Just like millions of other engaged American’s, I too watched Obama and Biden’s nationally televised address, during which Obama began detailing his imperious designs towards advancing his incendiary gun control agenda. As I’m sure millions of other engaged American’s did as well, I felt my own antipathy towards these iniquitous liars bunching in the muscles at the corners of my jaw as Biden delivered the opening monologue to this conspicuous theater of the politically burlesque before surrendering the stage to his leash holder.

Such exploitation of a tragedy like Sandy Hook, mired in so much absolute and unfathomable grief! What kind of shamelessly deficient human being (much less a corruptly duplicitous, narcissistic Chicago political by-product of a politician) does it take to even attempt to try and relate to a stricken parent under such horrific circumstances (Utilizing this tragedy simply as another vehicle by which to drive an ulterior agenda of even more sinister piecemeal subversion’s against our United States Constitution)?!?

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Well, as we observed earlier, the answer to that question obviously is: Barrack Hussein Obama!

I listened as this audacious charlatan plucked every note he could devise on the heart strings of his cherry picked audience of Useful Idiots. While I’m certain he believed himself as being the maestro savant directing (what to him) was a harmonious symphony of a melodiously brilliant political vernacular composition, it sounded to me more like a cacophony of discordant lies and deceit competing for prominence in the national spotlight. It was nauseating and just when you thought this treacherous counterfeit couldn’t possibly exceed our expectations of ever being able to top the notoriety of his previous acts of insolent audacity.

Which brings me tho’ briefly to the two parents of one of the slain Sandy Hook students showcased during Obama’s speech. As a parent myself, my heart ached for their loss. I couldn’t nor would I want to try and even imagine the extent of their unyielding sorrow and pain. Yet as they sat there smiling and nodding agreement in cadence with the prattling of Obama’s insincere rhetoric, I felt ashamed of and embarrassed for them both, while Obama callously used and abused the memory of their child. I’d sooner be arrested and prosecuted for trying to jump and repeatedly punch the worthless son of a bitch in the face for even suggesting such a gratuitously deplorable self-serving publicity stunt at my child’s expense! It’s all absolutely surreal!

My contemptible disgust at Obama unexpectedly referencing Ronald Reagan was only second to my visceral revilement of his political pedophilia at the tasteless exploiting of his clueless juvenile pawns, including his own children. The breadth and scope of this mans dictatorialesque and pretentious arrogance is virtually unparalleled short of alluding to those characteristics whose references commonly can be attributed with 3rd world banana republic despots! I refer back to my earlier statement: It’s all absolutely surreal!


The flash fire reaction to this circus of pomp and covert tyranny was immediate. As reported in an article at foxnews.com titled, “Obama gun plan meets resistance from Republicans on Capitol Hill” (like I’m sure that has President Twiggy quaking in his over sized suit), which goes on to report in the following excerpts:

~”President Obama’s sweeping plan to address gun violence was met Wednesday with swift and stiff resistance by gun rights advocates and conservative lawmakers, setting up a tense debate that will be held on the airwaves, in congressional hearing rooms and in communities across America.”

~”Separately, he approved 23 executive actions while calling for additional funding to address mental health and school security.”

~”several lawmakers said the president’s proposals in large part would not have prevented a shooting like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They accused the president of glossing over potential factors like the entertainment industry and the country’s mental health system, making clear that the legislative proposals could face an uphill climb.

“Nothing the president is proposing would have stopped the massacre at Sandy Hook. President Obama is targeting the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens instead of seriously addressing the real underlying causes of such violence,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said. “Rolling back responsible citizens’ rights is not the proper response to tragedies committed by criminals and the mentally ill.”

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said the proposals would merely invite “drawn-out court battles.”

“Instead of a thoughtful, open and deliberate conversation, President Obama is attempting to institute new restrictions on a fundamental constitutional right,” he said.~

So it goes folks. More senseless division from this man who would call himself President of the United States, yet who has more in common with contemporary leaders such as Iran’s Ahmadinejad or Hugo Chavez. We can only speculate at the destination this ongoing chain of events will see us, as a Nation, arrive at. If the past 4 years are any indication, my suggestion would be to keep your guns stashed and your powder dry!

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