Apparently a lot of people were reading my little article on my proposal for reasonable rules of engagement in case of an uprising in our country. I want to clarify a few things.

There are a lot of hotheads in this country who want to start shooting at the drop of a hat. That is counterproductive. Exactly what is their agenda, the complete dismantling of everything we have, or the preservation of the Republic? These are the types who later end up vying for control in a power vacuum. They want to create this vacuum. Be wary of them.

I for one want to preserve the Republic and the Constitution. This means via civilized means, via restraint, via non-violence. My article merely outlines what I believe would be a reasoned, restrained, and incremental response to violence initiated by the opposition. A little like chess; they advance, we check that move, and so on, until checkmate. I essentially aimed my article at all of the hotheads. My secondary consideration was knowing that this article, the comments ensuing, and the article’s potential spread throughout cyberspace would be monitored by the opposition. All of you, think about peace first. Then think about how you will respond to a crisis, while you still have time to think about it.

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I advocate defensive posturing, not aggressive posturing. Arms are merely the final possibility, once all other possibilities are exhausted. The opponents of the 2nd Amendment need to make the first moves. But bear in mind, the very real threat of arms are what back up the citizens in their initial non-violent responses to those first moves. Guns are the teeth of the Second Amendment. Its placement in the second spot in the Bill of Rights was intentional.

Apparently, 70% of our police are ready to engage the other 30% of the police during an outright arms ban and order to confiscate. These 70% are your fellow citizens and Patriots, who stand with you. Also, it would appear that 70-80% of the military stand with you in the event of an outright arms ban and confiscation order. They are also willing to engage the other 20-30%. I do not expect these minorities, in the face of overwhelming opposition by their own comrades in arms, to be willing to fight their brothers and sisters, or to come get your guns. This will only be attempted by a small, hand-picked group that is already pre-selected. I am certain that our police and military will band together with us against the confiscators when the chips are finally down. ( No use messing with your pension up until then.) In other words, to be a member of the Contrarian Civilian Confiscation Police is essentially a totally suicidal act. They know that they might even be taken out by their own, who have changed their minds about the whole thing in face of the opposition of the citizens of this country. That is why they will be so scared, so heavy-handed, and so quick to shoot.

The statistics I quote are of course anecdotal data, and I am sure that there are actual survey results out there that tell you much the same thing, but it reinforces what I have assumed all along. So, Dean Garrison having published my article merely brought this more out into the open. The added bonus to all of this is that articles such as mine are monitored under the so-called Patriot Act, so all of this that is happening now just reinforces what the government already knew.

This proves that if there is an armed uprising, we have won already. We have most of the police and the military with us right now. Look at the last Russian Revolution, the fall of all of the Communist governments in Eastern Europe in recent history. The gun banners only chance is to brutally suppress any uprising rapidly in the beginning so that it does not become a full-scale conflict. But they know that this will not happen, we will respond immediately. Hello?  YouTube?  Checkmate.

So I repeat, we have won already. There can be no outright gun ban.  But that does not negate the need to stay vigilant, stay the course, of course keep letting your words be heard, keep spreading these types of blogs. They still want to confiscate, but they have to do this one tiny piece at a time.  You keep probing the walls of the castle, looking for the weakest or most unguarded point, until you get in.  Beware of any Trojan horse hidden deep in other bills.

If everyone reads or posts this stuff, that is the real opposition, not the vote in the halls of Congress. And do not think that they are not privy to these sharing and usage statistics.

Also remember that, as hard as it may be to imagine, there are also Patriots in Congress itself.

Thank you for all of that useful information way back then, John Daniel Glasgow.

God Bless you all.

Gary W. Harper