Perusing various news headlines at wnd.com last evening before cashing it in and calling it a night, I came across a particularly intriguing header which caught my eye that I posted the link to below. In it, Representative Lawmaker Steve King, Republican-Iowa, reaffirmed the fact that all of us are acutely aware of these days, which is that our 2nd Amendment Rights exist to protect ourselves from the threats of Tyranny and that, as American’s, it is our 2nd Amendment RIGHT to shoot a tyrant who may effort to burden us under an oppressive yoke of fascist despotism and tyranny!

‘It’s a right to shoot tyrants’

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That’s reassuring given this daily surrealistic trend of successive abuses Obama arrogantly appears devoted towards evincing in his scheming insolence and divisive irreverence to his sworn Oath to protect and defend our Constitution!

On a personal note, I find myself needing to express my own personal feelings on this matter and those feelings are that I really don’t want to have to shoot anybody if it can be helped! Not to mention that this shouldn’t even have to be a topic of discussion in a rational world! However, when applied to Obama and those who have seemingly aligned themselves to assist in this obviously intended incitement towards stirring civil unrest, the laws of rational reason and sense consequentially are confounded as we try to define motives here that upon scrutiny can only then be interpreted as malevolent and insidious in nature!

In other words, these sinister insurrectionists are doing this all on purpose and by design! There’s absolutely no other explanation for it, but the fact this entire situation has purposefully been instigated and manipulated towards deteriorating to this level (where we find it even necessary now to engage ourselves in such a combustible debate), should be a piercing indictment to the seditious motives of this fabricated ruse occupying our White House!

Thus as we follow our own individual trails of compelled thought and deductive analysis, we all have had to have come to the same conclusion at one point or another, and that conclusion being: How much more evident dereliction of duty can one man be tolerated to commit without any accountability being exacted whatsoever??!!


I understand the racially sensitive climate the true liberal and Progressive racists have managed to establish under their entropic cloak of political correctness, but for God sake people!! This ostensive absence of any reasonable guidance of our Nation is both patently absurd AND treasonous! It is ostentatiously intolerable, and yet it’s happening! We have literally allowed the keys to the asylum to come into the possession of the inmates! I don’t need to reiterate to any of you this disgraced state of our country. You all know what it is!

Our media is saturated with traitors sympathetic to the one in our White House! They’ve shamelessly flaunted that truth accompanied by their arrogant egotism and have shoved it in our faces and down our throats for years now!

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But yet they continue on with their grossly fallacious sense of ridiculous credibility! Reality by these lunatics on the left has been rendered into a variegated chaotic wilderness of competing undermining cultural, religious, and ideological schisms, with no other objective than to undermine the natural order upon which our Nation was founded! Accentuated then by Obama’s own grotesquely deficient leadership in his demonstrating more deference and concern to foreign interests and allegiances than he does to the concerns and well-being of the citizens of the United States!


I need to step back for a minute tho’ and take a breath or 50, because I’m getting pissed off the more I dwell on this as I write! My thinking only gets convoluted when I try to forge my way through a haze of red. I need a cigarette…

…Ok, that’s marginally better. Where was I? Oh yeah…In the midst of this conflagration of so much social upheaval, I also have the more provincial concerns and worries of day to day life that fall within my immediate sphere of influence. My primary one being in my looking after an aging parent. I’ve alluded in the past to having a somewhat hermetic existence, and if anyone out there has found themselves in a similar situation, perhaps you can understand then the emotional vortex at times that can accompany such a circumstance. Not that I resent this obligation, but I contend that in the beginning when I was a much younger man, I was a much lesser son. I know too (despite the contrasting variances whenever I happen to stumble into a pitfall of my human nature, finding myself becoming exceptionally angry over this senseless state of affairs consuming us, and I descend into profanity riddled expostulations), I still know that when my days have finally expired on this earth, I must give an accounting for myself to Him who will be the final arbiter in these affairs of mankind! I just want to be able to say if nothing else, I ended life a better son than when I started.

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But back to the subject at hand…In this cacophony of protest in the peoples dissent to the subjugating whims of Obama and his legion of fellow dissidents, we now have Representative King saying it’s our 2nd Amendment Right to shoot tyrants! I know in defense of my family and home I’ll do what I must! In defense of my country I’ll follow the dictates of conscious, duty, and allegiance towards whatever action the circumstances of events may require of me!


If Obama and his followers are that sworn and dedicated as they indeed seem to be in these abusive and perversive seizures of power by which to secure for themselves a monolithic totalitarian fascistic state, then they deserve every “hollow point” ounce of the solution prescribed by Congressman King!