Response to Reasonable Rules Of Engagement

This was written by a friend that is currently serving in an elite unit within the U.S. Military. Since he is still active he will not put his name to this, and asked me to rewrite his thoughts so I told him I would add my writing style and post it. De oppresso liber my brother.  This is not a call for Revolution by the Military or the person posting this. I am only responding to the original post.

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While I do not completely disagree with the original write up or with this entire premise, I think the writer fails to understand warfare and what is really at stake. A few fundamental flaws can be found in Gary’s argument. I agree with the sentiment, but the application is lacking and misguided.

“A Statewide ban would have to be answered by nationwide protests in the initial stages.” There are far too many people that do not understand what is at stake and will roll over for the gun ban. Far too many are okay with citizens not being armed.  While there will be pockets of protest nationwide, this will be easily brushed aside as “right wing radicals clinging to their guns.”

“If any state adopts an outright statewide ban, all citizens of the country will have to call in sick for work for one day.” Again there is no way this will happen. A good portion of the American people is either extreme left-wingers or sheep following their sheppard to the slaughter.  I would say at best you get 1 million people to do this with limited impact.

“What could they possibly do if every single person in the U.S. stopped paying their bills all at once?”  What happens? You are now written off as nothing but a money hungry fringer trying to get something for nothing; you won’t even pay your bills. Another idea that while on paper decent; has no chance of actually working.

“If the government tries to break these protests up, you have your answer.”.Of course the government is going to break any protest up. It is in their interest to do so. They are willing to take it as far as they have to. The FEMA camps and training of UN troops at bases like Ft. Bragg and Ft. Benning are proof of this. When has the U.S. Government not been willing to escalate anything?

”If you take to the woods and streets, and the revolution regrettably starts, you will need to strike sparingly and frequently.” How do you strike sparingly and frequently at the same time? They are exact opposites. If you are saying strike with small forces frequently you are not taking into account that every strike must be designed for maximum potential.

“They will eventually end up holed up in the cities and bigger towns, like our armies always do.” Wrong.  While the main objective is to take and hold major ground and cities the vast majority of battles have always been done in rural areas. Most military vehicles are not designed for urban warfare. Tactics and adaptations have been made, but the military knows it is at a disadvantage in an urban environment. MOUNT training has given ground troops an understanding of urban terrain the advantage is to the aggressor. The military would much prefer to be on open ground where their superior vehicles and aircraft can strike with precision. Very few forests in the U.S. (none that I know of actually) have the vegetation and cover that a jungle has. Viet-cong tunnel and cover tactics will not work in the forest of the U.S. Urban settings will be a freedom fighters best advantage; using the some of the same tactics as the Taliban and Iraqi Insurgents.

“Your top priority is survival.” No your top priority is resistance. The cold hard truth is that many that fight, will die. Some of your families will die, and some of your friends. It may be that entire families are wiped out. The government will not be playing fair. If they are willing to abandon part of the Constitution they are willing to abandon all of it. I am not saying be willing to die. I am saying know that it is a possibility. If you cannot face the possibility of dying stay out of the fight, stay out of the way.

Now to these Rules of Engagement; while they sound good and call to the humanity in all of us they fail to take into account that the nature of war is ugly and evil. In Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and a few other places that most have never heard of, we tried to fight with our hands tied, winning the hearts and minds. Explain to me how I am going to win your heart when either I or someone like me killed one of your friends or family members. Even if the resistance does not kill them, the resistance will get the blame.  Fighting restrained will only get you killed and prolong the war. The following are replies to each “rule”.

  1. If you already have registered weapons (many states already require registered pistols.) Do not ignore the “turn in” that is what they are hoping for. Report your weapons stolen, and move them out of your house. Find a safe place to put them that cannot be traced back to you. Do not put them in a stargaze unit that has your name on it. Do not put them in a public area. They are going to be planning on checking the houses of those that have registered weapons for more unregistered weapons. Be ready.
  2. The ACLU and Facebook already believe that gun confiscation is okay so they are going to be of no help. Document it and get it to bloggers. However the legislation that will accompany any such gun ban will label bloggers speaking out against the U.S. Government as terrorist.
  3. You already have your answer since they are there to take your weapons. Do not confront them. You are only making yourself look like a target and making it easier for them to attack back. I am not saying roll over. If they show up in your neighborhood they want to keep the people as calm as possible. Once you are confronted or a neighbor is, stand up and be heard, but do not be the aggressor. Once you get aggressive they will escalate to a point you cannot openly fight back incurring some wrath. You want to remain under the radar as much as possible. If they spill blood, then you do whatever you have to do to protect your family and rights. Take it as far as you have to take it, just be prepared for the consequences. They can destroy the entire neighborhood and blame it on “Domestic Terrorist” and not even lose a second of sleep.
  4. If you are fighting a person in full body armor with a rifle (non armor piecing rounds) you are fighting incorrectly; use another tactic. Fire and explosives (you didn’t think this was going to be all butterflies and rainbows did you) work well against body armor. Look at it this way. We are standing 30 feet apart and I have a pistol you having a knife; who wins? I do; But if I have a pistol and you have a rifle, chances are you will win. If I have a car and you have a tank; you win. Use sound tactics when you can. Yes there will be situations where you are outgunned, outnumbered, and out classed, but you will have to fight or die; no situation no matter what you think is completely hopeless.
  5. Tanks today are not the same as tanks from WW2. Gasoline fires will do little to stop a UN tank. If U.S. troops are used (possibility that we will get into later) the M1 Abrams is not going to be stopped by a Molotov cocktail on its exterior anywhere. The driver compartment is separate from the gunner and commander. Even if you do succeed in getting a Molotov cocktail into the gunner section the driver can still drive right through your house. For the most part tanks will not be used when confiscation starts. The vehicle of choice will be APCs with cargo vehicles to carry the confiscated firearms. These vehicles are easier to disable, but still not as easy as a Sherman, Tiger, or Panzer of WW2. IF U.S. troops show up at your door, you can damn well bet they have already made their decision and are not on your side.
  6. I will get into this one in my closing.
  7. IF the U.S. abandons the Constitution, the Geneva Convention, and its protection does not count. We are no longer the Constitutional Republic of the U.S., so no signature or treaty is valid. You cannot have a valid treaty with a country that does not exist.  DO NOT WEAR A UNIFORM. Wearing a uniform makes you a target. Blend in and look like everyone else.
  8. I agree
  9. There is no moral high ground in war. Read Sun Tzu. Fight to win, fight to survive, fight to get the Constitution back or do not fight at all. Use Roger’s Standing Orders. Fight like a guerilla as it’s your only hope. Using their rules and tactics are a losing proposition. Fighting with limits only limits you.
  10. Any foreign troops only stand to enrage more of the population. The government knows this and will try to keep them out of it for the time being. Once they see the tide turn against them you can bet your sweet ass they will enter the fray.
  11. The only reason to fight a revolution is to get back to the Constitution. Anything else will be met with equal force.

When the first person stands against the government, a few things are going to happen. First everyone that is resisting will be labeled as a Domestic Terrorist in order to get the populace to turn against them. Rewards will be offered for information on your whereabouts and identification. You can expect to see trained military in the fight. War is terrible and ugly. Innocent people die. This is inevitable.

For the most part generals are politicians. There of course are exceptions, but not as many as you would hope. None of them will admit it, and none of them think they are. But you do not get your name through Congress without have a little political pull. Having said that, no general ever wants to bring troops against those they are sworn to protect. I have met many a general in my lifetime, and to a man they love their Country. Some if ordered to do so will command against the American people, some will not. Officers will issue orders, NCO will lead and troops will fight. During the Civil War, brother took up arms against brother, so do not think it won’t happen again. Some of the military will fight against the populace because they will buy the lie of domestic terrorist. I know of elites that will not, there are some that will defend the Constitution and the people. There will be many current and former military taking up arms to defend the Constitution.

I pray this does not come to pass, I pray these fears are unfounded. I pray that we never have to fight on American to preserve our freedom.