Well, it would seem the latest major “Pop-Culture” headline in the news today (to attempt distracting our attention away from Obama’s lurking predatory encroachment on America’s 2nd Amendment Right’s), is talk show host legend Oprah Winfrey’s anticipated upcoming interview with disgraced road racing cyclist, Lance Armstrong. From what little I’ve listened reported on today about the man, extraneous details separate from the fevered speculation at his likely coming out to Oprah and admitting to his having used performance enhancing drugs to achieve his 7 Tour De France titles (despite his numerous emphatic denials for years now), have gone further towards fleshing out and defining specific characteristics of who this man may actually be behind the inspirational facade he has projected to millions around the world. The picture these details have painted are extraordinarily unflattering and, in some instances, downright reprehensible if true.

On a personal note, I could care less! In the hierarchy of critical issues facing our Nation today under the gratuitous demagoguery of this self-stylized “absolute ruler” occupying the Highest Office in our land, Lance Armstrong’s use of performance enhancing drugs doesn’t even make the list!

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As far as the story in and of itself centering around Armstrong’s duplicity is concerned tho’, if the despicable things I’ve heard reported are accurate, I hope the fraud gets sued for every last penny he has!

Beyond that, in the grand scheme of things, it’s irrelevant to what the substance of social discourse needs to be right now! What the Hell is the current status of this supposed “on-going” investigation into Benghazi?!!

Anyone remember Nixon? Watergate?? Anybody?? He resigned from Office before being Impeached for the crime of a cover-up involving the Watergate break in (for those of you too young to know what I’m talking about, Google it!)! At least no one was murdered due to Nixon’s Watergate!


Just look at the death toll under this abhorrent prick: Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry! ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata! HUNDREDS of Mexican civilians! Our first U.S. Ambassador to die in service to his Country since 1979, 2 former Navy SEAL’s, and a Consulate staff member! And let us not forget either those nearly 2 dozen SEAL’s of SEAL Team 6 (the elite team involved in the taking down of Bin Laden) who perished 3 months after their raid on the Al Qaeda founders compound, back in 2011 when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan under questionable circumstances!

How much more writing on the wall do you need America??