.  It was about the guns in your bedroom.  Beware of anyone who says they want to make an example of anyone.  They are outright saying that they do not believe in equal treatment under the law.  They are saying that they believe that the end justifies the means, and the rules need to be bent sometimes.  We all know how this went down in Russia.  There were a lot of cases of making an example out of someone during the various purges.  And those who want to make an example out of someone are more philosophically attuned to the idea of the efficacy of purges.   It is “us and them” with them, not “us”.   Think about that last one.

Someone in management once asked me, “So, Gary, are you trying to be one of us now?”  My reply was, “That depends on them.”

Good luck, America.

Gary W. Harper