I had a part-time job with Walmart for almost four years.  Corporate will not order any ammo because they do not want to get stuck with something they cannot sell later.  There may be talk of limiting purchases, or prohibiting specific rounds.  The first is more likely.  Walmart simply does not want to sit on any ammo, they like in the dock and out the door.  If the second scenario is likely, that is scary, as they sell only rounds for sporting ammo.

On the positive side, the Wallyworld I worked at never sold guns while I worked there.  When I stopped in last time, they sold guns, had the order catalog, and were almost out of guns and ammo.  This was about 10 days ago.  The clerk and I discussed a few things, including his carry permit, local robberies, and the unwise decision on the parts of some to insist on breaking and entering.  I am surprised Walmart is even selling guns in this store, as they have a high shrinkage rate there.

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They are just making the proper corporate decision to limit the potential for losses.  Corporations generally take no moral stands.

The scary part is that they feel a need to do this.  Keep on top of things.  The NRA has a link where you can send a letter to Obama and your Congressmen.  You can type in your own text, or use a form letter.  I advise you to make your own personal position known to those who are going to vote on any gun bill.  I did.  Obama has not gotten back to me yet.  Nor have my Congressmen, but two of them are Democrats like me.

Good luck, America.

Gary W. Harper