I’ve long since come to the conclusion that if these individuals in our society who like to refer to themselves as being either liberals or Progressive (or whatever inbred combination of the 2 that’s passing itself off as Democrats in the DNC these days), put as much concentrated effort and energy into actually doing something productive in the way of contributing and edifying our culture as they seem dedicated to their lecherous propensities of ensuring its downfall and descent into anarchy and chaos, how much better our Nation would be.

I had that belief emphatically reaffirmed to me last evening while I was perusing the Wall of a Facebook Event known as, ‘Gun Appreciation Day’. I don’t know if there was a full moon out or what, but this Event was literally being overrun by a licentious legion of idiots, whose deficit of character, intelligence, and reason was such an assault to my sensibilities, that finally at one point (inbetween my own random posting of pictures of political and satirical rebuttals in response to so much extravagant and willful stupidity), I got down into the trenches after hitting the ‘invite’ button and calling up reinforcements, and engaged the enemy in direct verbal ripostes infused with my own brand of derisive contempt.

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By this point, I had already seen in several instances with these unprincipled reprobates, their concept of what (to them) constituted thoughtful debate. Immediately many would resort to obscene referencing of their oppositions Moms, along with a blend of other colorful colloquial prattling that was neither surprising or unanticipated from defects and misfits such as these. I’d noticed too at how so many of these gutter dwellers relied on bogus avatars and phony pseudonyms to hide themselves behind. Too cowardly in their inherent wretchedness to have the guts to reveal themselves! Although they otherwise managed quite sufficiently to reveal themselves by their own words for the miserable creatures they are.

For the most part, I tried to stay above the fray of exchanging obscenities in conveying my arguments, but in the heat of battle all I will say is that sometimes, shit happens. As in any war, there’s a time for diplomacy and there’s a time to fight. If you’re not willing to get bloody, then keep your ass off the battlefield! Myself, I’m fed up at being expected to fight while observing these ridiculous rules of engagement designed only to benefit these enemies to their own Country! I did have chance to see tho’, at how much they dislike it when you do take a page from their own book and use it against them (much like Thomas Jefferson’s tactic in his dealing with Muslim pirates along the Barbary Coast).


But hypocrisy is simply another given when having to contend with such deliberately deranged miscreants. Then I’m reminded too, these knuckle dragging Ogre’s generally all suffer from a proven genetic deficiency. Predisposing them towards and contributing to their social retardation. This discovery was announced back in 2010, when scientific researchers at UC San Diego and Harvard University determined:

~”ideology is affected not just by social factors, but also by a dopamine receptor gene called DRD4.”~

The report went on to further state:

~ The study was led by UCSD’s James Fowler, and focused on 2,000 subjects from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Scientists matched the subjects’ genetic information with “maps” of their social networks. According to researchers, they determined that people “with a specific variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to be liberal as adults.” ~

There you go. Finally! Empirical scientific evidence corroborating the pre-existing belief that liberalism is indeed, “a mental disorder”!

Yet, while the study managed to establish the solid basis of identifying this disease, they evidently haven’t succeeded at devising an effective means of treatment in countering the spread of it, as we’ve been witnessing in the intervening years since this obscure phenomenon we know as Obama, went from zero to hero status under questionable circumstances virtually overnight, to seize occupancy of the White House. Ever since then, they’ve been pouring out of the woodwork like a malign infestation of angry little termites.

I find it amusing however, the collective pseudo-intelligentsia represented in the sort of reasoning liberals and Progressives apply towards defining and legitimizing their warped ideology and destructive motivations. Primarily steeped in lies and revisionist methodology.

Still tho’, does a mental disorder adequately explain why so many “African-American’s today justify their baffling allegiance to a political Party once so dedicated to the brutal oppression of their ancestors in this country and condemning them to a lifetime of inhumane bondage so much so that they dedicated themselves to initiating a conflict which literally tore our Nation asunder?

In fairness, I don’t attribute the characteristics of a mental disorder so much to the clueless loyalties of minorities in their sad devotion to the Democratic Party as much as I do to the overwhelming and thorough conditioning wrought upon them by the political cunning and wiles of earlier racist white Democrats who (in the subsequent decades following their defeat in the Civil War), simply devised an alternate and less bloody form of slavery relying more on the subtle subjugation of legislated dependence rather than chains.


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As it stands, we’re still left with the dilemma of the very real threat this current intermingled breed of liberals and Progressives pose to the continued prosperity, security, and survival of our Country. I’ve listened to the politically correct say we simply need to keep relying on “civilized social discourse” in our dealings. That is a commendable disposition to have I guess, but if those things I read last night in the comments expressed by these dullards is what passes for their idea of “civilized social discourse”, then good luck with that sentiment is all I have to say.



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