Some people ask why do you need a high capacity magazine….When faced with a life threatening scenario where you have to defend your life or a loved one, you basically go into auto pilot. During this encounter you more than likely won’t just stand there and shoot back. You will return fire at the same time trying to take cover and continue to return fire. One or several rounds will not be on target… So, during this you are not counting each round, but you “may” remember a close number. Even the most trained people won’t always remember the exact round fired during something like this….. When that “click” happens and you have to take time to reload or don’t have an extra mag, it could be your life or the one you are trying to defend. And yes, I have been in a similar scenario to clarify.

Note from Dean: Jason passed this on to me and I loved it. It reminds me a lot of the Zack Frank contribution from yesterday. -Dean

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