Some times the hardest thing to say isn’t “im sorry”, but “I’m wrong.” Maybe it’s that one thing you hold close to you. That idea? I suppose.

Maybe I’m wrong to view the Constitution as this warm blanket on a cold night that swaddles every American.

Maybe I’m wrong to not see color, race, sex, religious beliefs or principles, moral codes, ethical or rather unethical actions, but instead see my American brothers and sisters.

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Maybe I’m wrong to not press my religious beliefs on another American citizen even though my Religion tells me I should.

Maybe I’m wrong to think The spirit of The Constitution is live and let live. Rather than witch hunt to seek and destroy.

Maybe I’m wrong to believe that my countrymen can exist as individuals and as a collective while having respectful disagreements.

Maybe I’m wrong to feel that the infringement on anyone’s rights for any reason is the most horrible thing that we as Americans can do to one another.

Maybe I’m wrong to wish for death, accept it gracefully and would do it again and again; if it meant that things like Freedom and Liberty for all my brothers and sisters could exist even for one more moment.

Maybe I’m wrong to feel all this trampling on one another has divided us, and is driving us to the edge of civil war.

Maybe I’m wrong to feel that we disgrace those who die free in this country, by enacting laws that give up that freedom in part or in whole.

Maybe I’m wrong to accept 1000 more airplanes hitting sky scrapers and a death toll in the millions over allowing anyones terror to cause my brothers and sisters to turn their backs on Freedom and Liberty.

Maybe I’m wrong to believe in the sword and the shield, the scales and the blind fold.

Maybe I’m wrong to love my Government, but hate its participants.

Maybe I’m wrong to wish that my brothers and sisters would take a step back, breath, recognize that tragedy does not know age, race, creed, nor does it sleep. That evil men will always and forever more eternally do evil acts. That there is nothing that can be done to stop it always. That the best justice is to love each other through it. To not give in to hate.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I do not hate Conservatives or Liberals. One side as passionate as the other. Both with their virtues and both with their flaws. Those who identify with either are my brother or sister.

Maybe I’m wrong to believe that the good man should not pay for the deeds of the wicked man. That when my brother does something wrong, the family should not suffer more because of it. When a brother or sister commits such a heinous act. It is a detriment to us all. A mark of shame on our nation and a showing of the lack of integrity, humility, moral and ethical boundaries we claim to value but refuse to uphold.

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Maybe I’m wrong to ask all of you to take one day to lay down the sword and ask each other to accept each others rights as Americans. As brothers and sisters of a Nation. To respectfully disagree. To be adults in these passionate matters. To choose to not deny one another a right because anything  but the constitution tells you otherwise.

The spirit of the law and the letter of the law are now and always have been an argument. I believe in both. I believe that the interpretation is to each of us. We must allow one another the right to pursuit our own version of the American Dream. We will not always agree. That is what makes this so special.

We have a right to disagree. We have a right to call upon our rights when we want or not at all. We do not have the right to take away from or even modify someones rights promised to them. Maybe I’m wrong but it is arrogant and absurd to believe that you or anyone has that right.

I am sorry that I am not in Washington. I am sorry that no politician would ever come out and say what I just did to anyone. I am sorry that we have all let each other down. That we continually dig in each others wounds.

Please. For the sake of America, Freedom, Liberty, your brothers, your sisters, Your American family. Take just one day to try and listen and accept that it is okay for you to not want whatever that may be as a part of your life. But that does not give you the right to nullify or remove the right to do so from someone else’s.