I have come to the conclusion that the entire “assault weapons” ban hoopla is akin to racism. Every proposed ban I have seen is looking to ban a particular style of firearm based solely on its appearance, judging not on what it does but merely on how it looks, just as a racist judges another person on how they look and not on the contents of their character.

I can go purchase a Winchester semi-automatic model 100 hunting rifle chambered in .308 caliber with its 10 round magazine, wooden stock and fore grip and it will not be included in any of the proposed bans. I can also go purchase an American Spirit Arms ASA16 AR-15 model rifle chambered in .308 caliber with its 10 round magazine and black stock and fore grip and it will be included in every one of the proposed bans. Now both these firearms function in exactly the same manner, one round of ammunition is expended each time the trigger is pulled; the magazines insert and drop out similarly, the caliber of the ammunition is identical and the round that is fired in one can be fired in the other. So why is one on the list to be banned and not the other??? Very good question, since the only difference in them is the way they look one has to gather that one is scary looking and the other is not, so the scary looking one is bad and must be banned.
So, just as a racist judges others on their appearance the gun ban coalition is judging firearms on the way they look!

Note from Dean: I love sharing the ideas and opinions of our readers. The D.C. Clothesline is committed to being a source for the people to be heard. I would like to thank Jim for stepping up to the plate and knocking this one out of the park. Molon Labe!

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