libertytearsLast night the New York State Senate passed a measure by a count of 43-18 that would toughen already strict gun control laws in New York. No magazines above 7 rounds would be allowed under proposed legislation. It still has to pass the assembly with talks scheduled to start at 10 AM Tuesday. As of writing this, the assembly has not voted.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been quoted as saying:

“No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. End the madness.”

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It is apparent to me, more so every single day, that many of our elected officials do not understand the Constitution of the United States of America. This nation was built on the right to bear arms. This right has nothing to do with hunting and killing deer. It has everything to do with protecting American people against a tyrannical government.

It is about our right to revolt! Congratulations Mr. Cuomo, you and 43 of your State Senate friends have just made my list.

You are ignorant. You have no right to call yourself an American. You piss on Miss Liberty and you piss on the graves of great men and women who have died for your freedom. You are dangerous and make no mistake… Your agenda will be met with extreme prejudice.

You are not taking our guns and you are not limiting our ammo. Period.

People of New York, you must claim your God-given right to liberty now. You have a symbol of this great nation that stands proud guarding your shores. Across this great nation we honor the stories of Ellis Island and realize the significance of your great state in the history of our great nation.

If you stand with your legislators now then you spit in the face of your fellow patriotic Americans.

There is no need for widespread panic but you must use every legal avenue you have to stop this. You must let your legislators know where you stand. You must let them know that there will be consequences if they continue to tread on your second amendment rights.

This is not over. It has to pass the assembly first and it will most definitely reach the supreme court. None of us can predict what the government will do anymore. It is out of our hands to a certain extent. Politicians are making their own beds and will be forced to lie in them. And, that is exactly why you must hold on to your second amendment protected rights with all of your might.

Let me tell you something Mr. Cuomo. We don’t hold on to our assault rifles to hunt deer. We hold on to them in case the season ever opens on hunting politicians. The more you try to take away our rights, the more likely you are to end up the prey in a legal hunt that is totally protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Andrew Cuomo…. New York Senate…. Kiss my freedom-loving ass!