As I’ve been waiting for my final class of the day and reading through some political news (not to be confused with cleaning the stall of a horse with the runs…), I got this brilliant idea to start revolutionlooking through the Revolutionary War and just how many similarities there are to what we face today; a tyrannical ruler, narcissistic and obsessed with his own imaginary importance. Not being the heavy-researcher others are, I had to just stick with Wikipedia for the moment, but even so I find many things of interest, of which I hope to divulge on over time as a self-proclaimed “expert” on this time period (a goal that is yet to be reached, I should add).

Everyone knows the story here. Colonists come over from England, start up the Thirteen Colonies, tell King George to piss off, and cause all kinds of havoc until the Crown decides he can’t afford to continue fighting against a bunch of upstart radicals. What I have observed over the past several years has been a rise in people calling themselves “patriots,” much like our founders, and this rise has been exponential in recent weeks as our Second Amendment rights have been threatened more and more. I remember hearing about a previous gun ban, back in the early 2000s, and how there wasn’t as much of an outcry when assault weapons (namely fully automatic weapons or weapons that could be made fully automatic) were banned for sale. Of course, that was back when we had a Conservative president, with values, and there was a sense of honor to some political leaders (don’t laugh; I can hear you from here). Ok, maybe not honor, but some form of decency and an expectation that the Constitution would be upheld, not shredded like it is now. I think Conservatives have had enough. They are ready to declare war, their numbers consist of individuals who have spent their lives fighting for freedom, only to see that freedom being infringed, threatened from forces within.

Ok, now back to the story. The Patriots of old overthrew the rulers and overseers placed by the Crown, kicking them out to the curb. Armed conflict didn’t come until after the Second Continental Congress. The war lasted pretty much 8 years, give or take, and it was through fierce dedication and the willingness to pay the ultimate price for freedom that our forefathers broke away from tyranny, set themselves up to protect from fracturing and built a nation. Of course that history since is anything but bloodless, but that is the price to be paid for freedom in the face of those who would tear us apart, those who see our freedoms as a threat to their domination of people.

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If you’ve tolerated me this far, here comes the good bit. We have some advantages that our predecessors didn’t, one being that we are not solely relying on overseas trade and commerce. Our threat is not from without, but from within. We do not have to worry about squashing rebellions, about crushing uprisings and keeping our masses happy. We are not fighting a war overseas on many fronts, dealing with logistical problems of trying to keep Communist countries from nuking the crap out of us. Put yourselves in a politician’s shoes (yes, you can shower later. I promise it won’t hurt for long). Imagine what kind of pressures are on them to make sure everything goes according to plan. It almost feels like something out of a bad movie or TV show, but in reality we are dealing with a shadow government, forces that operate unseen from the masses, or even the skeptical eye. Let’s say that this job of subduing American freedom is tough enough WITHOUT inciting open rebellion, but to have information being leaked, peaceful demonstrations in favor of our founding principles, even armed conflicts…I find myself optimistic in that more questions will be asked, especially of the politicians who have failed their masked leaders. Darth Vader’s Force Choke comes to mind…”The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am…”

A fitting statement, wouldn’t you think?

We are no longer the majority, or at least the vocal majority. However, this works in our favor. We can move in the shadows that have led to this. We have all the tools at our disposal such as history, guidelines, morals, and passion. What happens when all the empty promises, all the debts that the liberal government has made get called in? When their followers say “You promised us! We want our free stuff!”? I am rarely the optimist, but as time goes on and as liberty is buried in her shallow grave I find myself more optimistic. Tyranny will NEVER succeed as long as there are those willing to fight it. We became complacent, trusting, and vulnerable. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” We were not vigilant in our defense of our nation. Place the blame wherever you would like, but don’t get too focused on it, lest the task at hand becomes lost in the paperwork and finger-pointing. I believe we cannot turn things around without a fight, without sacrifice, but that is not the point. We CAN TURN THIS NATION AROUND! We can fight the globalist agenda with our last dying breath, and know that even if we didn’t succeed as quickly as we wanted, we fought the good fight, we fought with our whole being…we FOUGHT. Take heart, if we fall to helplessness and to the seeming futility of the task ahead, then we have lost before we begun. Nothing worth having is easy, and if it is easy it has a catch.

I might not be as factual as some others, but I do believe I have a sense of tactics, of connecting pieces together, and of encouragement. Hold fast, fellow Patriots, and we will see the dawning of a new day!

Contributed by D.C. Clothesline reader Steven Bergstrom… Thank you Steven for your excellent contribution. You are a Patriot and I am proud to stand with you. -Dean

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