I’m going to say something which may strike a defensive chord in some of you, but FOX NEWS has really gone downhill over these past 4 years! When I tuned in to watch, FOX And Friends Sunday, earlier this morning, that assertion was reinforced as the very first story I saw reported on was about Britney Spears recent $100 million dollar deal with ‘Sin City’. As if I really give a Rats furry ass! I could only sit there in my chair, chin resting on my hand, staring at my flat screen, mildly shaking my head in muted chagrin as the next highlighted feature story was about developing good sleeping habits in babies. This has been an ongoing trend for awhile now I’ve observed and has begun to give me pause to consider the nature of claims I’ve read about in regards to an alleged covert campaign aimed towards the mass disinformation in our media directed at the American people. A lot of the frivolous crap I see reported on FOX anymore these days can give claims such as that a solid basis in credibility.

My opinion of this media giant began its descent well over a year ago, after the liberal media began its assault on Herman Cain with its opening salvo at the onset of his declaring to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States, initially trotting out their conveniently ‘unidentified witness’, along with her conveniently timed accusations of sexual impropriety against Mr. Cain! After the stage was set, the liberal media opened their spigot to bring out even more ‘unidentified witnesses’ with their own accusations of sexual impropriety as well (one later, after finally having come out with her identity, was revealed to have connections with Obama traced through his Senior Advisor, David Axelrod). It was shameless and blatant in its obvious motives, but what really pissed me off was in the first couple of days following the onset of this vicious effort towards assassinating Mr.Cain’s character, GOP Establishment talking heads and frequent contributors on FOX NEWS joined in the chorus of condemnation and repudiation against Mr.Cain as well… When there still had been NO identification of this first mysterious accuser established at the time or ANY verifiable evidence presented by which to substantiate her accusations! Of these GOP Establishment pundits aiding in their advancing the liberal medias agenda, and whom frequently grace FOX NEWS, the most notorious was Karl Rove (I detest this man)! Followed up then by Dana Perino, using and abusing her co-host status on her weekly FOX NEWS program, The Five, to engage in bashing Mr. Cain as well.

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That was the beginning of the end, as I began to see for myself that perhaps FOX NEWS wasn’t quite as “fair and balanced” as they’d like to claim they are. Another popular commentator on FOX, who really seemed to undergo a startling transformation as the politically gangrenous influence of Obama began its spread across our Nation, was Bill O’Reilly. Yes, I’ve since heard the reported rumors over recent months of alleged threats by unknown sources connected to Obama, levied against O’Reilly and his family to coerce his silence, but irrespective of that, my once high regard and respect for O’Reilly had deteriorated exponentially long before these rumors surfaced, as he has seemed to do nothing but acquiesce and willfully participate in the bizarre cult pandering and appeasement of this Chicago thug. O’Reilly’s stated testimonial every week night on his program avowing that, “The Spin Stops Here!”, has since come to resonate a bit hollow for me! Not that he is completely lacking in credibility or no longer serves a useful function to his audience, but my belief in O’Reilly has been called into question by this succession of circumstances and I find it wanting.


But those things aside, it has since become apparent that FOX NEWS (in its own way) does its part to promote and encourage this saturating influence of sensationalized and selective “pop culture” news reporting, and, by extension, are enablers of this dysfunctional politically correct dementia that has seized our Country in its strangle hold. That said however, they are not without certain redeeming qualities which still definitely manage to set them apart from the subversive lunatics at MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and other predominately ‘pro-Obama’, liberal left wing mainstream news organizations. Of any televised news network, I’ll always refer to FOX. NBC News, CBS News, or ABC News I wont even waste my time on and I don’t have programmed into my customized profile on my satellite receiver MSNBC, CNN, or any of these other Obama regime media propagandist Agents.

As I’d stated in a previous commentary, my primary sources of news come from a variety of online choices such as The Drudge Report, wnd.com, The Blaze, michaelsavage.com, and The Heritage Foundation just to name a select few. Speaking for myself and with everything else that seems to be systematically going to Hell in this Country courtesy of Obama’s regime and his legion of flying ass monkeys, I’m just disappointed to see FOX becoming like this when I think of how much esteem and favor I use to have for this network.

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