Here’s a letter my friend sent to all of the Washington state elected officials this week. He gave me his permission to share it. I took off his contact info as a courtesy.

This letter should go viral and circulate our country.

Dear Elected Official:

In regards to the upcoming AWB legislation, I have a few points I wish to make:

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1)Any new infringements, especially through unchallenged executive orders bypassing congress that create new laws will be in violation of the oath of office you took to uphold the Constitution of the United States, specifically the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights. You may call them “reasonable regulations”, I do not. We’ve been more than reasonable since 1934, no more. Look for sensible solutions that target the core problems, not the law-abiding citizens that have done nothing to warrant this assault on our rights of self-defense. The only effective gun control throughout history has proven to be complete & total confiscation of all weapons. That’s where these never-ending infringements have always ended….you sure you want to go down that road? You would be creating a self-fulfilling situation that you continue to disregard as nonsense.

2)Any arguments that start w/ a basis for “hunting or sporting purposes” are completely irrelevant & have NOTHING to do w/ the intent of the 2nd amendment. The PURPOSE of the 2nd amendment is to provide a line of last protection against a government that has lost it’s regard for the Constitutional oath they swore to uphold. It has nothing to do w/ what you decide that we NEED for your own slanted, political purposes. We have a Bill of Rights, not a bill of ‘needs’. This is THE purpose, like it or not. You are NOT our king, you are our employees w/ a conduct manual….that being the U.S. Constitution. Very peculiar that you say we have nothing to fear from our government & don’t NEED a defense(not assault) rifle & a 30 round magazine, while at the same time you try increasingly to disarm us for no wrongdoing & w/ promises of a safer society. How about this, I’ll give up my AR-15 & standard-capacity magazines when you & your various enforcement agencies do….deal? Guess not.

3)Any gun control beyond very basic regulations has proven time & time again to be a dismal failure. There are currently over 20,000 laws in place, many of which WE as gun owners know better than those who wrote them. Why? Because we are the law-abiding citizens who have firmly established that WE are not the problem you seek to legislate. One only has to look at the cities & states w/ the most restrictive gun laws & their extremely high violent crime rates to see the absurdity of pushing for more gun legislation. “Gun free zones” have proven to be nothing more than killing fields for the unarmed. You might as well replace the wording w/ “Violence Free Zone”. It is an absurd & misguided idea that has failed miserably. You will pay to protect yourselves w/ ARMED guards, but scoff at the cost of protecting(w/ arms) those most deserving, the innocents you claim to care so much for. Hypocrites!

In addition, I will no longer have my personal rights of defense taken away for the actions of criminals who have never & WILL NEVER respect or follow the incessant number of laws that you continue to bring down against the law-abiding citizens of this country. They are the criminals, I am not, so treat THEM accordingly, not the tools they choose to illegally employ at OUR expense.

4)Until the real causes of violence are addressed there will be no improvement. Violent offenders are continually released from prisons & now the law-abiding are being threatened w/ losing their ability to protect themselves & their loved ones through no wrongdoing of their own. The mental health system is also broken & needs to be addressed. Not to mention an ever-growing threat from enemies that are able cross our purposely unsecured borders. Those in border states are especially at risk from violent drug traffickers who continue to encroach on their lands. The right of self-defense is a natural right, not bestowed by you or the apparent king you currently serve under. I will view any further infringement on that right as a direct threat against myself & my loved ones….& I am not alone. The federal government can no more protect an individual’s personal safety than they can balance the budget, so enough w/ the self-serving political motivations.

5)I believe in the personal responsibility of gun owners involving securing them in a safe & getting proper training in their safe use & handling. Gun owners SHOULD be responsible for the security their own firearms….period.

6) As a final statement, if & when all proper avenues of resistance fail to dissuade ANY further encroachments & revocations concerning the 2nd amendment, including & especially registration requirements, you will leave no choice but my civil disobedience. I CAN NOT COMPLY, not only for my sake but for future generations that would look back on me as a coward for not standing against this misguided & blatant over-reach of power. Your actions will be well remembered in the next election, as much as that may matter to you.

I know my history well, & I know where registration leads no matter what promises are made. Human history has never proven well for the disarmed, a fact our founding fathers implored us not to forget. They fought & died for the freedoms we enjoy & gave us a country. They still speak today through many, & you’d be wise to listen.

For an excellent sourced article on the futility of gun control I recommend the following:

If you refuse to acknowledge the facts of the article by disregarding them then you prove that your motives are purely political & you have no desire to truly address the real causes of violence in our country, & their solutions. Work w/ facts, not the biased emotions of the uninformed.

One last question, “When the time comes that all these potential new gun control laws are shown to be ineffective, as they have in the past….will we have our rights restored to us in full?” I didn’t think so.

This time, I will not submit.

Sincerely, R.J.

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