Ripped off by the Husband of a Congresswoman

Christian Counseling? Maybe, but the business practices are anything but Christian. In April 2012 The Company I was working for closed its doors. I was going through a rough time so I contacted Bachmann and associates. I gave them my insurance information which was good until the end of April. I was told that my insurance authorized 5 visits. I asked if they were sure as I knew my insurance was done on May 1st. The reassured me that 5 visits were authorized. I set up 5 appointments over a 5 week period asking them again at the end of April if they were 100% sure the 5 visits were taken care of. I told them I did not have the money to pay for these visits being unemployed. Each time I went in I asked if this was indeed the case and each time I was told it was. Once my 5 visits were complete I stopped going.

I received a bill a few weeks later for 4 of the 4 visits. I immediately went in and talked to the office and asked them about this. They told me it was a formality the Insurance Company authorized 5 visits not to worry. A couple of weeks later I got a 2nd notice on the bill. Again I went into the office and was told I needed to contact the billing department. I was also told they said they could not reach me by phone so I asked them what cell number they had, they had the correct one. I contacted the billing department and explained the situation.  They told me I had to call the insurance company which I did. After arguing with the insurance company (blue Cross Blue Shield) for over an hour they finally said they authorized the 5 payments but were not going to pay it. I called the Billing Department back and asked them what my alternatives were as I was still unemployed and did not have the money. They said they would talk to my Counselor and figure something out. I did not hear back from them.

3 weeks or so ago I got a letter from a collection agency for the 4 visits. I got angry and ignored it (wrong thing to do I know). I talked to the collection agency today. I have no recourse but to pay this bill that I should not have had in the first place. I would not have used the service if I would not have been told it was taken care of. To me this is no different than if I take my car in for a flat tire and without my authorization they change the transmission and bill me for it.

In closing while the Counseling was wonderful and helped me through a tough time, be careful when they talk cost. It is not what they tell you it is. Christian counseling it is indeed, just not a Christian business. Having a voice is nice. This business is owned by Michelle Bachmann and her Husband.

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